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story.lead_photo.caption Cherie Renee Bolton. Photo by Benton County sheriff's office.

A Northwest Arkansas woman will serve six years of probation after admitting to framing her husband by putting child pornography on his phone and falsely telling police he sexually assaulted a girl.

Cherie Renee Bolton, 34, of Siloam Springs pleaded guilty last week in Benton County Circuit Court to possessing and distributing child pornography and filing a false police report.

A circuit judge on Monday ordered Bolton to also register as a sex offender.

The felony convictions stem from her January 2018 arrest.

Siloam Springs police investigated claims she made about her husband raping a 13-year-old girl and attacking her when she found out, according to court records.

Authorities said that Bolton showed investigators pictures that she planted on his phone.

Her husband told investigators he kicked Bolton out of the home and denied any sexual assault, records show.

Bolton eventually told police she was high on methamphetamines when she downloaded the child pornography images to put on his phone, according to court records.

Her guilty plea – reached through a deal with prosecutors – requires Bolton to stay on probation for the entire six years.

Online court records show Bolton hasn't been charged or convicted with any other crimes in Arkansas.

She initially faced a maximum 10-year prison sentence for the child pornography charge.


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Archived Comments

  • 0boxerssuddenlinknet
    July 2, 2019 at 3:46 p.m.

    whew something went very wrong in that gene pool.

  • Thought
    July 2, 2019 at 5:29 p.m.

    What she did is serious. She should serve time.

  • SeanJohn
    July 2, 2019 at 5:29 p.m.

    She should get whatever sentence he would have gotten. And I doubt it would have been probation. When men are guilty until proven innocent of these types of crimes, it’s easy to see how some women would weaponize the accusation.

  • AuntPetunia
    July 2, 2019 at 5:38 p.m.

    I agree SeanJohn! I was going to say that they who make false accusations should be punished as if charged with the crimes that they made up.

  • HogFanCalChapter
    July 2, 2019 at 6:27 p.m.

    She was a catch!!

  • UoABarefootPhdFICYMCA
    July 2, 2019 at 6:38 p.m.

    and just like every time a WOMAN/female does something serious
    the jokes just dont stop.
    yet you want to be taken seriously at other times.

  • UoABarefootPhdFICYMCA
    July 2, 2019 at 6:39 p.m.

    so she did know where to find and did in fact d/l child porn. nothing to see here. situation normal.
    srsly when the U.N. and the FBI have taken notice of the sexism in JUSTICE
    we owe it to the children to START being HONEST..
    dont we?

  • NoUserName
    July 2, 2019 at 7:52 p.m.

    This is ridiculous. She downloaded and essentially distributed child porn. There is no reason to skate on that charge. Prosecutor and judge should be strung up.

  • 3WorldState1
    July 2, 2019 at 9:44 p.m.

    She should serve time. He could have gone to jail for years.

  • ZeebronZ
    July 2, 2019 at 11:45 p.m.

    Looks like an inbred. She needs jail time.