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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 1-June 5:

Taipanic Investment Group, LLC to OHC Northshore, LP, Ls1R, 2R & 1-2 B2, Northshore Business Park; Pt W/2 Section 13-2N-13W, $10,100,000.

Randy Wright Builders, LLC to Anna Marie Privratsky and Bradley Joseph Fogel, 509 Eagle Pass Cove, Little Rock, L10 B31, Woodlands Edge, $1,400,000.

John D. and Dorothy J. Day to Constance K. and Charles W. Smith Jr., and The Charles And Constance Smith Family Trust, Ls1-3 B17, Newton, $1,325,000.

Shane Johnson to Wiggins Family Real Estate Holdings, LLC, 109 Orle Drive, Little Rock, L7 B115, Chenal Valley, $1,285,000.

East-Collins Construction, LLC to Allison A. and Vincent Laborde, 6313 Kenwood Road, Little Rock, L238, Cammack Woods, $680,543.

Robert L. and Gaye P. Lanford to J. W. Benafield, L8 B14, Newton, $675,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Rector-Phillips-Morse, Inc., Ls4, 6 & 8 B96, Chenal Valley- Hallen Court Phase 3, $582,000.

John Ford Aruffo and Monica Rohde Shotwell to Hearthside Properties, LLC, 6 Hearthside Drive, Little Rock, L32R, Overlook Park, $535,000.

Manal F. Ivie to Gregory Brett Smith and Frances Elizabeth Lyons, 714 N. Oak St., Little Rock, Ls1-3 B13, Pulaski Heights, $535,000.

Ron and Sharon L. Clayton to Herbert Littleton, 7521 Beck Road, Little Rock, Pt S/2 Section 8-2N-13W, $525,000.

Ronda Leann Sears to Mavinder Guram, 1904 N. Jackson St., Little Rock, L33, Shadowlawn, $512,900.

Mauricio Alejandro Moreno-Vera and Patricia Antonia Lopez-Rojas to David and Susan Lowitz, 22 Carmel Drive, Little Rock, L5, Carmel (f.k.a: L5 B57, Pleasant Valley), $505,000.

John Michael and Dolores Parker McNeill to Barbara J. and Albert Sidney Bray Jr., Lot D-18 B13, Chenal Valley, $473,000.

Corporate Motorcars, Inc. to Joseph D. and Stacey S. Reynolds, 8 Crystal Mountain Lane, Maumelle, L74, Palisades Heights Single-Family Detached, $450,000.

Liberty Construction, LLC to Jason S. and Elisabeth Krueger Ahrens, 91 Clervaux Drive, Little Rock, L4 B77, Chenal Valley, $422,400.

Kristofer T. and Lisa Nicole Freeland to Nasir A. and Khairunnisa Khan, 30 Bayonne Drive, Little Rock, L16 B31, Chenal Valley, $420,000.

James S. and Sue H. Henley to Kyle Henn Klein, 2903 Hidden Valley Drive, Little Rock, L13 B30, Pleasant Valley, $415,000.

Jo Ann Porter to Samuel P. and Martha Casie Selig, 3900 N. Lookout St., Little Rock, Ls7-9 B3, Doyle Place Replat, $410,000.

Renaissance Homes, Inc. to Steven W. and Jennifer Y. Schmitt, 90 Lucia Lane, Maumelle, L1675, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $384,900.

Ritchie A. E. and Selina C. Wood to Nicholas and Kristina Redenius, 6824 Austin Harbor Loop, Sherwood, L110, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $379,900.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Sarah B. and Caleb M. McMinn, 303 Rosemary Way, Little Rock, L31 B4, Parkside At Wildwood, $379,900.

Michael Mitchell to Jeanne Wilson, L6 B35, Pulaski Heights, $365,000.

Walter L. and Rita G. Bryant to Ping Kang and Shenyang Li, 8 Wellington Colony Drive, Little Rock, L3 B14, The Villages Of Wellington, $359,500.

Michael David and Mildred Elizabeth Robbins to Eric Louis and Atalie Knight Sessions, 6 Calais Court, Little Rock, L6 B9, Chenal Valley, $350,000.

Alicia Y. and Jude G. Silva to Richard Edwin and Kim R. Theis, 159 Maumelle Valley Drive, Maumelle, L83 B1, Maumelle Valley Estates, $332,000.

Coburn Construction, LLC to John Matthew Brannan, 1 Copper Circle, Little Rock, L7 B3, Copper Run Phase I, $322,200.

Adrian and Sabrina Harris to Shane and Maral Johnson, L38 B7, Wildwood Place, $320,000.

Jason Oatley to Nathan T. and Laura O. Hill, 610 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L8 B34, Pulaski Heights, $319,000.

Robin Darlene Steves and Heath and Hope L. Ericson to Amy Crawford, 3705 Pope Ave., North Little Rock, L25 B52, Lakewood, $307,500.

Shun L. and Angela Turner to William S. Coggins and Danielle N. Hamrick, 76 Aberdeen Drive, Little Rock, L7 B22, Chenal Valley, $299,900.

Alexa Bollinger to PWS Real Estate, LLC, L10 B1, Wildwood Place, $295,000.

Carter C. and Emily B. Stein to Ryan S. and Jennifer F. Waters, 1614 N. Harrison St., Little Rock, L4 B3, Englewood, $291,375.

Ryan and Erica Phillips to Desmond M. and Relinka Miller, 216 Marseille Drive, Maumelle, L330R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $289,500.

Brandon R. and Christy L. Davis to Brian and Sarah Raley, 269 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle, L18 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $281,500.

Gary R. and Lisa R. Dickens to Selina C. and Ritchie A. E. Wood, 9700 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L68, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $280,000.

Marion Haase/Marion Franz to Earnestine Ann Linder, 1701 Sanford Drive, Little Rock, L34, Sanford Phase 1 & 2, $277,000.

Wanda Jo Tapp to Evelyn Diane Schrantz, L2, Gleneagles, $274,900.

Thomas Daniel and Katherine Jessica Leath to Lindsey Thomas and Jamie Lee Roberts, 1100 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock, L144, Leawood Heights 2nd, $267,500.

Jack C. Mulhollan and The Estate Of Catherine C. Mulhollan(dec'd) to Julia Ponder, L264B, Foxcroft 5th, $261,250.

Craig B. and Shyron R. Cox to Ian Armstrong Killough, L20 B7, Elmhurst, $255,000.

Brandon T. and Allyson E. Dodds to Jason Lynn and Kimberley Dawn Stephens, 1830 Erving Ridge Loop, Cabot, L51, Gladewood Heights Phase 1; L3, Gladewood Annex, $255,000.

Joseph Dale and Stacey S. Reynolds to Andrea and Kishan Garlapati, 312 Skyline Drive, North Little Rock, L12 B107, Park Hill NLR, $255,000.

Robert J. and Kay L. Kotan and The Robert J. Kotan And Kay L. Kotan Trust to Taylor A. Shelby, 103 Layne Drive, Maumelle, L2, Chalets At Country Club, $249,900.

Benjamin Paul and Veronica Lynette Tice and The Tice Living Trust to Michael and Allyson Shoptaw, 132 Pumice Drive, Sherwood, L70 B4, Stonehill Phase II, $249,900.

Carissa S. Bissen/Carissa Bryson to Xuguang Qiu and Lu Liu, 121 Cabanel Drive, Maumelle, L1230, The Quarters - The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 20, $241,000.

Andrew S. and Cassandra Alexis Freeman to Nicholas Clay, 8 Shepard Hills Court, Little Rock, L113, Secluded Hills Phase III, $235,000.

Glen S. Arnold and Cristie W. Turner/Cristie W. Turner-Arnold to Matthew Shelton and Maria Serrano, 29 Pennsylvania Court, Little Rock, L4, Governor's Manor PRD- Capitol Lakes Estates, $232,000.

Brooke Maree Owens/Brooke Maree Rose and Brant Owens to James E. and Julie C. Pruitt, 14601 Shepard Drive, Little Rock, L4 B8, Secluded Hills Estates Section A, $230,000.

Tin Thanh and Thu Kim Nguyen to Marlow Rockwell, 14520 Wimbledon Loop, Little Rock, L1025, Fairway Woods Phase V, $228,000.

New Horizon Properties, LLC to Matthew James and Kelcey Lynn Puszkiewicz, 2209 Peach Tree Drive, Little Rock, L10, Sandpiper Section A, $227,500.

Nicholas A. and Kimberly E. Basil to Randall Heath and Hope Louise Ericson, 4612 Crestline Drive, North Little Rock, L9 B15, Lakewood, $227,500.

Eric D. and Mabel Agee to Serginho Atilano and Sergio and Janet Atilano, 101 Vienne Place, Maumelle, L1333, Montmartre - The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase 21A, $225,000.

MBJ Properties, LLC to Brittany D. Fraser, 125 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L20 B6, Elmhurst, $225,000.

John B. and Paula K. Westmoreland to James E. and Brooke N. Stauddy, 627 Lake Tree Lane, Sherwood, L66, Austin Lakes Pointe, $224,900.

Latch Properties, LLC to Crest Properties, LLC, L23 B1, Strong And Waters, $213,000.

Ne'll Shelton and The Ne'll Shelton Irrevocable Trust to Ethel M. Walters, 3 Chapman Lane, Little Rock, L13 B4, Taylor Park, $211,000.

Sarah and Gervy Relano to Wayne and Jacqueline Madden, 217 Chantilly Circle, Maumelle, L462, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $210,500.

Kevin Lee Ancelet to Clayton D. and Cara Butler, 1209 Cache River Road, North Little Rock, L10 B36, Overbrook, $210,000.

Gregory L. and Mary L. Sloan to Dannette Tabor and Carmen Weaver, 6913 Park Meadows Drive, Sherwood, L40 B2, Gap Creek, $209,900.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Kathy Allen, L2, Jaxon Terrace Phase XII, $209,000.

Mar-Lis Enterprises, LLC to Jacob C. and Jane B. Hartz, 16 Delray Drive, Little Rock, L146, Sheraton Park, $207,500.

Lori C. McClain to Michael Shane Carter, 230 Taylor Park Drive, Little Rock, L28 B3, Taylor Park, $207,000.

The C Street Group, LLC to Antonio L. and Herti Green, 3319 W. Seventh St., Little Rock, L5 B5, Kimball And Bodeman, $206,800.

Fabiola DelCarmen Obregon and James Stephen Nix to 47 Summit Ridge, Little Rock, L27 B1, Summit Ridge, $206,000.

Wesley and Lacey White to Fabiola DelCarmen Obregon and James Stephen Nix, 47 Summit Ridge, Little Rock, L27 B1, Summit Ridge, $206,000.

Matthew David and Amanda Butler Galbraith/Amanda Butler to Justin T. Ward, 34 Nancy Lopez Court, Maumelle, L10, Country Club Villas, $205,000.

Shayla Sewell-Walker/Shayla Leann Sewell to Shiketa Nichelle Charleston, 4340 Spring Glen Drive, Sherwood, L3, Spring Glen, $204,900.

Jolanta Ahlquist to Shannon Sanford and Tyler Smith, 5004 Madison Ave., Jacksonville, L13, Jackson Heights, $201,000.

Matthew and Kaitlen Stewart to Sara Donahue, L16 B10, Parkway Place, $200,000.

Stephen and Ronald Oakley to Jordan N. Boehmer, 11924 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L43, Pleasant Forest Phase I, $195,000.

Frederick Andrew Bryson and Andrew Christopher Bryson to Derek J. Krinock, 1321 Westhampton Drive, Little Rock, L25, Westhampton, $194,000.

Cooper Keane to Christopher Keane, 13615 Woodbrook Drive, Little Rock, L5 B9, Cedar Ridge, $190,000.

John and Stephanie Allbritton to JPL Construction, LLC, L96, Cammack Woods, $189,000.

Craig J. and Lauren N. Schluterman to Nicholas Kelly, 17701 Raines Road, Little Rock, Tract A, Howe Acres, $185,000.

Derek and Christina Thornton to Kevin Gabriel Cabrera, 3405 Sevier Drive, North Little Rock, L44 B53, Lakewood, $184,900.

Shannon Keith and Angela Dawn Almond to Spencer and Paige Cromwell, 145 Deauville Drive, Maumelle, L205, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $184,500.

Kristin N. Suthard to Sara Mafakheri and Alireza Fallah Jeddi, 42 Springridge Drive, Little Rock, L86 B4, Cherry Creek, $183,000.

Terrye G. Pruitt to Kevin Jasmine Blackman and DeShawn McKinney Jr., 25 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L108, Garden Oaks, $179,000.

Jonathan Michael Padgett to Kareem Holloway, 5108 Randolph Road, North Little Rock, L10 B27, Lakewood, $179,000.

McCollough Homes LR, LLC to ZAB Properties, LLC, L240, Base Meadows Phase IV, $174,000.

McCollough Homes LR, LLC to ZAB Properties, LLC, L98, Base Meadows Phase V-A, $174,000.

McCollough Homes LR, LLC to ZAB Properties, LLC, L94, Base Meadows Phase V-A, $172,800.

Allen C. Dobson, Loyd Walker and The Joanne F. Dobson Revocable Trust to Briac and Meredith Riddle, 813 Kings Mountain Drive, Little Rock, L235, Walnut Valley 2nd, $168,000.

Keegan and Rachel Doan to Spencer Magby and Malorie Catlett, 702 Cedar Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L28 B6, Cedar Ridge, $168,000.

Henry Barton III., to Thomas A. Lee, 12111 Shawnee Forest Drive, Little Rock, L190, Pleasant Forest I, $168,000.

John Stephen and Susan Skinner Holt and The John Stephen Holt And Susan Skinner Holt Joint Revocable Trust to Kraig and April Butler, 515 E. Capitol Ave., Apt. 106, Little Rock, Unit 106, Rainwater Flats HPR, $167,000.

Beltran Painting, Inc. to Gustavo Torres Quiroz Jr., 7319 Royal Oaks Drive, Little Rock, L26, Royal Oaks, $163,389.

Keenneth Roy Chrouch to Arianna L. Hallmon, L8 B4, Country Club Park, $163,000.

John J. Archer III., to Jared Wayne Shepard, 1901 Mesquite Circle, Little Rock, L116, Point West 3rd Phase 2A, $162,500.

LoanCare, LLC to LoanCare, LLC, 213 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L9 B24, Maumelle Valley Estates, $161,900.

Bradley Dehvon and Makala Shae Spencer to Joseph R. Shanabarger, 6972 White Oak Way, North Little Rock, L802, Trammel Estates Phase V, $155,000.


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