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Real estate transactions

December 27, 2020 at 1:54 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Nov. 23-Nov. 27:

South Oaks Apartments Limited Partnership to South Oaks Little Rock, LLC, South Oaks Apts. PRD; Pt. SW NE 18-1N-12W, $11,232,000.

RCG-Markham, LLC to Markham Little Rock, LLC, L2C, Markham Commercial Replat, $2,454,300.

Baugh Corp. to Countryside Gardens, LLC, 2090 John Harden Drive, Jacksonville, L2-F, Jacksonville Plaza, $1,796,000.

HK Value, LLC to Whiskeypapa Ventures, LLC, Pt. NE SE 2-1N-12W, $1,762,500.

Cross Street Service, Inc. to Fleetpark McCain AR, LLC, L1-R, Salmon; Pt. NW SE 20-2N-11W, $1,200,000.

Tejas J. and Mauli D. Patel to Jason H. and Virginia J. Waters, 517 Valley Club Circle, Little Rock, L23 B4, Pleasant Valley, $1,095,000.

Vicki Reed Hall/Vicki Reed Moody to Eugene J. Barham III., and Gregory D. Packer, 2 Crestmont Drive, Little Rock, L148, Robinwood, $875,000.

Yorkshire Properties, LLC to AC Nelsen Co. Properties, LLC, 6200 Dividend St., Little Rock, L2, Dividend, $860,000.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Clifford and Elizabeth Fullerton, Unit 1002, Riviera HPR, $740,000.

P. Andrea and William J. Margrave and The Margrave Family Revocable Living Trust to Robert Louis Woller, 20 Accadia Court, Little Rock, L8 B126, Chenal Valley, $710,000.

Rebecca A. Rice to Elias Jason and Amanda Jo Alley, 184 Courts Lane, Little Rock, L23 B124, Chenal Valley, $580,000.

Bobby W. and Deborah A. Kersh to Danny and Kristy Rodriguez, 26 Accadia Court, Little Rock, L11 B126, Chenal Valley, $560,000.

James F. Carter and Suzanne M. Carter/Suzanne M. Weir to Richard Thackeray and The Thackeray Living Trust, L14, Mountain Crest Estates Phase I, $529,900.

Christian C. and Mary C. Michaels to Cathy Martin, 39 Pine Manor Drive, Little Rock, Ls46-47, Pine Manor, $495,000.

Christopher R. Benton and Amy L. Sedivy-Benton to Tara J. Tinnin, Ls4-5 B4, Midland Hills, $475,000.

Cynthia Gail Wilcox and The Cynthia Gail Wilcox Revocable Trust to Ervin L. Vaught and The Vaught Living Trust, 7 LaScala Court, Little Rock, L4, Hickory Grove Phase II, $457,500.

Linda Gist/Linda A. Clayton and The Linda A. Clayton Revocable Trust to Marjorie Dianne Garner, L2 B6, Shady Valley, $455,000.

Adam Parker and Joy Ritchey Reynolds and The Estate Of Anne S. Parker (dec'd) to Fitzhugh Construction, Inc., L4 B20, Newton- Pulaski Heights, $450,000.

Karen L. Young to Michael P. Zentner, 3019 N. University Ave., Little Rock, Ls2-4 B5, Parkview, $440,000.

Richard Ryan Wilson to Eric and Carolyn Cohu, 101 Hawk Valley Drive, Paron, L1, Hawk Valley Estates Phase I, $440,000.

Hartness Construction Company, Inc. to Jennifer and William Bridges, 20 Caurel Court, Little Rock, L23 B56, Chenal Valley, $432,883.

Coburn Construction, LLC to Larry A. and Cecile W. Kimmer and The Kimmer Family Revocable Trust, L29 B8, Wildwood Place, $410,573.

Joel F. and Lauren W. Hoover to John and Casi Runnells, L16 B38, Overbrook, $405,000.

J. Gardner Lile and The Estate Of James Robert Alexander(dec'd) to Kimberly C. Bruce, 1 Lands End Lane, Scott, Pt. S/2 NE & Pt. N/2 SE 30-1S-10W, $400,000.

Alvin J. and Pamela M. Berndt and The Berndt Family Trust to Linda M. and Paul E. Teater, 40 Woodstream Cove, Little Rock, L101 B2, Woodlands Edge, $398,500.

Jim Pace Homes, LLC to Juliano S. Freitas, 214 Caurel Lane, Little Rock, L1 B58, Chenal Valley, $392,000.

Mannis Custom Homes, LLC to Guinevere Benedicto and Paterno Oliva Reserva, 629 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L22 B7, Wildwood Place, $387,500.

John J. and Catherine L. Miley to Roger C. and Barbara J. Sadler, 104 Wellington Colony Court, Little Rock, L26 B13, The Villages Of Wellington, $347,000.

Harold and Sheri Specht to Sajni and William Kumpuris, 2212 Sawgrass Drive, Little Rock, L26, Pebble Beach Estates Phase III, $346,500.

Simmons Bank and The Neal Living Trust to Cary Schuster, 16 River Ridge Road, Little Rock, Pt. W/2 SE 22-2N-13W, $345,000.

Geoffrey E. and Amanda F. Campbell to Carl Edward Dukes, 2912 Mossy Creek Drive, Little Rock, L15 B6, Woodlands Edge, $345,000.

Ramona and Mark Mayo to Bobby Carter and Kay C. Adkins, 8633 E. Woodruff Ave., Sherwood, L9 B6, Creekside, $330,000.

Bruce Engle Construction, Inc. to James P. Caster, 9757 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L28 B9, Creekside, $325,000.

Bryce L. and Leslie N. McDaniel to Justin and Ashton Ray, 9400 Journey Drive, Sherwood, L255, Miller's Crossing Phase 4, $314,000.

Wayne M. and Robbie J. Gore to Camerone Lee and Heather Wood, 9500 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L47, Millers Glen Phase 2, $307,500.

RichSmith Holdings, LLC to The Peaks At Little Rock Limited Partnership, Pt. SE NW 15-1N-13W, $300,000.

Todd L. Powers to Morgan and Rachel Taylor, 2601 Whitewood Drive, Sherwood, L5 B2, Creekside, $295,000.

Abbie Gunther to Evan Stratton Brown and Bridgette McInroe, 1323 Louisiana St., Little Rock, L1, Norman Todd Raney Replat- Original City Of Little Rock, $279,000.

Frank Fletcher Jr., to KC Currence, LLC, Unit 49, Round River HPR, $275,000.

Thomason-Welter Properties, LLC to Patrick and Elizabeth Lee, 3105 Echo Valley Drive, Little Rock, L170, Echo Valley Second, $275,000.

Clint S. and Sarah Boone to Abbie Gunther, 621 Beckwood Drive, Little Rock, Ls11-12 B1, McIntosh No.2, $259,000.

Megan R. Morris to Betty J. Edwards, 55 Waters Edge Drive, Little Rock, L103, Waters Edge Phase I, $255,000.

Lynn W. Lindsey and The Lynn Lindsey Family Revocable Trust to Patty S. Combs, 13201 Fairway Village Court, Little Rock, L8, Fairway Village, $252,000.

Sainabou Musa-Sonko and Mafoday Sonko to Donna Lynn Walker, Legal Description Omitted, $250,000.

Whitney Barron/Whitney Barron Perser to Jacob Stone, 8301 Chatham Drive, Little Rock, L59, Sheraton Park Section C Replat, $250,000.

WMCC Properties, LLC to Sharon K. Weinsinger, 142 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, L24C, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes, $249,627.

Sessily A. Roaf/Sessily A. Williams and Stephen Williams to Gabriel Houston and Krystal Worrell, 13905 Chesterfield Circle, North Little Rock, L7 B5, Stone Links, $247,500.

Valerie J. Ridriguez to Jim W. and Virginia L. Bryant, 61 Valletta Circle, Little Rock, L5R, Valley View Court, $240,000.

Nicholas A. Bradford and Stuart L. Spencer to Loren Briguel Clawitter, 107 S. Park St., Little Rock, L4 B4, Plunkett's Second, $238,500.

John Corey Jennings and Gretchan Jennings/Gretchan Elizabeth Ramsey to Janis H. and Jeffrey Paul Creekmore, 112 Nemours Court, Maumelle, L523R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $235,500.

Roger C. and Regina Redwood to Willard E. Keyser, 1228 Commons Drive, Jacksonville, L24, Jamestown, $235,000.

A. C. J. Rental Company, LLC to Xpress Media Blasting, LLC, 1014 S. Redmond Road, Jacksonville, Ls3-4, Metropolitan Commercial Estates Unrecorded, $235,000.

Michael A. and Nancy P. Fortner to YB Investments, LLC, Lot B, Theresa Annex Unrecorded, $230,000.

Susan S. Charles and The Susan S. Charles Living Trust to Charles S. and Donna P. Bohannon, Unit 18, Windsor Court HPR Phase II, $228,900.

Vivian Lee Nelson/Vivian Lee Thiele to Lacey Battisto, 2201 Meridian Drive, Sherwood, L3, Millers Valley Phase I, $228,000.

Christopher Waylon and Kathy Michelle Donaldson to Tina and Leonard McKinney III., 126 Orleans Drive, Maumelle, L737R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $227,000.

Sean M. Page to Craig and Lauralee Scroggins, 6 Colleen Court, Little Rock, L70, Marlowe Manor Phase I, $226,000.

Ronald H. and Lynda S. Jack and The Jack Revocable Living Trust to George W. and Mary Rebecca McCoy, 6 Windsor Court, Little Rock, Unit 6, Windsor Court Townhouses HPR, $224,000.

Jake D. and Amanda L. Jones to Christopher W. and Kathy M. Donaldson, 13 Post Oak Loop, Sherwood, L7 B10, Oakbrooke Phase VI, $216,000.

Angela Ann Vanzandt-Bumpass, Frank Tarantino and The Louise Vanzandt Revocable Trust to Katie D. and Adolfo Cordova, 2805 Millbrook Road, Little Rock, L394, Colony West Fifth, $214,000.

Vincent and Christine Do to Gulbiz F. Govar, L112, The Country Club Of Arkansas Replat-Dogwood, $212,000.

Booker Investments, LLC to Robin Jennifer Liston, 147 Booker St., Little Rock, L13 B1, CS Stifft, $208,000.

Junelle M. and The Mongno Family Revocable Trust to Brian Wall, L8, Woodland Heights, $200,000.

Tiffany Thompson to Chad D. and Alexis A. Dietrich, 8420 Jacksonville Conway Road, Jacksonville, Pt. NW SE 32-4N-11W, $200,000.

Alma Gennings, Dana Witkowski and The Alma Gennings Living Trust to Danny P. and Linda E. Kerr, 105 Autumnbrook Circle, Sherwood, Ls44-45, Autumnbrook, $199,900.

BJR Group, Inc. to Hong Sik Seo, 15100 Gorgeous View Trail, Little Rock, L97, Spring Valley Manor Section D, $199,900.

Mitchell L. and Rebecca L. Holt to Lamanda Rena Blackman, 13717 Hansfield Circle, North Little Rock, L21 B3, Stone Links, $198,700.

Saline County Commissioner In Circuit to Michael H. Roberts, Ls10 &12 B2, West Heights Place, $196,700.

Nickole Brown Goodman/Lorraine Nickole Brown and Jessica Jacobs Goodman/Jessica Leah Goodman Jacobs to Payton Kinnaman, 419 Beechwood St., Little Rock, L23 B1, Elmhurst, $195,000.

New Home Estates Corp., Inc. to Shane P. Harrigan, 1800 Whitehaven Drive, Sherwood, L7 B2, Northbrook, $195,000.

Nicole Steves to Luvenus Crawford, 14 Sweet Gum Court, Little Rock, L19 B4, Cedar Ridge, $194,000.

Bethany L. Holloway to Candace Freeman, 13409 Faulkner Lake Road, North Little Rock, L26 B1, Stone Links, $194,000.

Michael A. and Lesa D. Ness to McCall Harriman, 11833 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L32 B5, Walton Heights, $190,000.

Michael M. and Lindsey Erin Welch to Marius Mauthe and Jessica Blair Mauthe, 3100 Poplar St., North Little Rock, Lot G B35, Park Hill NLR, $189,900.

Bradley J. Medlock Limited Partnership to Jacob Lee and Talia Andrea Norstrom, 10583 Stoneridge Court, Sherwood, L9 B1, Windridge, $189,500.

Jill Thomas to Brock Allen and Meagan Leigh Waldo, 85 Stoneledge Drive, Maumelle, L50, Stoneledge Phase II, $185,000.

Vernon Lee Moore IV., and Casey E. Moore/Casey E. Thomas to Kayla and David Leitnaker, 13211 Willow Beach Road, North Little Rock, L42, Willow Beach Estates, $182,500.

Flinn Broadcasting Corp. to Educational Media Foundation, Pt. NW SE 17-3N-13W, $175,000.

Dana Isaac and Estate Of Jolene Kane(dec'd) to Danita Yvette Kelley, 3007 Shady Side Drive, Sherwood, L99 B1, Woodruff Creek, $172,500.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Sheree Fuller, 6701 Red Bud Court, North Little Rock, L627, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $170,550.

Brock and Meagan L. Waldo to Maurice Mosby, 3008 Salinas De Hidalgo Blvd., North Little Rock, L3 B2, Villages Of San Luis, $168,500.

David B. and Lisa P. Dzidek to Franc Paolo Tasaico, 9817 Merlot Lane, North Little Rock, L45, The Villages At Merlot Lane, $168,400.

David Russell and Kelli McEntire to Lisa Nicole Mitchell, 11343 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L55 B5, Walton Heights, $167,500.

James M. and Nathalie C. Wilhite to Lasonia R. and James Bray, 7618 Tomahawk Drive, North Little Rock, L23 B49, Indian Hills, $165,000.

Lance T. Orton to Greer Griebel, 8016 Iowa Drive, Little Rock, L159, Sheraton Park, $164,900.

Kimola D. Conrad to Eric Hardwick, 100 Tiffany Circle, Sherwood, L53, Highland Hills, $160,000.

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC and Mr. Cooper to M&D Group, LLC, 15507 W. Baseline Road, Little Rock, Pt. NE NE 1-1S-14W, $160,000.

Purvis Investments Limited Partnership to Paul T. and Shana H. Chaplin, 6718 Greenwood Road, Cammack Village. L153, Cammack Woods- Cammack Village, $160,000.

Carolyn and Reginald Dixon to Natishia Boddie, 3411 S. Chester St., Little Rock, L5 B6, Woodlawn, $157,900.

Fredrick J. and Sharhonda J. Love to Masha Calue, 9002 Herndon Road, Little Rock, L237, Pecan Lake (Formerly: L237, Tall Timber), $156,500.

TCB Investments, LLC to Gregory Stearns, 2105-2107 Scotty Cove, Little Rock, L13, Scotty Cove, $155,000.

Jacob B. Thompson and Ann Michelle Burns-Thompson to Ariana Remmel, L7 B2, Capitol View, $154,000.

Robert P. and Kandace E. Earle to Whitney Row and Nicholas Mann, 6712 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock, L30 B24, Indian Hills, $153,000.

Chloe Cox to Lawrence Raith, 704 Autumnbrook Circle, Sherwood, L30, Autumnbrook, $151,900.

David L. and Dana Burnett to Jonathan and Ashley Foster, 2 Meadowood Court, North Little Rock, L12, Meadow Oaks, $150,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Danny Wai Chu, 7624 Claybrook Road, Mabelvale, L6 B1, Oxford Valley, $150,000.


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