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Saturday was day 2 of holiday decorating, and since I was not planning to go anywhere, I threw on some old sweats and started in decorating. The house was getting hotter and hotter, and I opened the door and the temperatures outside were balmy. The day before was cold and dreary, but it was now sunny and warm. I changed into a short sleeve t-shirt and opened all the windows, and kept going. Holiday music was blaring from Alexa and the house was beginning to come together. Mid-afternoon, we brought in the tree and we knew we needed a replacement. I changed out of my slippers and brushed on a little lipstick and was out the door.

I was raised by a mother who instilled in us that you needed to look presentable if you left the house. In the past, you would not have found me even at the grocery store without make-up, decent clothes and hair. My standards are slipping a bit now that I am retired. I was now out in public with almost no make-up, my hair and clothes were a mess and I was ok. I did run into a few people I knew, and gave them the line of decorating disasters, etc. but did ok.

We got home and put the tree in the stand and my phone rang. I had totally forgotten I was going to go with a friend to the lobster food truck in Argenta. She had told me the Cousins Lobster Truck from Memphis was going to be back in town that day, but in all the hubbub of decorating, it slipped my mind. Last time we went to the food truck, it was by itself in the Heights, and we stood outside for 2 hours waiting for a lobster roll. But, I had promised, so I said come on, I will go. I put on a jacket over my grubby clothes and dusted a little eyeliner on, and I was out the door. I should have worn a hat!

We got to Argenta, and much to my surprise, it was their holiday extravaganza with the lighting of the Christmas tree, craft booths galore, and a whole slew of food trucks.

It was not quite as dark as it had been the last time, and there were way more people. And of course, I ran into a ton of people I knew. We only had to wait an hour for our lobster, and I had orders for my whole family so I bought a lot. Luckily my jacket obscured my outfit, and the lighting wasn't great outside, but still--no real makeup, no jewelry (I know, you are shocked), and messy hair. Oh well, life goes on. At least I wasn't in my slippers.

I got home and had a great lobster roll and put off the rest of the decorating until Sunday.

Sunday arrived much cooler than Saturday, but still nice. I decided to start the day off right, and showered, got dressed in decent clothes, did my hair and makeup and finished decorating.

Clay asked me where I was going when I came out all dressed! Nowhere. Now the house is completely decorated,

the boxes are all back in the attic, and both me and the house look presentable--and I didn't see a soul besides family!

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