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Real estate transactions

January 5, 2020 at 1:45 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Dec. 2-Dec. 6:

MAA Arkansas REIT, LLC to Canyon View Palisades SPE, LLC, Biagiotti Palisades SPE, LLC, Badeaux Palisades SPE, LLC, Horne Palisades SPE, LLC, Paul Palisades SPE, LLC, Brennan Palisades SPE, LLC, Rhee-Pizano Palisades SPE, LLC, UPPI Palisades SPE, LLC and Takwest Palisades SPE, LLC Tract 79, Chenal Valley, $34,100,000.

CPLG Acquisition Properties, LLC and LQ Acquisition Properties, LLC to OM Little Rock, LLC, 617 S. Broadway St., Little Rock, Ls1-4 & 9-12 B106, Original City of Little Rock, $7,000,000.

Republic Terra Vista, LP to LR Vista, LLC, 4811 Arbor Place Circle, Little Rock, L21-3, Barber's Cove Replat- Humphries & Richardson Replat/Leigh & RC Butler Acres; L1R, KNE Replat- Strickland Cove; L2R, KNE Replat- Leigh & Butler Acres, $6,511,250.

HSD Properties, LLC and Hannema Properties, LLC to Renegade Properties, LLC, Ls6-8, Wawak; L9R, Wawak Replat, $1,547,340.

Van Geuns Properties, LLC to Renegade Properties, LLC, Ls3-5, B G Replat- Pinewood, $1,547,340.

Amy A. and Michael Morgan Bailey Sr., and The Mike And Amy Bailey Revocable Trust to Kristofer T. and Lisa Nicole Freeland and The Kristofer T. And Lisa Nicole Freeland Revocable Trust, 3 Chenal Downs Blvd., Little Rock, L2, Chenal Downs, $995,000.

Julie Y. Pruet to Katie Watson Bingham and The 35 Chenal Circle Trust, L15 B2, Chenal Valley, $969,500.

Chad and Lindsay Wilkerson to Mark J. and Emily H. Brown, 24708 Pleasant Grove Road, Roland. Pt SE SW & Pt SW SE 6-2N-14W, $949,000.

Hidden Treasures Antiques & Flea Markets, LLC to Country Club Flea Market, LLC, L1-R, Sid Jones Replat, $850,000.

KJR Holdings, LLC to Carter and Emily Stein, 5000 Stonewall Road, Little Rock, L14 B16, Newton- Pulaski Heights, $590,000.

Regina Bates and Josie Bates Trust to Craig Alan and Carole Denise Smith and The Smith Family Trust Number One, L8 B47, Park Hill NLR, $470,000.

Mark W. and Cheryl G. Nichols to Anthony K. Woodall, 1721 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, Ls5-6 B216, Original City of Little Rock, $430,000.

Mark and Jennifer York and The York Revocable Trust to Robert L. and Debra L. Strahan, 127 River Valley Loop, Maumelle, L16 B12, Maumelle Valley Estates, $429,900.

Suzanna Clark Abston and The SNC Revocable Trust to Rick and Lindsey Mitcham Lorence, 1022 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, L19R B5, Midland Hills Replat, $425,000.

Wade and June Timmermann to Sean and Sarah Hagan, 129 Cherokee Drive, Maumelle, L229, Osage Falls III-B, $419,500.

Murray Group, LLC to Gregory and Jessica Walker, 1708 Vista Creek Drive, Sherwood, L5 B15, Creekside, $406,534.

Mary G. Nilles and The Mary G. Nilles Revocable Trust to Ashley Anne Saer, L3 B28, Parkview, $397,000.

David I. and Karen W. Rososki to Marketta L. Roberts, 151 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle, L52 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $357,500.

Changho Lee to Sunstar Enterprises, LLC, Pt SE SE 24-3N-11W, $350,000.

Coburn Construction, LLC to Brad Earle and Gay M. Richardson, 24 Caurel Court, Little Rock, L21 B56, Chenal Valley, $346,391.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Randy and Kimberly Edwards, 40 Commentry Drive, Little Rock, L53 B72, Chenal Valley, $343,000.

L & R Homes, LLC to Nicholas N. and Lindsay B. Farrington, 1633 Vista Creek Drive, Sherwood, L34 B10, Creekside, $339,900.

Herbert Lawrence and Patricia Komiss Monoson and The Monoson Famly Trust to James Lamar and Debbie Ann Porter, L173, Longlea, $320,000.

Kathryn Paige Brinegar and Daniel J. Broderick to Sean and Chanel Nicole Owens, 5 Chalamont Court, Little Rock, L8 B73, Chenal Valley, $319,000.

Brian L. McGee to Frederick Lamont and Sherrie James, 160 Blackburn Drive, Little Rock, L17 B23, The Villages Of Wellington, $316,000.

Christopher R. and Mary F. Herndon to Ericka O'Neal-McCarroll, 30 Chatel Drive, Little Rock, L50 B19, Chenal Valley, $315,000.

William M. Hughan Jr., to Deborah Fixon, L7 B3, Altheimer, $313,000.

Texas Capital Bank, NA to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1123 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B8, Midland Hills, $307,600.

Rogelio Medellin to Richard L. Milam and Charity Breann Martin, 9 Bentwood Lane, Little Rock, L30 B7, Wildwood Place, $306,900.

Preston G. and Lisa L. Young to Dustin Quinten and Katherine E. Courtright, 106 River Valley Loop, Maumelle, L13 B11, Maumelle Valley Estates, $301,500.

Clifton R. and Sharon S. Kelley to Building Bridges- Pediatric Therapy Services, PLLC, 9000 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, Pt SW SW 35-2N-13W, $300,000.

Tonmoy K. and Shreeparna Dasgupta to Mary K. Edwards and Mark Gregory Jackson Jr., 711 Parliament St., Little Rock, L5 B1, The Villages Of Wellington, $299,900.

BTC Rentals One, LLC to HS Rocket, LLC, Ls21-22 B3, Pinehurst, $295,000.

Jeremy and Sarah Ables to Zachary Carl and Blair Deann Neel, 115 Crooked Creek Court, North Little Rock, L16R B23, Overbrook, $289,900.

Enchanting Custom Homes, Inc. to Casey and Sarah Dishman, 1307 Mule Deer Drive, Jacksonville, L8, Northlake Phase XIII-A, $288,000.

DCBC Investments, LLC to Wallace Reed Caradine III, 315 Rock St., Apt. 702, Little Rock, Unit 702, River Market Tower HPR, $287,500.

Jon Callahan Construction, Inc. to John Neil and Sherry Lee Buffington, 325 Parker St., North Little Rock, L5R, The Porches At Rockwater Village Replat, $280,000.

Richard Lee Brown and The Richard Lee Brown Trust Number One to Twin Oaks Property Management, LLC, 15716 MacArthur Drive, North Little Rock, Pt SE NW 24-3N-13W, $280,000.

David W. and Lucia G. Perry to Georgia Lynn Nowell, L106, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $279,000.

Bobette A. Leggett to Andrew Lanford, 21 Bouresse Drive, Little Rock, L70 B48, Chenal Valley, $271,000.

Thomas F. James Realty Partnership, LLLP and The James Family Properties, LLLP to Richardson Properties, LLC, Pt NW NW 13 & Pt NE NE 14-2N-13W, $269,500.

Larry D. and Linda J. Steele to Brooke Johnson, 9324 Harmony Drive, Sherwood, L276, Miller's Crossing Phase 4, $269,000.

Bryan and Amanda Holder to Christian and Anna M. Biggs, 117 Baronne Way, Maumelle, L1254, The Quarters Phase 20- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $255,000.

Fitzhugh Construction, Inc. to Audrea L. Means, 103 Sanibel Circle, Little Rock, L127, Kenwood Estates Phase 5, $255,000.

Glenna M. Anderson to Susan Flake, Ls44 & 4 B202, Park Hill NLR, $245,000.

Mary Carol Robinson and The Robinson Family Revocable Trust to Frank B. Whitbeck and Keo-II Irrevocable Real Estate Investment Trust, Pt NE 4-1N-10W, $240,000.

James C. and Britney N. Lloyd to Dana G. and Susan L. Chadwick, 9040 Meadow Gardens Circle, Sherwood, L59, Millers Glen, $239,000.

Marion L. Apple to Maggie C. Macchiarella, 171 Marseille Drive, Maumelle, L262R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $235,000.

Matthew L. and Morgan L. Brunson to Peng Weng and Li Zhang, 15508 Hartford St., Little Rock, L260, Capitol Lakes Estates Phase I-B, $235,000.

Joshua Smith and Mary Carole Young to Michelle Wilson, L14, Windsor Court Townhouses HPR, $232,000.

Preston Investments, LLC to Saeedah Asaf, L230, Prospect Terrace, No. 3, $225,000.

Matthew Imhoff and Mary R. Imhoff Trust Number One to Watson Cleaning Services, Inc., 500 Oakdale Drive, Sherwood, Ls14-15 B2, Kellogg, $220,000.

Mary R. Imhoff Trust Number One to Watson Cleaning Services, Inc., 500 Oakdale Drive, Sherwood, Ls14-15 B2, Kellogg, $220,000.

Bryan E. and Katina L. Freeling to Carolyn K. Cessna and Cynthia Nicole Cessna-Lynn, L9 B7, Stonehill Phase I, $219,500.

DOT Development, LLC to Terri Theresa Williams, 422 Pearl Ave., Little Rock, L14 B6, Young's Park, $219,000.

Franklin D. and Micheline Tucker to Susan E. Brown, 3119 Village East Drive, North Little Rock, L10, Village East, $216,000.

Gregg and Julie Curtis to Keaton Matthew Curtis, 4211 Jones Loop Road, Little Rock, Pt NW SE 24-2N-15W, $210,000.

Norwoods, Inc. to Sean Philip and Miriam Elyse Speckels, 20 Dove Creek Circle, North Little Rock, L10 B17, Overbrook, $209,900.

Shivani Daftarder and Parimal Nilangekar to Sumreen Gul, 2007 Brookford Drive, Little Rock, L31 B5, Cherry Creek, $207,500.

Alan Berekemeyer to Le'Shon Matthew Nowden, 8806 Leatrice Drive, Little Rock, L18, Leawood Mountain, $204,900.

Daphne K. Bell to William and Melanie Siegel, Unit 10C, Lafayette Square HPR, $198,000.

Sean P. and Miriam E. Speckels to April Leigh Owens, 23 Coronado Circle, North Little Rock, L66 B20, Indian Hills, $198,000.

Tiajuana Y. Williams to Kelsie Marie Campbell, 47 Eagle Nest Court, Little Rock, L785, The Hills Phase II- Otter Creek Community, $197,500.

Arkansas Natural Properties, LLC to Charles J. Binyon, 320 West D. Ave., North Little Rock, Ls12-13 B31, Park Hill NLR, $196,250.

Linda C. Kennedy, Jeff Fuller and D'Dawn Fuller to Jason Berger and Emily Bennett, 138 Deauville Drive, Maumelle, L57, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $195,000.

John Michael Frost and The Estate Of Clarence Edward Frost(dec'd) to Russell Devorn Rosby, 54 Kings River Drive, North Little Rock, L22 B6, Overbrook, $190,900.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Peter Sidarous and Sara Hanna, 15400 Taylor Loop Road, Little Rock, L34, Heatherbrae, $185,000.

Wicks & Wax Gifts, Inc. to David Larson, L16 B24, Park Hill NLR, $180,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Joshua Blake Colvin and Merri Angela Sprow, 5201 Rainer Drive, Jacksonville, L14, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI, $178,000.

Thomas H. and Doris N. Reynolds to Frank D. Moseley and Shirley B. Klorik, 3 Manitoba Cove, Maumelle, L101, North Ridge, $177,500.

Dustin Q. Courtright to Doris and Mark D. Davis, 8 Vail Cove, Maumelle, L26, North Ridge, $177,000.

Leah Marcelle Schooling and The Estate Of Shirley Barrow to David and Margaret Anderson, L132, Park Ridge, $176,000.

Crystal R. Scott to Durham Family, LLC, 3 Red Fox Lane, Jacksonville, Pt SE NE 17-3N-10W, $175,000.

Adam Crouch to Linda M. Carter, 14218 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L7 B3, Sandpiper West, $172,000.

Shawn A. and Kristin L. Harwell and The Shawn And Kristin Harwell Revocable Trust to Christopher Wardell and Katie Ryan, 1611 Tarrytown Road, Little Rock, L37, Sturbridge Phase I, $172,000.

David and Kendy Temple to Donald and LaTonya Taylor, 4512 Bunker Hill Drive, North Little Rock, L30 B62, Lakewood, $169,900.

Grainne M. Allison to Jared Stewart and Cora Alexander, 1406 Calgary Cove, Little Rock, L27, Point West 3rd Phase III, $169,900.

Kathleen Susan Brough and The H. Kay Quinn Living Trust to Humphrey Estates, LLC, 306 West Seventh St., North Little Rock, L10 B9, Clendennin, $165,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to James Felton Abbott Sr., 5716 Cypress Lane, North Little Rock, L709, Trammel Estates Phase VI-A, $160,500.

Arkansas Owner Finance, LLC to John Teitsort, 6500 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock, L29 B23, Indian Hills, $160,384.

REI Nation, LLC to Jeremiah A. and Kristen L. Grant, 504 Tonawanda Trail, North Little Rock, L16 B5, Tanglewood Annex, $159,900.

Chancellor and Tammy S. Gulley to Tynesha Ivory, 5610 Tall Pine Blvd., Little Rock, L3, Doyne, $159,900.

REI Nation, LLC to Jeffrey Caldwell, 7805 Apache Road, Little Rock, L30, Markham Manor, $159,900.

Elizabeth Anne Ballard to Brent Jones, 120 Whispering Oak Trail, Mabelvale. L36, Whispering Oaks, $157,000.

Ally Jade Investments, Inc. to John Shobe and Marissa Timmers, 1902 Madden Road, Jacksonville, L277, Foxwood Phase VI-B, $157,000.

Joanne DePrez to William B. Briscoe, 139 Diamond Pointe Drive, Maumelle, L122, North Pointe, $155,000.

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC and Champion Mortgage Co. to Nationstar Mortgage, LLC and Champion Mortgage Co., 8700 Greer Road, Sherwood, Pt N/2 NW 13-3N-12W, $155,000.

PlainsCapital Bank to PlainsCapital Bank, 1021 West Second St., Little Rock, Lot A, Meyer Seconds And Ringo, $154,999.

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC and Mr.Cooper to Tin Thanh and Thu Kim Nguyen, 14520 Wimbledon Loop, Little Rock, L1025, Fairway Woods Phase V, $153,000.

Richard H. and Marlene J. Foster to Crystal R. Scott, 15 Vixen Trail, Jacksonville, L383, Foxwood Phase VIII, $153,000.

Charles K. Ripley to Mark Blakelley, 12423 Sherri Marie Drive, Alexander. L1, Quail Run, $151,000.

Kevin and Lauren Williams to Trail Run Properties, LLC, L8 B3, Hillcrest, $150,000.

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