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Rio Celeste Waterfall and Monkey's!

by Janet Carson February 22, 2020 at 9:52 p.m.

A small group of us met up at 6:30 a.m. to go bird watching with Maguil.

We awoke to the sounds of howler monkeys but we didn't see any. It rained heavily overnight and the fog was thick this morning. We didn't expect to see much, but we actually saw quite a few different birds and there were toucans feeding at the bird feeder right outside where we ate breakfast.

Because of the weather and the hike we were planning, some folks opted to spend the day at our fabulous resort, hiking the trails there, swimming, or just relaxing. 19 of us headed out to the Tenorio National Park and the hike to the waterfall.

We saw loads of tropical plants along the way.

It was a pretty good hike to the top of the trail leading down to the waterfall.

There were 300 steep steps leading down, which you also had to climb back up.

13 of us started the climb down

and 11 of us completed the entire thing.

The waterfall and blue lake were amazing.

We also saw a spectacular electric blue butterfly but did not get a picture. After a rest, we walked back up

and then started on the journey back to the park entrance. Along the way we did see a sloth, but it was high up in the trees.

We had a bit of a refresher waiting on the whole group to make it back. Then we loaded up and headed into town for a local lunch.

Along the way we saw a couple of monkeys in the trees, but once we got to our restaurant there was a whole family of monkeys in the trees surrounding us.

We also saw parrots and toucans. It was a wonderful meal,

made even more special with the wildlife.

After a drive back to our resort, we then had the rest of the afternoon to swim, enjoy the hot tub or a massage before dinner. Tomorrow we leave this oasis to head to San Jose for one last night before heading back to Arkansas on Monday.


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