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December 6, 2020 at 1:49 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Nov. 2-Nov. 6:

Morgan I-40 Properties, LLC, to Diamond State Oil, LLC, L1R, Total Road Runner No.1, $3,226,837.

Industrial Realty Co., Inc. to Academics Plus, LLC, Pt. SW SW 35-3N-13W, $2,400,000.

Jonathan Ryan Newcomb and William W. Smith to Gerry Bess, LLC, L48, Overlook Park, $2,000,000.

Duane and Angela J. Birky to Richard and Ellen Sandor, L3R, Overlook Park, $1,305,000.

Brandon and Brittany Huffman to Julie M. Hagood, 32 Orle Circle, Little Rock, L15 B113, Chenal Valley, $1,175,000.

David A. Littleton and The Estate Of Garry Glasco(dec'd) to Alex Lee DaPron, 35 Sologne Circle, Little Rock, L17 B92, Chenal Valley, $910,000.

Iden M. Cowan to Mizan Rahman and Elizabeth Barnett, L201A, Overlook Park, $730,000.

Terra Firma Project, LLC to William Cody and Blake Kees, 6601 Longwood Road, Cammack Village, L38, Cammack Woods, $725,000.

Griffin and Meredith Friday to Sandra S. Phillips, 1804 N. Jackson St., Little Rock, Ls26-27, Shadowlawn, $695,000.

Abhijit and Sudeepa Bhattacharyya to Richard F. Tripodi and Jane E. McKinney, 98 Orle Circle, Little Rock, L55 B113, Chenal Valley, $659,500.

Stevens Commercial Contractors, Inc. to Brandon Davis and Kristen Ingram, 61 Falstone Drive, Little Rock, L25 B136, Chenal Valley, $649,500.

Mason Homes, LLC to Tara J. Tinnin, L11 B46, Pulaski Heights, $545,000.

Thane R. and Tara E. Krile to Chase Adam and Taylor Reeves Carmichael, 24 Weatherstone Point, Little Rock, L36 B17, Woodlands Edge, $528,000.

Arthur M. and Angela L. Chandler to Davis Austin and Samantha Armstrong Curran, 3 Saint Johns Court, Little Rock, L9, St. John's Wood, $527,500.

Douglas and Sandra Crabtree to Kimberly and Armistead C. Freeman Jr., 5 Stone Creek Court, Little Rock, L1, Stonecreek Village, $499,000.

Russell J. and Rachel Berryhill to Johnny Guy Jr., 5 Durance Court, Little Rock, L24 B25, Chenal Valley, $492,500.

Steven M. and Teresa Burton to Joshua M. and Mandy D. Osborne, 27 Portland Road, Little Rock, L244, Longlea, $469,900.

E-Co Residential Builders, Inc. to Jermaine and LaShawn M. Coleman, 99 Lucia Lane, Maumelle, L1724, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $429,900.

Liberty Construction, LLC to Matthew J. and Maren McRae Fraser, 74 Commentry Drive, Little Rock, L70 B72, Chenal Valley, $425,000.

Chenal Valley Construction, Inc. to John D. Wilkins, 29 Waterside Drive, Little Rock, L9, The Village At Ison Creek Phase I, $415,000.

Michiaki and Manami Imamura to Richard Hinson, 1 Wildwood Road, Little Rock, L231, Prospect Terrace No.2, $407,500.

Burton J. Pence Jr., to 5319 Country Club Blvd., LLC, 1523 N. Harrison St., Little Rock, L47, Prospect Terrace, $400,000.

David Brogdon to Jacob and Katherine Zach, 105 Wellington Plantation Lane, Little Rock, L2 B18, The Villages Of Wellington, $395,000.

Ban and Hong Nguyen to Sophia Nguyenle and Nguyen Nguyen, 6907 John F. Kennedy Blvd., North Little Rock, L1A B100, Indian Hills, $370,000.

Hartness Construction Co., Inc. to Alisha M. and Samuel C. Rowland, 215 Caurel Lane, Little Rock, L12 B57, Chenal Valley, $365,915.

Joshua M. and Mandy D. Osborne to Mary Margaret Ann Morrison, Stephanie Diane Morrison and The Molly And Stephanie Morrison Family Trust, 17 Woodberry Road, Little Rock, L80, Longlea, $364,000.

Billy Stain Construction, LLC to Anthony and Jane Abbate, 128 Caurel Circle, Little Rock, L40 B56, Chenal Valley, $359,900.

Michael and Monica Ritchey to Sarah K. Bright, 3012 Hinson Road, Little Rock, L913, Longlea, $352,000.

Nickolas and Jessica Williams to Stephen Wayne Franklin and Omar Algarin, 623 Rock St., Little Rock, L6 B151, Original City Of Little Rock, $349,000.

Jonathan and Stacey Rushing to Ryan Lamont and Ashley Mowenda Noel, 7016 Lucea Road, Little Rock, L5, Callaghan Creek, $346,500.

John Wright Construction Co., Inc. to Howie's House, LLC, 12 Majestic Point, Maumelle, L44 B1, Majestic Pointe Replat, $333,000.

John C. and Denise S. Brown to Mark and Tonja Jenkins, 115 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle, L6 B20, Maumelle Valley Estates, $325,000.

James Ray Tucker to Andre Hutson, L352, St. Charles, $320,000.

Paul E. and Rhoda B. Dussex to KLBCG, LLC, L37 B10, Creekside, $320,000.

John Jacob and Mary G. Lively to Andriana Jaksic, 51 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L3 B2, Wildwood Place, $319,500.

Brannen Vail Hardy and Pamela Jean Myers to Paul Stephen Muse, 13900 Beckenham Drive, Little Rock, L4, Pleasant Heights Phase I, $315,000.

Kustommade Properties, LLC to David Cole Brown, 1866 Wolfe St., Little Rock, Ls15-17 B1, Moore & Penzel, $315,000.

Billy Stain Construction, LLC to Zachary and Avery Tulley, 9804 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L41 B10, Creekside, $310,500.

Jon and Mia Hynes to Jacob and Mykaela Glose, 105 Duquesne Court, Little Rock, L143 B48, Chenal Valley, $310,000.

Patsy K. Cheatham and The Patsy K. Cheatham Revocable Trust to Benjamin and Karen W. Saxon, 2520 Arkansas Valley Drive, Little Rock, L4 B35, Pleasant Valley, $310,000.

Bufford Properties, LLC to Jenkins Real Property, LLC and A.J. And K.J. Investments, LLC, L1, Clay Turner, $305,000.

David E. Daugherty to Pamela Raye Owen, 4219 Kenyon Drive, Little Rock, L6 B17, Hillcrest, $300,000.

Sarah K. Bright/Sarah K. Smith to Sarah Dawn and Jesse Ryan Flatte, 29 Ledgelawn Drive, Little Rock, L7, Chenal Ridge Phase I, $299,000.

Judith Holloway Baum and The Judith Holloway Baum Revocable Trust to Allen Benard and Melita Lee Tucker, Ls35-36 B107, Park Hill NLR, $296,000.

Jody Eric Mullins and Emily Schroeder to Justin C. and Piper C. Fortune, 2015 Beckenham Cove, Little Rock, L23, The Pointe Phase 2, $295,000.

Tammy R. Lucas to Viktor and Dawn Marie White, 2025 Ark. 89 East, Cabot, Pt. NW NW 16-4N-10W, $294,000.

Taylor J. and Caitlin A. Moore to Dianna Lynne Baldovino, 305 Ranch Ridge Court, Jacksonville, L4, Oak Ridge Ranch, $293,000.

Richard and Shea Sisk to Penny Mathis, L9 B4, Gap Creek, $290,000.

Andrew H. and Kelly K. Edmund to Timothy Dale and Mary Barlow Linder, 1001 Oak Forest Circle, Sherwood, L22, Millers Glen Phase 2, $289,900.

David A. and Samantha A. Curran to Maxwell D. Taylor, 11 Foxhunt Trail, Little Rock, L20, Foxcroft, $289,000.

Erik Lance and Natalie Jean Svendsen to Samual Kauffman and Kathryn Tull, 122 Johnson St., Little Rock, Ls6-7 B3, CS Stifft, $282,900.

Edgar E. and Catherine Garcia-Rill and The Edgar And Catherine Garcia-Rill Joint Revocable Trust to Robert Andrew Terrell, 805 N. Monroe St., Little Rock, L2 B47, Pulaski Heights, $282,500.

Gerson and Melody Gangoso to Shawn D. and Michael A. Williams Jr., 412 Cypress Court, Jacksonville, L40F, Oak Ridge Ranch, $280,000.

Lori Deanne Shepard to Brent Lee and Tawnya K. Philpot, 6 Westchase Drive, Little Rock, L52, Westbury, $275,000.

Kyle and Samantha Coker to Michele R. Hutchison, 3412 I St., Little Rock, Ls7-9 B6, East Pulaski Heights, $268,000.

Kevin and Desiree Fisher to Ajit Jumar Mohanta, 13811 Napoleon Road, Little Rock, L84R, Carriage Creek, $260,500.

Sandra F. Baker to Matthew Joseph and Jennifer H. Gurney, 1813 Gunpowder Road, Little Rock, L65, Sturbridge Phase II, $260,000.

Fitzhugh Construction, Inc. to Gary Sapp, 108 Sanibel Circle, Little Rock, L140, Kenwood Estates Phase 5, $260,000.

Lance Copeland Construction, Inc. to Mark and Monique Brown, 5208 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L19, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $258,000.

Lina M. and Harold F. Sharp III., and The LHS Family Trust to Patricia A. and Arthur G. Larsson Jr., 38 Ouachita Drive, Maumelle, L121, Edgewater Phase II, $257,000.

Lynda Jo Pointer to John C. and Denise S. Brown, 42 Ninth Fairway Loop, Maumelle, L21, Ninth Fairway, $255,500.

Ralph Edward and Laura Ann Babcock to Katrina Louise and Fred Lee Caldwell Sr., 3 Westpointe Drive, Jacksonville, L17, Pennpointe Phase II, $247,800.

Cheryl D. and Fred B. Mullins Jr., to Diana and Scott Gray, 300 Beaconsfield Road, Sherwood, L8 B4, East Meadow, $245,000.

Samuel Kauffman and Kathryn Tull to Justin Huey Criddle, 6708 Rockwood Road, Little Rock, L175, Cammack Woods, $244,000.

Gregory S. and Susan D. Fosburgh to Lesa Lackey Doan, 221 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, L30B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $238,900.

Gregory S. and Susan D. Fosburgh and The Fosburgh Living Trust to Lesa Lackey Doan, 221 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, L30B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $238,900.

Michael L. and Sandra Jo Elliott to Ashley A. Griffin, 4512 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L15 B309, Park Hill NLR, $233,000.

Bradley Joseph Fogel and Anna Marie Privratsky to Jacqueline N. and James Mack Yeary III., 806 Hall Drive, Little Rock, L18, Hall Plaza, $232,000.

Edrick Northern to Sylvester White, 2100 Airborn Drive, Jacksonville, L268, Base Meadows Phase IV, $232,000.

Carla Elaine and William Niles Minner and The William And Carla Minner Revocable Trust to Amy Butta and David Denman, 310 N. Cedar St., Little Rock, L11 B2, Riffel & Rhoton's Ridgeland, $230,000.

Robinson Engineering, Inc. to Christopher M. Galvan, 5201 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L30, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $229,500.

Kesean Thompson and Linda Tran to Brittanie Kling, 8224 Quartz Cove, Sherwood, L50 B5, Stonehill Phase V, $229,250.

Six Bridges Properties, LLC to Monica and Michael Alfred Jenkins II., 4 Kings Mountain Court, Little Rock, L566, Walnut Valley Third, $224,900.

Mark and Tonja Jenkins to Elizabeth Lee Honaker, 1601 Oak Shadows Drive, Sherwood, L7, Oak Shadows, $224,900.

Randy O. Jackson and The Randy O. Jackson Alfa Trust to Luciana Sherrie Ridgel, 29 Congressional Drive, Little Rock, L107, Kenwood Estates Phase 2, $224,550.

Jacob C. and Katherine Zach to Basem Abu Khadijeh and Ashli Brown, 1215 Old Charter Court, Little Rock, L319, Walnut Valley Second, $220,000.

Amy L. Tackett to Marsha Edgman, L15, Cedar Branch, $219,900.

Keith Simmons to Robert Lierly and John A. Lierly Jr., 4419 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L26 B207, Park Hill NLR, $217,000.

Mary Lynn Dickey to Bryan C. Hansen, 204 Nantucket Loop, Maumelle, L40 B1, The Village Of New Bedford, $210,000.

Treyvion and Tiffany Anne Duenas to Richard and Celesti Woods, 125 Deauville Drive, Maumelle, L195, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $210,000.

Krystle Florine Browning to Tracie A. Allred, 9 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock, L5 B3, Taylor Park, $207,000.

John Paul and Cassandra Leigh Rector to Clay R. Farris and The Clay R. Farris Revocable Trust, 29 Winona Drive, Maumelle, L65, Edgewater Phase I, $201,750.

Kezia R. Sterling to Renata Lotts and Friencello Lamar, 106 Crystalwood Court, Little Rock, L34, Crystalwood, $197,500.

Gary and Sharon Lear to Michelle Gibson Bass and The Michelle Gibson Bass Revocable Trust, L134, Marlowe Manor Phase II, $195,000.

Keith Loy and Suzanne Lynn Thomas to Tommy L. and Sandra Mashon, 3700 Bunker Hill Drive, North Little Rock, L11 B62, Lakewood, $192,480.

Jerry E. and Susan Cole and The Cole Living Trust to Cylinda and Alan Johnson, Pt. SW NW & Pt. NW NW 16-4N-10W, $191,625.

Stuart Alan Clark to Robert Bracy, 6519 Greenwood Road, Cammack Village, L136, Cammack Woods, $185,000.

Jason P. Tipton and Lea M. Tipton/Lea M. Nondorf to Brittany Etheridge Lipsey, 30 Cobblestone Creek Court, Little Rock, L15, Green Diamond, $183,000.

Jordan Campbell, Jordan Lanee Neal and John Prenrod to Megan D. Flores, 13700 Maple Leaf Drive, Little Rock, L3 B1, Cedar Ridge, $183,000.

Marilyn Garbacz, William R. Stroud and The Robert R. Stroud Trust to Jeffrey Atkins, 412 West G Ave., North Little Rock, L8 B39, Park Hill NLR, $183,000.

Allison and Edwin Allen Jr., to Eddie Lee and Edwina McRae Miller, 3305 S. Ridge Drive, Jacksonville, L56, Western Hills Phase II, $180,000.

Little Bird Investments, LLC to Kalyca and Joshua Spinler, 3814 Sierra Forest Drive, Little Rock, L53, Pleasant Forest I, $179,900.

Amy J. Dyer to Sarah Turnage and Dominique Smith, 4 Nob Hill Cove, Little Rock, L15, Brookfield Section A, $175,000.

Tango Residential Properties No. 3, LLC to Aaron Douglas Richardson, 1820 Aztec Drive, North Little Rock, L19 B19, Indian Hills, $172,000.

James R. and Mary K. Scruggs to Naomi H. Hall, L18 B6, Breckenridge First, $169,900.

Jamilyn Noble/Jamilyn P. Harris to Sumonia Daniel, 1 Nugget Court, North Little Rock, L52, White Oak Village, $165,000.

Matthew D. and Carla P. Vernillion to Bradley and Nicolle Wright, 10814 Chestnut Drive, Sherwood, L4, Chestnut Ridge, $165,000.

Jajuan A. Legate and The Jajuan A. Legate Revocable Trust to Tamika Lockridge, 306 Springwood Drive, Little Rock, L59, Birchwood Plat No.2, $164,900.

Jenkins Family Properties, LLC to Michael D. Dillon, 105 Sugar Maple Drive, Sherwood, L3 B3, Sherwood North, $164,900.

Danny W. Brown to Bethany B. Brown, 2200 Andover Court, Apt. 803, Little Rock, Apt. 803, Andover Square HPR, $164,000.

Caleb Mudford to Charles Simmons, 13816 Wimbledon Loop, Little Rock, L717, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-B-1, $163,500.

Charles and Linda Newsom to Kristy Cockrum, 4524 Hazelwood Road, North Little Rock, L76A B203, Park Hill NLR, $162,750.

Won Man Tom Yi and Eunjeong Choi to Mazen Ameen Abdull Alsiri, 2324 Pike Ave., North Little Rock, Ls4-5 B1, Machin, $160,000.

Scott H. and Kimberly J. Huff to Trena Adair, L11, Maxine's Replat- Mills Mountain Estates, $158,000.

Nader G. Afsordeh to Julian Henderson and Arthur Douglas Chavis III., 2909 Youngwood Road, Little Rock, Ls464-465, Kingwood Place, $157,000.

Christopher R. and Mary Alicia Demarest to Sandra M. Devore, 604 Verona Ave., Sherwood, L26 B313, Park Hill NLR, $156,198.

Kathy G. Griffin to Gretchen Hall, 6805 Sandpiper Drive, Little Rock, L23, Cardinal Heights Section A, $152,700.

James Brandon and Tamara J. Savage to Emily Allison Shumaker, 41 Prince Drive, Maumelle, L6, Kingspark, $152,000.

Joshua Malone/Josh Malone and Jennifer Malone to Harry D. and Mildred W. Loucks, L4 B49, Original City Of Little Rock, $150,000.

Jared and Caroline Azzone to Jerry and Jacob Sullivan, 324 N. Jackson St., Little Rock, Ls3-4 B5, Pfeifer, $150,000.

Roger Keith and Janet Jo Mowery and The Roger Keith Mowery And Janet Jo Mowery Joint Revocable Trust to Sandra F. Baker and Kimberly A. Ahlgrim, L45, Stagecoach Village Tract A Phase 2, $150,000.

Bobby M. Wisdom and The Walker-Wisdom Trust to Jones Last Stand, LLC, 1300 Broadway St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B208, Original City Of Little Rock, $150,000.

Kelly Nall and Charles Henry Ball to Saleh Ayyeh, 5400 S. University Ave., Little Rock, Pt. SE SE 24-1N-13W, $150,000.

Rian Heck to Katherine V. Stegall, 56 Oak Ridge Drive, Maumelle, L40, Rolling Oaks Phase III, $150,000.


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