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  1. The _ Desert is located in North Africa.

  2. The __ Sea lies between Africa and Asia.

  3. Which large African city is abbreviated as JHB?

  4. The name of this African antelope is also the name of a car model.

  5. Which country completely surrounds Lesotho?

  6. The African Queen tries to destroy a German gunboat on this lake.

  7. The Cullinan I diamond is popularly known by this name.

  8. On March 21, 1960, a massacre in this South African town resulted in more than 50 dead.

  9. Which country has the longest coastline on Africa's mainland?


  1. Sahara

  2. Red

  3. Johannesburg

  4. Impala

  5. South Africa

  6. Lake Victoria

  7. The Star of Africa

  8. Sharpeville

  9. Somalia

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Print Headline: Super Quiz: Africa


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