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Capitol musical chairs

It seems that too often when I read the paper there is news that a current or former legislator has either been appointed to a board or commission or hired for a high-level state position. This musical-chairs version of government can't be the best way to run our state.

Perhaps it is time for a law or amendment to prohibit House and Senate members from filling state board, commission or agency positions for at least six years after serving in the Legislature.


Little Rock

No better for smokers

I am a huge proponent of free enterprise. I enjoy reading the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette delivered to my home daily. But I have to take issue with the full-page ads I've seen recently promoting Juul e-cigs.

To be fair, the ad decries nicotine as an addictive chemical. As a previous smoker of many years who found quitting almost impossible, I'm disturbed to see full-page ads telling 34 million Americans who still smoke cigarettes to "make the switch" to a different delivery system of nicotine. Smokers are being asked to jump from the frying pan into the fire. Our children included.


North Little Rock

Broke Golden Rule

A recent letter stated that evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump as a vote against Hillary Clinton. In doing so, I believe he/they subverted the major tenet of the Bible, the Golden Rule.

While Donald Trump was condemning a former POW for getting caught, chastising several women for their looks, and making fun of a crippled reporter, Mrs. Clinton worked for years to better the life of women and children not only in Arkansas and the United States, but around the world. She served this country as first lady and Secretary of State with grace and distinction and intelligence without crucifying those who disagreed with her or disparaging their looks, integrity or beliefs. She knew the leaders around the world. I believe she was the most qualified person since the Roosevelts to be president. She really did break the glass ceiling.

Trump has continued to vilify those of not only his inner circle but Cabinet members, generals, world leaders and allies while extolling the so-called virtues of despots from Russia, China, and North Korea. He told us he knows best and that only he can fix what's wrong with the world. Yet he daily proves his lack of knowledge of the Constitution, American history and world history. I think you can't believe anything he says; he lacks integrity, honesty, knowledge and empathy. He was going to make America great again. He has shamed us around the world.


North Little Rock

So ... not essential?

Why is Mrs. Sanders being paid as press secretary when she isn't doing her job? Is she on furlough?



Editorial on 01/31/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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  • drs01
    January 31, 2019 at 9:13 a.m.

    Hillary Clinton could never be elected to any office. She was only reluctantly accepted in Arkansas after she finally started using the Clinton name. And that's what open doors for her. She is and was a ruthless, desperate arrogant woman who felt she was "entitled". She lost to a political outsider because she was a bad candidate who didn't listen to her husband. She broke glass all right, as a cow in a china shop would do. She is and will always be a 2 time loser and failure who owes all she has to her husband's name.

  • pkj01
    January 31, 2019 at 12:04 p.m.

    drs...Even if what you claim were true, she would be at least 1000 times better as president than what we have now.