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Yesterday morning bright and early my friend and I loaded up and headed south to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Our first stop was at the Dumas McDonalds for breakfast. Lynne was challenged to order her food via kiosk, since it was her first time seeing the technology, which is now popping up everywhere.

Then we were back on our way. We saw some hideous crape murders along the roadway.

My GPS is always set for fastest route. It took us to Dauphin Island to ride the ferry since our condo was closer to that end of Gulf Shores and thus the fastest route.

It sounded like a great idea but when we got there (with 20 minutes left to go to the condo) the ferry was not scheduled to leave until 5 p.m. and it was now only 3:30 and the ferry couldn’t run in high winds. He wasn’t sure the ferry would run since even then since there were more high winds coming. So we had to turn around and go back to the interstate and go all the way around Mobile. It added an extra 2 hours to our trip. So instead of arriving at 4 p.m. we arrived at 6 p.m. so maybe not the fastest route, and we will call the ferry beforehand next time! We found our condo, unloaded and opened up all the windows and enjoyed the view. Heavenly sound and scents.

Then we went in search of dinner.

The weather forecast for our trip was not exactly thrilling—it portended bad storms today and rain and clouds the rest of the time we were here. This morning we awoke to slightly hazy conditions but mild weather.

We walked the beach for 4 miles and the sun came out in full force. We saw crabs

and sea gulls,

pelicans and blue herons,

fisherman and lots of people.

I found a piece of driftwood I just knew we could bring home—if I left Lynne behind.

After our walk we had a snack and headed to the pool to catch more rays and read. It got up to 78 degrees and was lovely with full sun.

We cleaned up late afternoon for a run into town to eat, shop and pick up some groceries. Now it is just relaxing and listening to the sound of the surf crashing. Life is good.

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  • francesables
    March 19, 2019 at 10:59 a.m.

    You should have come to Fairhope and had a coffee with me. F'hope is a beautiful town and is on Mobile Bay. All the intersections have flower beds and the streets hanging baskets -- there is a perpetual endowment for the flowers.