A farewell to readers

It feels like forever ago now. Last year, in January 2019, when this magazine was on the brink of folding, we wrote a few words about what it meant.

“To work for this magazine in this state at this time is the greatest job in the world. Not only because this magazine is, objectively, the best in the state, but because of all the opportunities it affords to tell stories about this place that so many people are proud to call home, a place that never ceases to surprise you at every turn.”

We wrote that it was special and that we weren’t ready to see it go just yet—that we’d try to save this thing that we all loved so fiercely.

Today, our hearts are breaking. Because today marks the last day of Arkansas Life.

Even still, we want you to know a few things: We want you to know that all those words above are as true now as they were before. We want you to know that it’s been our greatest pleasure to share stories with you—to dig deep into The Natural State, as our mission statement reads, to show new facets of a familiar place, to celebrate the myriad reasons we are so proud to call this state home.

Thank you so, so much for reading.

(Note: Arkansas Life’s closure is a financial necessity resulting from the current economic climate. For those of you who subscribe to the magazine, refunds will be made for unused subscription amounts.)

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