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Real Estate Transactions

November 25, 2018 at 4:30 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Oct. 22-26:

ARCP RL Portfolio VI LLC to RK1AK LLC, L1, Skaggs Albertson, $4,257,078.

NLR ARK Investments LLC to Michael A. Rivalto, Ls3R, 4R & 5R, Galloway Industrial Park Phase 2 Replat, $3,650,000.

Linda G. and Eugene M. Pfeifer III and the Pfeifer Investment Company to J&J Industrial Partners LLC and Justin Lynch, L2R Blk D, Westpark Development Replat, $3,300,000.

MidTown Suites LLC to Bottoms Up Real Estate Investments LLC, Ls1-5 B11, Pfeifer, $1,878,000.

Jackson Street Group LLC to Bottoms Up Real Estate Investments LLC, Ls1-4, Bank's-Howard Adams, $948,000.

Peachtree Opportunity Fund LLC to 315OnSixth LLC, 315 E. Sixth St, Little Rock. Ls10-12 B41, Original City Little Rock, $900,000.

Schlereth Family LLC to 1217 West Capitol LLC, Ls1-3 B304, Original City Of Little Rock, $453,000.

Lore L. and Peter Marvin to Laren E. Williams, 11 Rubra Court, Little Rock. L6A B13, Chenal Valley, $405,000.

Fannie Mae and the Federal National Mortgage Association to Likisha and Clarence Nichols, 311 Commentry Way, Little Rock. L1 B81, Chenal Valley, $367,500.

Dillon Homes & Real Estate Inc. to Ihtesham S. and Nayab T. Shah, 910 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock. L23 B3, Wildwood Place, $365,000.

Edward W. and Tiffany Anhalt to Alicia V. and Samuel Emmerling, 109 Village Creek Court, North Little Rock. L35 B38, Overbrook, $350,000.

Deere Builders LLC to James G. Eason and Seana J. Warner, 9941 Hickory Heights Drive, Sherwood. L95, Miller Heights Phase II, $349,900.

Coburn Construction LLC to Arthur J. Hall and the Arthur J. Hall Living Trust, L26 B68, Chenal Valley, $345,000.

Betty C. and Michael E. Hughes to Lois Hughes, 15 Alton Lane, Little Rock. L39 B23, The Villages Of Wellington, $337,000.

Carolyn and Larry Hayes to Jerry and Mary Carelly, 9617 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood. L19 B9, Creekside, $335,000.

Derek and Lindsay Standridge to Brandon and Kellie R. Hudson, L1, Cole Farms, $309,900.

Christopher B. Cox to Kristy Ngo, Thinh Ngo, and Thuy Nguyen, 3 Bentwood Lane, Little Rock. L28 B7, Wildwood Place, $306,306.

Patricia A. and Stephen J. Petkoff and the Petkoff Living Trust to Julie E. and Michael J. Whalen, 13526 Saddle Hill Drive, Little Rock. L52, Pleasant Heights Phase 1, $300,000.

Chris Milligan and Christy Milligan to April M. and John A. Findlay, 7 Arrow Ridge Court, Little Rock. L374, Leawood Heights 4th, $296,000.

Mary J. and Thomas Herr to Chary Akmyradov, 11 Willow Cove, Little Rock. L6, The Willows, $295,500.

David L. and Jane W. Tullos to Gary Kimble, 6401 Garrison Road, Little Rock. NW NE 23-2N-15W; NE NW 23-2N-15W, $295,000.

Carolyn Cunningham and The Carolyn Cunningham Revocable Trust to Real Estate Commercial I Inc., Pt NE 28-4N-11W; Pt SE NW 28-4N-11W, $291,500.

Stephen J. Castagno and the Stephen J. Castagno Living Trust to Derek W. Raiford, L1 B14, Willages Of Wellington, $275,000.

Lisa D. Zieske and the Lisa D. Zieske Revocable Trust to Jonathan and Lauren Ruthven, 4303 Deer Drive, Paron. Tract 53, Brush Mountain Unrecorded, $269,000.

E. Kearney Dietz, the E. Kearney Dietz Revocable Trust, and the Floy Jean Dietz Revocable Trust to Katherine W. Ramm, L25, Jefferson Heights, $260,000.

Cliff and Sara L. Goodin to Christopher A. Pledger and Sara E. Croom, 2304 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock. L237, Colony West 3rd, $255,000.

Timothy D. Graves to Kimberly and Quardrick Brumfield, 300 Forest Glen Cove, Jacksonville. L33, Forest Oaks Phase III, $255,000.

N&M Davis LLC to Andy Pham and Van Tran, Pt SE SE 23, Pt SW NE & Pt E/2 NE 26, Pt N/2 NW 25 And Pt S/2 SW & NE SW 24-1S-12W, $246,500.

Thomas M. Eaton and Lisa K. Speer to Holly M. and Jason A. Bass, 18 Hogan Loop, Maumelle. L18 B8, Maumelle Club Manor, $246,000.

DMG Properties LLC to Colin D. and Lauren R. Lawrence, 1920 S. Scott St., Little Rock. L7R B423, DuVall, $245,000.

Rudolph L. Bauer and the Rudolph L Bauer & Grace B. Bauer Joint Revocable Trust to Rudolph L. Bauer and the Rudolph L. Bauer Revocable Trust, Pt NE SE & Pt E/2 SE SE 4-2N-14W; Pt SW 4 & Pt SE 3-2N-14W, $242,500.

Betty M. Watt Revocable Trust and Christopher A. Watt to Mildred and Curtis Thomas Sr., 126 Auriel Circle, Maumelle. L1020, Country Club Arkansas Phase XIV-A, $240,500.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes Inc. to Randy G. and Judy A. Millerd, L8, Chalets At Country Club, $239,900.

Debra J. and Perry G. Kiser to Kay F. and Ronald J. Moquin, L405, Country Club Of Arkansas, $239,000.

Ben and Karen W. Saxon to Elizabeth M. Griffin, L27 B7, Parkway Place, $232,000.

Tom V. and Fun L. Fong to Joshua Williams, L3, Sanford Phase 1 & 2, $226,000.

Karan & Jashan LLC to Harpreet Kaur and Baljinder Singh, Ls12-16 B4, Pike, $225,000.

Woodhaven Homes Inc. to Darryl L. Beard, 1204 Mule Deer Drive, Jacksonville. L462, Northlake Phase XI, $223,000.

Joshua C. and Shelby A. Briggs to Joe and Leslie A. Marshall, 1917 Cherrybend Drive, Little Rock. L6 B6, Cherry Creek, $221,000.

Sheri L. Rosier to Cynthia M. Tucker, 32 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle. L14B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $220,000.

Cory L. Taylor to Denise L. and Gary L. Ticker, L132, Westover Hills, $219,500.

First Security Bank to ABDTD Investments LLC, Pt Spanish Grant 2417 & Pt Sections 11 & 12-1N-11W, $210,000.

Bryan and Melinda Angel to Helen R. and Zachary E. Thicksten, SW NE 24-2N-15W; NW SE 24-2N-15W, $200,000.

Samuel and Leah D. Thomas to Sarah Gentry and Ethan Pool, 56 Waterside Cove, Maumelle. L169, Waterside, $199,000.

US Bank NA to BJR Group Inc., 107 Hidden Falls Lane, Maumelle. L8 B2, Maumelle Valley Estates, $199,000.

Sherwood 2015 LLC to Ellinger L. Dobson Jr., 2108 Tapped Maple Drive, Sherwood. L101, Bent Tree Estates, $195,820.

David K. and Vanessa J. Maddox to Jeremy L. Toler, 11819 Batesville Pike, Cabot. L2, Valley View Estates, $195,000.

Ben R. and Melissa A. Moody to Leah D. Willett, 12307 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock. L25, Pleasant Forest I, $192,500.

Pleasant Properties LLC to Patty N. Avery, 6085 Allwood Drive, North Little Rock. L26 B3, Countryside, $192,500.

Kimberly A. and Richard Fernandez Jr. to Jacquelyn J. McHargue, 21 Post Oak Loop, Sherwood. L11 B10, Oakbrooke Phase VI, $189,000.

Ann B. and Jerry H. Kincl (deceased) to Elaine and James C. Denoyer, 3108 Cleburne Place, North Little Rock. L4 B42, Lakewood, $188,000.

Helen R. and William A. McDaniel and the William A. McDaniel & Helen R. McDaniel Revocable Trust to Sandra J. Allison and David E. Werling, 3730 Lakeview Road, North Little Rock. L30 B203, Park Hill NLR, $187,000.

Richard A. Hinkle to Joshua C. and Shelby A. Briggs, 1 Janwood Drive, Little Rock. L177, Leawood Manor 2nd, $186,000.

Kreth J. Koehler (aka Kerry J. Koehler) and the Koehler Living Trust to Hilary W. and Basil V. Hicks III, 1015 Koehler Ave., Sherwood. NE NE 18-2N-11W, $185,000.

Lamona L. Gunter (aka Lamona L. Lawrence) to Allison L. Durain and Joseph J. Pawlus, 5101 Candlewick, North Little Rock. L21 B24, Lakewood, $183,500.

Freda J. Robbins to Coleen C. Franks, L18, Hollyridge, $182,900.

Brandon S. Hudson to Shannon N. and Tyler D. Malley, 2217 Airborn Cove, Jacksonville. L282, Base Meadows Phase IV, $181,000.

S. Ferguson Properties LLC to Kimberly Burnett, 3700 Fox Hill Road, North Little Rock. L19 B68, Lakewood, $180,000.

Debra K. and James D. Holmes and the Holmes Living Trust to Monique Monanu, 4409 Dawson Drive, North Little Rock. L12 B1, Lakewood Northeast, $180,000.

ODS Enterprises LLC to Lajuana M. Green, 22 Pine Breeze Court, Little Rock. L845, The Hills Phase I- Otter Creek Community, $179,900.

Royal Concept Custom Homes Inc. to Blane A. Waggoner, 1412 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville. L11R, Jaxon Terrace Phase 9 Replat, $178,900.

Caryanne Pope and Andrew Ross to Lindsey M. Butler, 11263 Bainbridge Drive, Little Rock. L6 B8, Walton Heights, $178,100.

William G. Hronas to Cypress Group LLC, Ls5-6 B5, Pfeifer, $174,000.

Jonathan and Lauren Ruthven to Melanie J. Churchil, 13711 Ivy Point Drive, Little Rock. L15 B9, Cedar Ridge, $173,000.

Rebecca Harmon-Berk (aka Rebecca Harmon) to Elizabeth M. Allen, 16705 West Road, Roland. SE SW 9-3N-14W, $169,300.

David A. Yonkey to Barbara A. and John Snell, L185, Riverland, $169,000.

Likisha M. and Clarence Nichols Jr. to Cody Rainey and Mary G. Allen, L97, Park Ridge, $168,900.

R. Grady Pocorus to Melissa A. and Preston W. Orvis, 614 W. Cleland Road, Cabot. NE 19-4N-10W, $168,000.

Rei Nation LLC to Isaac Hartsell, 4 Rosewall Court, Little Rock. L737, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-B-I, $167,900.

Michael Carrion to Mert C. Can, 13205 Laurel Oaks Drive, Little Rock. L3 B8, Cedar Ridge, $166,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to Arvest Bank, 8720 Bobcat Court, Sherwood. L12, Valley Ridge Estates, $165,264.

Rei Nation LLC to Justin Decamp, 10008 Lemoncrest Lane, Little Rock. L169, Otter Creek Community Phase I, $164,900.

Russell Spiess and Elizabeth L. Petrus to Joseann A. Hitchman and Randy J. Soule III, 2013 Airborn Drive, Jacksonville. L229, Base Meadows Phase 3, $164,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid Ark LLC to Brodreck Mays and Chere Handcock, 6601 Ridgemist Cove, North Little Rock. L368, Trammel Estates Phase V, $163,900.

Randy Barnhouse and the Estate Of Jane Bailey Barnhouse (dec'd) to Derak A. Smith, 2511 Austin Oaks Drive, Sherwood. L10, Hunter's Ridge, $157,000.

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