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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Oct. 15-19:

J & B Legacy Hotels LLC to Bri & Dee Corp., 1010 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock. Lot B-2 B8, Breckenridge Village Business, $2,630,000.

East Cantrell Development Group LLC to Bradford Square of Arkansas LLC, 2815 Cantrell Road, Little Rock. Ls3-4, Cook Alworth, $1,950,000.

1525 Country Club Investment LLC to Pediatric Clinic Properties LLC, 1525 Country Club Road, Sherwood. L1R, Baptist Health-Sherwood Campus, $1,757,500.

Merritt D. Dake and the MHJ Trust to Goldtrap Properties LLC, 5010 Stonewall Road, Little Rock. Ls12-13 B16, Newton, $1,175,000.

In H. and Yeon N. Lee to Arch Street Partners LLC, 10401 Arch Street Pike, Little Rock. NE NW 9-1S-12W, $1,100,000.

Goldtrap Properties LLC to Brian D. Quinn, Virginia G. Quinn, Ginger Quinn, and the Quinn Joint Revocable Trust, 2416 N. Grant St., Little Rock. L11 B29, Park View, $750,000.

Christopher W. and Julie S. Mehlin to Amber Read-Zamilpa and Ismael Zamilpa, 9 Broadview Terrace, Little Rock. L9R, Broadview Terrace Replat, $737,000.

Ashley B. Jackson and the Ashley B. Jackson Revocable Trust to Graham M. Strub, 2016 N. Van Buren Road, Little Rock. L1B B26, Newton, $649,000.

David P. and Diane M. Kaufman to Melody P. Ashley, 3 Crystal Mountain Cove, Maumelle. L79, Palisades Heights Single Family Detached, $575,000.

Barbara J. and William A. Davis and the Davis Family Trust to Liberty Enterprise Group LLC, L1R, S. M. Thom Replat- Cresthills Replat Leigh And Butler Acres, $535,000.

Connie A. Meeks, Charles Calvin, and Connie Meeks McDaniel to Annabelle I. and Henry L. Tuck III, 300 E. Third St., Unit 1207, Little Rock. L1207, 300 Third HPR, $524,900.

Chunping Gu and Cheng Wang to Patrick J. Kennedy and Sally J. Martens, L12, Chenal Downs, $500,000.

Chenal Valley Construction Inc. to Gregory and Laurine Boevin, 20 Waterside Drive, Little Rock. L16, The Village At Ison Creek Phase 1, $471,000.

L & J Construction & Design LLC to E. T. Stokes, 109 Cove Creek Court, Little Rock. L22 B19, Woodlands Edge, $461,000.

Midsouth Property Management LLC to Paula B. Johnson and the Johnson Family Trust, L26, Belles Fleurs, $450,000.

Bryan and Marilynn W. Fitzgerald, the Bryan Fitzgerald Revocable Trust, and the Marilynn W. Fitzgerald Revocable Trust to RLA Construction LLC, 1603 W. Long 17th St. Units 1-3, North Little Rock. Ls11 & 9 B7, L8 B13, L4 B5, L7 B13, L5 B2, Lasker; Ls4plus & 9 B30, Ls1-2 & 4 B42, L12 B28, Ls10-12 B41, Lasker's 2nd; L1 B1, Vestal; Ls5-6 B8, Schattler's 2nd; L7 B24, North Argenta, $425,000.

J. D. Ashley Jr. (aka John D. Ashley Jr.), Melody P. Ashley, and Todd H. Ashley Sr. to Ashley Partners Construction LLC, 21106 & 21108 Ark. 365 North, Maumelle. L5, Winnetka Acres, $400,000.

Carey Antoon and Erin Antoon to Vicky Canada, 19217 Waterview Meadows Lane, Roland. L339, The Stables Phase I, $399,000.

Ardoin Properties LLC to Tony Carlin, 122 Eagle Ridge Drive, Maumelle. L11 B14, Maumelle Valley Estates Phase XVII, $394,500.

Frank E. and Susan Crutcher to Matthew R. Chaffin, 1605 Blair St., Little Rock. L7 B5, McGehee, $375,000.

Ruthie R. and Thomas H. George (deceased) to Sarah E. Shafer, 18 Bayonne Drive, Little Rock. L22 B31, Chenal Valley, $362,500.

Nealy Kathryn Morton Wells to Clay and Lynn Gilliland and the Joseph Clayton & Lynn Curry Gilliland Family Trust, L24 B4, Wildwood Ridge Phase II, $360,000.

Barton and Leigh Lusk to Ashley N. Powell, 2100 Brownwood Road, Little Rock. L80, Queen Manor, $349,000.

Bella Casa LLC to Dana Lynn Schussler and Robert Leo Garrison II and the Robert and Dana Garrison Revocable Trust, 15200 Beau Vue Drive, Little Rock. Pt Section 18-2N-13W; Tract 3, Beau Vue Estates Unrecorded, $349,000.

William D. Thomas III, John R. Thomas, and the Johnnie Nell Thomas Revocable Trust to Elsie Crosby, L6 B34, Chenal Valley, $345,000.

Timothy N. and Kerrie L. Carlock to Morgan Boyd Sizer, 320 Linwood Court, Little Rock. L17 B1, Crystal Court, $330,000.

Terry C. and Helen A. Watson to Robert T. and Martha J. Gammill, 18 Huntington Road, Little Rock. L139, Foxcroft 3rd, $325,000.

James M. and Kaye L. Rutter and the Mike & Kaye Rutter Family Trust to Dustin S. and Jamie W. Gilmore, 22701 Dixie Road, Little Rock. SW NE 20-2N-14W, $310,000.

Joyce Thompson to Randy O. Jackson, 55 Duclair Court, Little Rock. L8 B4, Chenal Valley, $310,000.

Melissa S. Hoffmans (aka Melissa Smith) to Jim Pace Homes LLC, Ls2-3 B14, Park View, $305,000.

Menco Construction LLC to Steven H. and Stacy A. Riley, 9417 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood. L10 B9, Creekside, $302,500.

Shantell Renee Enterprises Inc. to Ed and Kun Walker, L1 B14, Creekside, $295,000.

Roger Warhurst, Donald G. Gann, and the Estate of Sherry Ann Gann to BBG Investment Properties LLC, 105 E. Pershing Blvd., North Little Rock. Lots D-1 & E-1 B8, Foraker Grove- Argenta; L1, Krispy, $290,000.

Melissa D. Lawson and the Paul & Lisa Lawson Trust to Roslyn R. Grimsley, 324 Walnut St., Little Rock. L1B B3, Glendale Replat, $285,000.

Kay E. Ritter to Shamim and Nasruddin N. Bhimani, 3015 Sweetgrass Drive, Little Rock. L26 B22, Woodlands Edge, $281,000.

Anna G. and Timothy Harthcock to Kylie R. Bell and Quinten Sanders, 125 Breckenridge Lane, Maumelle. L13 B27, Maumelle Valley Estates, $279,900.

Allen D. and Ann M. Williams to Lori and Cary Maddox, 115 Mountain Valley Drive, Maumelle. L39 B1, Maumelle Valley Estates, $269,000.

Christopher E. and Allyn F. Williams to Jonathan P. and Brianne Behnke, 14 Toulouse Court, Maumelle. L1270, The Quarters Phase 20 -- The Country Club of Arkansas PRD, $268,000.

Tammie and Britt Bullock (aka Tammie Rhea) to Arnetha D. Joyner and Dominic D. Finnister, 128 Chambord Drive, Maumelle. L72, Country Club of Arkansas, $257,000.

Waterview Estates Phase III LLC to Michael D. and Bree L. MacKenzie, L21 B1, Waterview Estates, $250,000.

Diana Caudel, Robin Morrison, and the Sandra C. Magness Living Trust to Conquest Investments LLC, L9, Meredith Manor; L6, Sorenson Cove; L16 B2, Park Terrace, $249,750.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes Inc. to Parcar Health Holdings Inc., L22, Chalets at Country Club, $239,900.

Spears Custom Homes LLC to Dustin and Laura McElyea, 1024 Oak Forest Circle, Sherwood. L32, Millers Glen Phase 2, $238,700.

Sandra J. and Stanley C. Grinder to Jerome Tillman, 19709 Mallard Cove, Little Rock. L709, Otter Creek Community Phase VI, $235,000.

Corbitt Custom Homes LLC to Autumn and David Steimel, 56 Waters Edge Drive, Little Rock. L29, Waters Edge Estates Phase 2, $226,884.

William and Diane L. Taylor to John B. and Joyce Taylor, L6, Meyer Unrecorded, $220,000.

Peggy S. (deceased) and John R. Heer Sr. to Lisa L. Baker and Jackie L. Phillips, 222 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle. L39 B22, Maumelle Valley Estates, $217,900.

Sherwood 2015 LLC to Vickie Butler, 17204 Crooked Oak Drive, Sherwood. L7, Bent Tree Estates, $211,000.

Mitchell L. and Lee-Ann Jansonious (deceased) to Nolan L. and Barbara W. Rushing, Ls10-11 B32, Mountain Home, $205,000.

Carolyn D. Geffken and the Carolyn Geffken Revocable Trust to Christophe and Olga Guilloux, 6301 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock. Lot B, Kaufman's Replat- Pleasant Hill, $204,900.

Cary and Lori Maddox to Allan A. Hargrave, 106 Pleasantwood Drive, Maumelle. L3, Pleasantwood, $202,500.

Jordan A. and Danielle R. Ray to Shannon L. Fletcher, 110 S. Schiller St., Little Rock. Ls9-10 B4, Plunkett's 2nd, $200,000.

John B. and Diane Eberle and the Estate of John Ford Eberle (deceased) to Lauren and Travis Helton, 120 Glen Drive, Little Rock. L629, Kingwood Place, $200,000.

Gerald J. and Patricia A. Swalve and the Swalve Living Trust to Joyce and Perry Isbell, L27, Austin Gardens Patio Homes, $194,700.

Wilmington Savings Fund FSB -- Trustee to Wilmington Savings Fund FSB -- Trustee, 1914 Leander Drive, Little Rock. L6 B7, Blankenship, $193,450.

Grant L. and Kimberly Harrison to James P. and Kelsey F. Malone, 528 W. B Ave., North Little Rock. Ls7-8 B36, Park Hill NLR, $191,000.

Brad M. and Taylor D. White to Kevin L. Ancelet, 1209 Cache River Road, North Little Rock. L10 B36, Overbrook, $190,000.

Plant 9 Properties LLC to PuroClean of Little Rock LLC, 1021 Hemlock St., North Little Rock. L4, Rail Bearing; Pt SE BNW 36-2N-12W, $190,000.

Harold G. Balios, the Balios Living Trust, and the Bettye Ann Balios Revocable Trust to Kristy and Jerry W. Wilson, 1720 E. Dixon Road, Little Rock. NW 36-1N-12W, $186,500.

David and Idalla London to Grant and Kimberly Harrison, 4904 Hampton Road, North Little Rock. L2 B24, Lakewood, $185,000.

Dennis Vannatta, the Dennis Trust Share -- The Vannatta Family Trust, and Patricia's Trust Share -- The Vannatta Family Trust to Sarah Latham, 2204 Clapboard Hill Road, Little Rock. L112, Sturbridge Phase II, $183,500.

Brenda M. and Roger A. Plumlee to Ryan Lawhead, 1521 Northline Drive, North Little Rock. L17 B3, Overbrook, $182,000.

Rosella Ewing (aka Rosella Ewing-Terry) to Blake T. and Vicki L. Malpass, 104 Brown St., Little Rock. L2 B1, C H Taylor, $180,850.

Brandi D. and Reginald U. Wright to Phillip Butterfield, 1714 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock. L11-R, Chatham Replat -- Sheraton Park, $180,000.

John B. Taylor to Richard L. Webster, 822 Chris Circle, Little Rock. SW 10-1S-12W, $180,000.

Hannah K. and James O. Howe to Alexandria J. Wellborn, L57, Kingwood Place, $178,500.

Zachary and Margaret Clements to James Crossland, 717 McAdoo St., Little Rock. L7 B20 & L12 B21, Success, $177,800.

Diana D. Harsa and the Credit Shelter Trust to Sonji C. and Daimon Hill, 1217 Dyson Drive, Sherwood. L9, Sherwood Acres Phase 2, $175,000.

Maggie K. Moore to Debra G. Wolfe, 1120 Walnut St., Little Rock. L13 B12, Hillcrest, $175,000.

Joyce J. Person to Zach A. Parham and Alaina Gadbury, 2803 Creekside Drive, Little Rock. L45, Sandpiper Creek, $174,500.

Cheryl M. Lyons to Alma J. and Eric D. Daniels Sr., 1508 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville. L8R, Jaxon Terrace Phase 9 Replat, $172,900.

Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 153 Pleasantwood Drive, Maumelle. L38, Pleasantwood, $171,633.

Todd and Gayla Dachenhausen to Daniel Darrah, 7208 Westwind Drive, North Little Rock. NE SW 12-2N-13W, $169,900.

Likisha M. and Clarence Nichols Jr. to Cody Rainey and Mary G. Allen, 39 Zircon Drive, Maumelle. L91, Park Ridge, $168,900.

Ryan and Mary A. Trueman to Jason K. and Kimberly W. Reed, 6008 Flight Court, Jacksonville. L55, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $167,000.

Robert V. and Kelly Shipps to Eric and Natalie D. Johansson, 120 Jessica Drive, Sherwood. L19 B4, Autumnbrook Annex, $165,000.

Hannah and Justin M. Bentley to Trenna L. Barker, 4801 Hampton Road, North Little Rock. L28 B13, Lakewood, $165,000.

Shana Haggard and The Betty Sue Walberg Revocable Trust/ Betty Sue Walberg Maher Family Trust Agreement to Rollins Continental Inc., L1, Young Road Industrial, $165,000.

Aaron M. and Mallory A. Williams to Hector and Jill Felix, 2214 Maple Ridge Road, Little Rock. L170, Sandpiper Phase II, $164,000.

Kimberly D. Peel to Indranil Chakraborty, 12005 Cherry Laurel Drive, Little Rock. L15 B4, Cherry Creek, $162,000.

Clark B. and Michelle A. Wood to Kathryn and Martin Wills, 28 Wesley Drive, Sherwood. L48, Maryland Terrace, $160,500.

Kelly M. Neal to Jerry and Gail Grosman, L3 B3, Walton Heights, $160,000.

Church of God for the State of Arkansas, Johnathon Pope, Travis Creekmore, and Eric Downs to Lisa M. Johnson, 724 Legato Drive, Little Rock. L419, Briarwood, $160,000.

Kenneth and Jerra Parris to Stephanie Pollard, 12 Patton Drive, Maumelle. L256, West Pointe, $160,000.

Matthew David and Brooke Niblett to Jeffrey Kyle and Laura Fredrich Woford, 5900 Lee Ave., Little Rock. Ls8-10 B26, Lincoln Park, $159,500.

Grahams Property Management & Real Estate Co. LLC to Jay Calhoun and Kimberly Cyr, 1417 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock. Ls7-8 B10, Midland Hills, $155,000.

Rei Nation LLC to Wade Williams, 10710 Windridge Drive, Sherwood. L20 B1, Windridge, $154,900.

Janelle S. and Derwood Smith to Gregorio Cortes, L6A, Quapaw Tower HPR, $152,500.

Sherwood 2015 LLC to Shih H. Wen, 1925 Sebastian St., Sherwood. L18 B6, Bear Paw Phase II, $151,000.

Michael Kevin and Melody R. Kelley (aka Kevin Kelley) and the Kevin & Melody Kelly Joint Trust to Andrew B. and Felecia K. Knight, L42, Turtle Creek, $150,500.

Jerry W. Wilson and Teresa J. Boyd to TCB Partners LLC, Lot A, Chiquito, $150,000.

Bonita G. and Alan M. Johnson (deceased) to David Jonathan and Andrea Elizabeth Withrow, 29 Lantern Hill Road, Little Rock. L334, Colony West 3rd, $150,000.

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