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  1. What are the three colors on the flag of France?

  2. What was stormed in France on July 14, 1789?

  3. By what name is the tunnel linking England and France popularly known?

  4. France buried its "Unknown Soldier" beneath this structure.

  5. What bay lies between northern Spain and southwest France?

  6. What did the U.S. purchase from France in 1803?

  7. By what name was the heir to the throne of France known?

  8. On Jan. 25, 1924, the first winter Olympics were held at this site in France.

  9. What traditional mustard is named after a town in Burgundy?


  1. Red, white and blue

  2. The Bastille

  3. The Chunnel

  4. Arc de Triomphe

  5. Bay of Biscay

  6. The Louisiana Territory

  7. Dauphin

  8. Chamonix

  9. Dijon

MovieStyle on 08/09/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: About France


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