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Game Changers

by Janet Carson February 8, 2020 at 3:50 p.m.

When I was working, I would have to carve out time to go to Sam's or the grocery store, or the library. I would have loved knowing about the two apps I just recently discovered, and they have been around for a while. First, if you shop at Sam's, stop what you are doing right now and download the Sam's Club App on your phone.

Look at the bottom of the app and there is a thing called scan and go.

Once you set up your Sam's membership card and a credit card, you are good to go. You walk in the store, take a picture of the barcode of the item

you are buying with your app and camera on your phone, it scans in all your items, and when you are done shopping, you click pay and walk out of the store---no standing in lines! You show the barcode on your phone at the door instead of your receipt, and you are done. It emails you the receipt. It is a game changer! I can be in and out in no time.

Since I was on the road so much, I rarely visited a library, instead downloading audio books and online books for my phone or iPad. While I still download books, I now visit the library too. If you have the Central Arkansas Library app

it keeps track of what you are checking out, which library has what you are looking for, and your library card is in the app,

so you don't have to carry your card with you. Who knew!?

And last tip of the day, I just bought a car cache

after seeing my cousin's in St. Louis.

I never had any place to keep my purse if I had someone riding with me. I would put it on the floor of the back seat and it would sometimes dump out. With this clever device it has a handy storage space for my purse between the front seats, without interfering with the drink holders or infringing on passengers. I love it!

I think I probably need to spend some time seeing whatever other helpful apps or things are out there. You all may have already known about them all, and if so, hats off to you. But if not, you can thank me later!


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