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The weather today was just what the doctor ordered. It was sunny and mild, with a little nip in the air. I got to check out the garden and there is plenty to see. Plants are waking up and beginning to put on some new growth from hydrangeas and roses to even my potted eucalyptus, that I was not sure would survive in a pot.

I had the last crocus bloom

in the garden and the tete-a-tete daffodils are kicking in.

I have quite a few late blooming varieties so mine were not hit by the cold. More buds are coming on which will extend the bloom. I am still enamored with the hellebores and I had 6 different varieties in bloom today. The honey bees were working them over quite nicely.

Another surprise for me was a pot of English primroses from last year. I had just left the plants in the pot long after the season was over, and they were up and blooming again.

I had time today to write columns, and catch up at home, plus go to the gym. Then late this afternoon we went to Soup Sunday.

We used to go almost every year, but fell out of habit. Some years it fell in with the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show, so it was a no go for me. Their new location at the Statehouse Convention Center made it much better--the flow was great. So many great soups, and we ran into so many people we knew. We also had to support our son who cooked the soup for the Purple Cow.

If you are a soup Sunday alumni, you know to bring a muffin tin to gather up your soups--they do give you a four cup paper holder, but depending on your appetite, you want to bring something larger.

In addition to great soups, there were some desserts, plus a silent and live auction. A fun event and a great cause benefiting Advocates for Children and Families! Ben is hooked on all the soups!

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