A New Blog

ABOUT: Planit Janet Blog

In 2010 I learned about blogging, an online journal of sorts. I was looking for a way to share a garden study tour to Italy with family, friends and fellow gardeners back home. Thus began the start of the In the Garden blog through my job as a UA Horticulture specialist. What started as a travel journal, turned into a regular blog covering events and experiences year-round. Blogs are just another means of communication, and this one will cover gardening, cooking, travel and life.

While I don't blog daily unless I am on a trip, I do blog fairly regularly throughout the week. It has become a habit. So instead of giving it up with retirement, I am leaving one blog behind to start a new blog adventure--Planit Janet is the new identity. There was much debate on whether it should be planet, plan it or plant it Janet. Since I hope to do more than plants and gardening, I liked the idea of the planet, but that name was already in use, so it is Planit Janet which can encompass it all. I hope to share gardening information, and keep interested folks updated on some garden travel opportunities, along with cooking and entertaining ideas, books that are interesting and just life in general.

It is a new format so I will have a learning curve, as will readers. Unlike the old blog, you will not receive an email when each blog post comes out, but you can bookmark the page here and visit as often as you like. If you already are a subscriber to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, you can also read all my columns, both old and new on this page. Non-ADG subscribers will not be able to read copies of my stories from the newspaper, but will be able to read the blog posts in full. If you are not a subscriber, there is a subscribe button that will appear in the top right of your computer screen. That is not to subscribe to the Planit Janet site (which is free), but to subscribe to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Newspaper--and of course we would love new newspaper subscribers, but that is not required. 

Once you sign up, you will receive a weekly PlanitJanet e-newsletter with a recap of the blog posts from the week--sort of a week in review. I hope you will join me on my journey!

Happy Gardening!