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I travel a lot, and hope I can continue to do so. I go on short trips to see family or friends, take trips with friends in the US and abroad, and lead groups of people on a variety of excursions from bus trips, to air, sea and land, but I have to say one of the most relaxing ways to travel is by a river cruise.

The ships are smaller than big cruise lines, so you really have more time with the people on board. The pace is slower--there are no casinos, broadway shows or bingo games, but they have wonderful food, nice accommodations, and beautiful scenery.

There are some scheduled activities on board you can do, including cooking demonstrations, listening to music

or some lectures about the places you will visit.

By traveling on a river, while the boat is moving, you still get to see so many things, either from your room, balcony or one of the decks. You unpack once, and the boat moves daily. There are several excursions to choose from each day which are included in the cost of the trip, as are all the meals and drinks during those meals, including beer and wine. When you are docked, you can choose to do one of their pre-arranged tours, go hiking or biking with them, or choose to explore the town on your own, or stay on the boat.

As I travel, I try to see as much of wherever I am in the time I am there. I do not sit and watch television or read books--I can do that at home. I want to go and do. These river cruises give me that opportunity, but I don't have to pack and unpack to get from town to town.

AMA Waterways is the cruise line I have used the most, and we have two river cruises in the works. The first is next November (almost a year from now) November 27 - December 6, 2020 with another to Portugal in 2021. For our first trip, we will leave the day or two after Thanksgiving, fly to Budapest and load the boat. We travel through Hungary, Austria and Germany seeing the highlights of the cities along the Danube, including Vienna and Nuremberg. In addition to getting to see these countries in their winter attire,

they will also be decorated for the holidays and we can visit the famous Christmas markets along the way.

We will also get to sample their fabulous foods

and beverages, including gingerbread and other pastries,

bratwurst, and of course beer and wine. We will get to see the handywork of local crafters.

You will have options to tour cathedrals

and castles, museums and more. You choose what you want to do, and do it with others or in small groups. What a way to kick off the holiday season, and be back in time to enjoy the festivities at home.

We have a great group of travelers signed up, but there is room for more. Call Poe Travel or go to this link to get the details. If you are like most of the travelers who have gone with me in the past, once you do a river cruise, you will want to go again. Come travel with me!

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