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At this point with all the cancellations and postponements college football will still have an Aug. 29 game, and it will be aired on ESPN.

It is Austin Peay vs. the University of Central Arkansas.

Yes, the Bears will be the premiere game on national television. Unfortunately, their unique purple and gray field will not be seen.

UCA is the home team, but Athletic Director Brad Teague agreed to move the game to Montgomery, Ala., before the coronavirus became the biggest player in the world.

UCA's conference, the Southland, has postponed its football season to next spring, but the league gave schools permission to try and play fall ball.

Teague started working the phones and UCA will have a season.

There was no shortage of schools trying to schedule the Bears either, and no doubt some big bucks were discussed, but Teague refused to play too many road games despite payouts.

The game with Austin Peay, a return game from last season when the Bears were the visitors, will give UCA a chance to show off an exciting offense and good defense.

Last season they went 9-4 and had wins over Austin Peay and Western Kentucky, which proved without a shadow of a doubt that the Arkansas Razorbacks actually had a shortened season last year, giving up on their coach all with games left to be played.

UCA will also play Arkansas State in Jonesboro.

. . .

A little football trivia.

Can you name the two football programs with the most wins?

Here's a hint. They are a huge rival of each other and will not play football this fall.

Aww, too easy?

Yep, Michigan is No. 1 with a record of 962-346-36, and Ohio State is No. 2 with a record of 923-326-53.

The third winningest team in history is Yale, which has won the most national championships with 18. Its overall record is 917-380-55, and it won't play this fall either as the Ivy League was the first conference to pull the plug on 2020.

Yes Alabama fans claim to have won the most national championships, but several were not accepted by the NCAA. Officially, the Crimson Tide are tied with Princeton for second with 15.

One can only wonder if football used to be more important in the Ivy League.

. . .

How did the SEC do in regards to winningest records?

Alabama is tied for fourth with Texas.

The Crimson Tide are 916-331-43, and the Longhorns are 916-374-34.

No other SEC team was in the top 10 for wins.

. . .

Talk about a bunch of empty seats this fall.

The three largest college football stadiums are Michigan (107,601), Penn State (106,572) and Ohio State (104,944).

That's a combined 319,117 seats that not generate a red cent this fall.

A total of nine SEC schools are listed among the top 25 stadiums for seating with Arkansas coming in 21st.

. . .

It has been interesting the last couple of weeks to read what the national pundits think about leagues not playing football and the leagues who are.

Opinions are hard and varied that the Big Ten and Pac-12 each made a huge mistake not playing to the SEC, ACC and Big 12 who will have multiple lawsuits by athletes who get covid-19 during the season.

First and foremost, the SEC and the other two conferences have not written anything in ink about playing.

The presidents, chancellors, athletic directors and SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey have been clear from the start that they can change their minds.

One thing is absolutely for sure. If Austin Peay and UCA kick off the season on Aug. 29 it will be the most people to ever watch either school in their history.

And all the conferences will be watching to see how the kids and coaches hold up after that game.


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