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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded July 29-Aug. 2:

Steele Plantation, Inc. to Steele Bend Road, LLC, The E/2 NE 32-1N-10W, $7,600,000.

Big Country Chateau, LLC to Apex Big Chateau AR, LLC, Blks 2-3, Requa's Suburban Park Residential, $6,417,500.

Apex Big Chateau AR, LLC to Blks 2-3, Requa's Suburban Park Residential, $5,220,000.

P T Apartments, LP to AMG Midtown, LLC, Pt S/2 NE 1-1N-13W, $5,150,000.

BBR Oil, LLC to Spanish Viento Apartments, LLC, Ls2-4, Oliver And Basham, $4,300,000.

Town Creek, LLC to Applegate Investments, LLC, 6320 Butler Road, Little Rock, L1, Berwyn Square, $1,200,000.

William Chad and Lindsay Brooke Wilkerson to James K. and Ann Marie Gibbs, 32 Vigne Blvd, Little Rock, L67 B83, Chenal Valley, $975,000.

Chad M. and Patricia K. Jones to Jacob Johnson and Victoria Stover, 23801 Mills Mountain Road, Little Rock, L17, Mills Mountain Estates Replat, $730,000.

MJ Innovative Builders Corp. to Arabinda Choudhary and Bhawna Jha, 403 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock, L8 B101, Chenal Valley, $729,000.

Ann Bell Bryan to Kimberly and Billy Ray Shurley Jr., 22 Overlook Circle, Little Rock, L131, Overlook Park, $678,997.

Joe M. and Holly L. Johnson and The Holly L. And Joe M. Johnson Revocable Trust to Peter Treadwell Jr., and Laura Nutt, 40 Trotter Lane, Little Rock, L51, Chenal Downs $660,000.

Turner And Sons Construction Co., Inc. to Dean Goodson, 120 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock, L17 B102, Chenal Valley, $649,900.

Billy C. and Linda Sue Morden to NLA East Maryland CK, LLC, L3 B25, Sylvan Hills, Pt NW NW 6-2N-11W, $575,000.

Melissa C. Reiderm, Melissa Christine Bowen and Melissa Christine Bowen Revocable Trust to Nick and Holly Beth Willis, L1 B18, Newton's- Pulaski Heights, $570,000.

Cammack Investments, LLC 2206 Cleveland to Adrian B. Ryan and Amy Parker, 2206 N. Cleveland St., Little Rock, L2 B5, Altheimer, $536,200.

Dale J. and Martha L. Wintroath to Michael M. and Michelle M. Mantuano and The Michael And Michelle Mantuano Revocable Trust, L2, Hickory Pointe, $493,500.

Rector Phillips Morse, Inc. to Beverly Cassinelli, The Beverly Cassinelli Revocable Living Trust, Kenneth L. Jones and The Kenneth L. Jones Trust, 200 Clervaux Circle, Little Rock, L25 B71, Chenal Valley, $467,500.

Michael Mackenzie to Amanda Noland Paul Carter Tucker Jr., 247 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle, L25 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $465,000.

ARH 2016 Family Trust to John and Tracey M. Tebbetts, 6 Hoggards Ridge, Little Rock, L3 B16, Woodlands Edge, $425,000.

John C. and Margie D. Sims to JRCRT, LLC, Lot D-23 B13, Chenal Valley, $425,000.

Thomas S. and Donna L. Gay to Samuel Lewis and Dana Darter Boyster, 1710 Center St., Little Rock. Ls9-10 B190, Original City Of Little Rock, $404,000.

Allen B. and Marybeth Curtis to Jeff and Kellie Milburn, 22901 Lawson Road, Little Rock, Pt SE SW 17-1N-14W, $400,000.

Beverly Jackson McCain and The Beverly Jackson McCain Revocable Trust Declaration to Thomas S. and Donna L. Gay, Unit D-604, Treetops HPR, $379,000.

Construction Arts, Inc. to Muhammad Asim Khalil and Muska Ullah, 27 Belles Fleurs Circle, Little Rock, L13, Belles Fleurs, $373,500.

Shirley Ong to Arkansas Right Of Way And Clearing Co., 101 Chelle Lane, Little Rock, L23 B61, Chenal Valley, $370,000.

Jim Pace Homes, LLC to James and Kelhe Hatfield, 18 Caurel Court, Little Rock, L24 B56, Chenal Valley, $352,000.

Chad and Branda Eddy to Randy Pruitt, 9416 Vale Royal Drive, Sherwood, L2 B2, Millers Cove, $348,500.

Marcia A. Miller to John M. and Karyn C. Adams, 14 Cedar Cove, Maumelle, L19 B2, Ridgeview Phase I, $335,000.

Darby Builders, LLC to Chanchaldeep Sood, 311 Kanis Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L27, Kanis Ridge Estates, $334,900.

Sharlow Builders And Developers, LLC to Andrew Bicknell and Ruifen Cai, 409 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L10 B4, Wildwood Place, $330,000.

Doug F. and Emily D. Mabe to Adam and Kendal Keathley, 8517 Trail Creek Drive, Sherwood, L35 B5, Creekside, $325,000.

James L. and Leigh A. Hudson to Kathy Mesko, L8R, Brodie Creek Community, $320,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to William D. and Emma J. Pierce, L22, Piper Lane, $319,900.

Scott and Dawn Miller to Kristin M. and Stephen P. Erwin Jr., 2508 Whitewood Drive, Sherwood, L62 B4, Creekside, $308,000.

David R. and Tammy A. Olson to Elmer and Carol Heringer, 2219 Sawgrass Drive, Little Rock, L101, Pebble Beach Estates Phase III, $305,000.

Brent and Karin Vanderzee to Zachary Ryan and Lindsay Hoggatt Sabey, 2919 Mossy Creek Drive, Little Rock, L8 B8, Woodlands Edge, $300,000.

Randy Wiggins Co., Inc. to Robert L. Glover, 7600 Garden Way Drive, Sherwood, L17 B4, Gap Creek, $296,000.

BLCK Enterprises, LLC to Kari Bryde, L19R, Lamarche Place Villas Replat, $294,900.

Chadwick and Branda Eddy to Joyce Bennett, 71 Oakbrooke Drive, Sherwood, L3 B1, Millers Cove, $289,000.

Gary A. and Priscilla LaCroix to Cindy D. Stowe, 317 N. Summit St., Little Rock, L6 B3, Virginia Heights, $287,500.

Wes and Katrina Flanigan to Nicola Gagliardo, 40 Longwell Loop, Little Rock, L15 B22, The Villages Of Wellington, $285,000.

Gregory Lyle and Monica Danielle Taylor, The Greg And Danielle Taylor Revocable Living Trust and The Fred J. Taylor to Vance E. Walker, 66 Bouresse Drive, Little Rock, L22 B48, Chenal Valley, $280,000.

Dean Goodson to Jaclyn Claire and James Kyle Vaughan, 203 Duquesne Circle, Little Rock, L136 B48, Chenal Valley, $276,100.

Kenneth G. and Amber Singleton to Andrew John Kinsley, 2609 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, L11 B22, Pleasant Valley, $275,000.

New Horizon Properties, LLC to Shelton M. and Rachel Littlefield, 201 Birnham Cove, North Little Rock, L54 B1, Windsor Valley, $272,000.

Brian D. and Amy Kelton to Robert and Tracy Gandy, 4518 Old Oak Drive, Little Rock, L75, Secluded Hills Phase II, $271,000.

S & A Long Properties, LLC to 809 W. Third LR, LLC, 809 W. Third St., Little Rock, Ls10-12 B142, Original City Of Little Rock, $270,000.

MFB Rentals, LLC to William Blake and Camille Teresa Norman, 8 Foxhunt Trail, Little Rock, L49, Foxcroft, $266,000.

Deere Construction, LLC to Mike W. and Kelly Callahan, 9524 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L42, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $264,500.

Carl M. and Sharon K. Duker to NLA East Maryland CK, LLC, Ls1-2 B25, Sylvan Hills, $260,000.

Enchanting Custom Homes, Inc. to Kristen K. Beach, 1300 Mule Deer Drive, Jacksonville, L460R, Northlake Phase XI Replat, $256,500.

Chad and Samantha Mercado to Marcus B. and Camber L. Thompson, 3417 Sevier Drive, North Little Rock, L41 B53, Lakewood, $255,000.

Christopher D. and Kaitlin White to John Carden Streett, 311 Beechwood St., Little Rock, L15 B1, Elmhurst, $250,000.

Jessica Ann Graves and The Jessica Ann Graves Revocable Trust to Sarah and Andrew J. Somers III, L501, St. Charles, $250,000.

WMCC Properties, LLC to Charlotte Bull, L22A, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes, $248,520.

Baba and Noorie Shaik to Raymond Maurice McGregor Jr., 104 Cabanel Drive, Maumelle, L1201, The Quarters Phase 20- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $245,000.

WMCC Properties, LLC to Allison Smith, L22C, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $244,727.

Cynthia Whitfield to Cynthia C. Garrett, 932 Millers Glen Drive, Sherwood, L37, Millers Glen Phase 2, $240,000.

Judith S. Rickard to Ian Derek Bitts and Michelle Elizabeth Cebada Sencion, 36 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock, L13 B2, Taylor Park, $238,000.

WMCC Properties, LLC to Robert and Virginia Kenworthy, L29A, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $237,166.

Robert L. and Sharon A. Fielding to Marguerite and Ricky Caracciolo, 57 Stonewall Drive, Jacksonville. L396, Stonewall Phase V, $233,000.

Kay E. Marak to Hauwa Anda, 14511 Black Bear Drive, Little Rock, L8, Shaker Heights, $230,000.

Amanda N. and Paul C. Tucker, Jr., to Benjamin Houston and Melanie Winstead Morton, 4405 Dawson Drive, North Little Rock, L13 B1, Lakewood Northeast, $230,000.

Robert and Tammy Fox to Leslie Grace Parker, 712 Walnut St., Little Rock, L5 B17, Pulaski Heights, $224,000.

Kartik Shankar and Srividhya Iyer to Bryan A. and Patricia B. Castleberry, 1 Worthington Court, Little Rock, L25, Westbury Phase I, $223,900.

Jeff and Julie Powell to Rene and Paula Alonso, 98 Hunters Green Circle, Little Rock, L50R, Hunter's Green Estates, $223,000.

Peter N. Petropoulakos to Diane Dailey, L44 B20, Indian Hills, $222,000.

Sanders Enterprises, Inc. to Michael Anthony and Tamara Franklin, 31 Rosewall Lane, Little Rock, L13, Otter Creek Phase XI, $219,900.

Rachelle R. and Kenneth Wynn Bittancourt to Melissa G, Bradford, 168 Ridgeland Drive, Maumelle, L116, North Ridge, $219,000.

Tina Richardson to Marissa Mahoney, 112 Beaulieu Court, Maumelle, L174, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $218,500.

Arnold E. and Connie T. Smith to Tracey Salley, 6 Agassi Cove, Little Rock, L989, Fairway Woods Phase IV, $217,000.

Katherine Zwit Madey, Katherine Zwit and Aaron Madey to Nathan D. Coulter and Ellen Lampe, 213 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L24 B6, Elmhurst, $215,000.

Refreshing Homes Real Estate Investments, LLC to Rikicia Bratton, 108 S. Summit St., Little Rock, L9 B5, Plunkett's Second, $215,000.

Sharon Presson Clark and Teri Jan Presson Johnston to Christian J. and Tammie S. Tafner, 3 Spy Glass Court, Sherwood, L3 B5, Country Club Park, $215,000.

Full House Design And Properties, LLC to Jeremy W. Jones and Stephanie K. Bassett, 310 Rosetta St., Little Rock, L3 B5, C S Stifft, $214,000.

Sharon Douglas Travis, Marlene M. Brewer and Melva Thurber to Michael Schumacher, Pt Section 20-2N-14W, $213,200.

Betty W. Steed to Kimberly A. Asther, 7 Carrollton Court, Little Rock, L7, Carrollton, $210,660.

Chase Guthrie and Jacey Tanner to Timothy H. Verda, 116 Pine Valley Road, Little Rock, L25, Westover Hills, $210,000.

Jeff N. and Sarah Ford to Ashley Curry, 119 Shady Drive, Maumelle, L93, Pleasantwood, $209,900.

Howard Properties, LLC to Yolanda Nacole Pettis, 5124 Hackatton St., Sherwood, L24, Edgewater Estates, $208,900.

Daniel and Laura Bauer to Jenna and Justin Wylie, 4 Eleanor Court, Little Rock, L79, Marlowe Manor Phase I, $208,250.

Drew F. and Jessica N. Hunt to Sidney and Latrice Buckner, 105 Shady Drive, Maumelle, L102, Pleasantwood, $206,500.

Richard W. and Carla W. Hill to Nathan E. and Tamra A. Denny, 19 Summerland Court, Little Rock, L408, Ludington Heights, $205,000.

River Trail Propertiesk LLC to Aubrey and David Munsey III., 5703 Harkins Ave., Little Rock, Ls25 & 30 B1, Suburbanette Estates, $202,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to Charles Anderson Homes, LLC, 5616 Victoria Court, Jacksonville, L9G, Northlake Gardens, $200,000.

Jerrilyn A. Profit and Avia S. Duncan to Darron Livingston, 33 Legends Drive, Little Rock, L889, Fairway Woods Phase II- Otter Creek Community, $199,500.

Mary Elizabeth Heber to Linda Rose, LLC, L30, Jefferson Heights - Cammack Village, $195,000.

Ledbetter Homes, LLC to Christopher Lamar Miller, 4606 N. Cypress St., North Little Rock, L5 B67, Park Hill NLR, $195,000.

Sharon Ann Adkins to Philip W. Reeces, 14205 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L6 B4, Sandpiper West, $189,900.

Leighanne and Wesley Alford to Mitchell J. Baker, 126 East A Ave., North Little Rock, L8 B101, Park Hill NLR, $189,900.

Jonathan Wesley and Melissa K. Hicks to Jeffrey B. and Brenda Elizabeth Taluc, 1620 Northline Drive, North Little Rock. L19 B4, Overbrook, $188,000.

Natalie Elizabeth Bari to Minnie Katherine Watts, 8 Stonebrook Court, Little Rock, L24 B3, Cherry Creek, $187,900.

Robert F. Hamilton and Barrett A. Moon to Kyle and Genevieve Neumeier, 2320 S. Izard St., Little Rock, L8 B19, Weldon E. Wright, $187,000.

Marlon D. and Pecolya R. McFadden to Sharika Lee, 5424 Trammel Estates Drive, North Little Rock, L310, Trammel Estates Phase II, $187,000.

Martin and Nevra Sanabia to Kyle A. Favorite, 2112 Reveille Circle, Jacksonville. L178, Base Meadows Phase 2, $185,000.

Roshawndra L. Smith and Roshawndra L. Brown to April D. McKinley, 1012 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville, L25, Jaxon Terrace Phase 10, $185,000.

Amy Holliday to Emily and Evan Johnson, 13115 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L247, Pleasant View Phase V, $183,200.

Harvey R. Fillespie to Frederick Bryant and Carey Elizabeth White, 20 Rosewall Lane, Little Rock, L26, Otter Creek Community Phase 11, $181,500.

Barbara Ann Hull to Johnny and Betty Kay Sammons, 107 Big Indian Drive, Sherwood, L37, Austin Lakes, $181,000.

Timothy W. and Debra K. Vanya to Carlos E. and Rachel M. Pomol, 16703 N. Sardis Road, Mabelvale, Pt S/2 SE SW 27-1S-13W, $180,000.

Ada M. and Erika R. Funmaker to M'Leah B. Lindsey, 3 Patton Drive, Maumelle, L251, West Pointe, $180,000.

Clayton Belknap to R & LBV Children's Properties, LLC, 700 N. Bryan St., Little Rock, L6 B21, Success, $180,000.

Globe Electric, Inc. to Heather and Ronald Matthew Barrick, 4022 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L7 B206, Park Hill NLR, $180,000.

Doris and Zachary Warren to Pamela O. and Samule Alterio, 3049 Shady Side Drive, Sherwood, L92 B1, Woodruff Creek, $179,900.

Sherwood 2015, LLC to Chandra Yvette and Royal Lee Clayton, 17011 Crooked Oak Drive, Sherwood, L108, Bent Tree Estates, $177,625.

Leslie Adkins and Leslie Bass to John Layko Torkelson and Shannon Nicole Caldwell, 2919 W. Fourth St, Little Rock, Ls4-6 B4, Hick's- Boone, $175,000.

Wes and Amber Lacewell to Misty Michelle Lacewell, 2805 Foxcroft Road, Apt. 503, Little Rock, Apt. 503, Foxcroft Square HPR, $175,000.

Sherwood 2015, LLC to Brittany Reed, 16909 Willow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L93, Bent Tree Estates, $174,740.

Michael S. McArty to Carl A. Smith, 1208 Mesquite Trail, Jacksonville, L5, Jaxon Terrace Phase 8, $171,500.

REI Nation, LLC to Tong Liu, 6 Bear Trail Cove, Little Rock, L776, The Hills Phase I- Otter Creek Community, $170,900.

Rylwell, LLC to Whitwell, Ryles, Dismang LLC, Pt S/2 NW 25-2N-11W, $170,000.

Scott D. and Lori Sander to Michael W. and Lindsey R. Bodiak, L438, Pleasant View Phase VII-C, $169,000.

Timothy Scott LaMonica to Patricia A. and Charles A. Veregge III., 46 Colony Road, Little Rock, L280, Colony West Third, $167,000.

Spencer Brian and April Gentry Sutterfield to Shelley Anne Wilkerson, 1858 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, Ls10-11 B10, Weldon E. Wright $165,000.

Deborah K. Guss to Sterling Dupuis, 1816 Windridge Court, Sherwood, L8 B3, Windridge, $164,.900.

Teresa A. Hayden to Rachel Rosenbaum, 2615 Creekside Drive, Little Rock, L11, Sandpiper Creek, $164,400.

Bryan V. and Melanie Rainey to Marlon and Tiffanie Wesley, 1200 Vang Drive, Hensley, L2, Vang, $164,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Magen Joyce, 5749 Cypress Lane, North Little Rock, L801, Trammel Estates Phase V, $160,975.

Roshonda Bell to Ashley Meyer, 5500 Belle Point Road, North Little Rock, L66 B201, Park Hill NLR, $160,000.

Brandon and Victoria L. Harvill to Steven Hendricks and The Hendricks Family Trust, L70, Meadow Ridge, $157,500.

Sharon Workman, Sharon Cain and Steve Wampler to Gregory Addie, 25 W. Point Drive, Maumelle, L199, West Pointe, $157,000.

Christopher Lamar Miller to Amanda Auttonberry, 1418 Wolfe St., Little Rock, L8 B18, Centennial, $156,500.

Teresa M. Newton to Mary Claire Hyatt, 93 Kingsbridge Way, Little Rock, L93, Kingsbridge Townhomes HPR, $154,500.

Jessica L. Harris to Ricky Eugene Franks Jr., 10712 Chestnut Drive, Sherwood, L10, Chestnut Ridge, $154,000.

Tina Louis Chwalinski to Bridget Johnson, Pt N/2 NE SE & Pt N/2 NW SW 13-3N-13W, $150,000.

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