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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded May 4-May 8:

1001 Technology, LLC and 1001 Technology-BCP Allied, LLC to MIDH CR 1001, LLC, 1001 Technology Drive, Little Rock, L9, Arkansas Systems Office Park, $16,000,000.

Republic Wilmington, LP to Wilmington Little Rock, LLC, L4, Donovan Briley, $8,000,000.

Floyd Mac and Pat Davis Dodson/Patricia Davis Dodson to John Mark and Melissa Nutt Saviers, 10 Longfellow Lane, Little Rock, Ls3-4, Beverly Place, $1,300,000.

Denise and Brenton Whittington to Elizabeth and Scott McLaughlin, 494 Ridgeway Drive, Little Rock, Ls3-5, Ella B Watson, $975,000.

Carolyn D. Manning to Cade and Teri Cox, 349 Valley Club Circle, Little Rock, L26RR B10, Pleasant Valley Replat, $875,000.

Susan Plunkett to Jeffrey Dean Weatherly and The Jeffrey Dean Weatherly Revocable Trust, 2 Valley Creek View, Little Rock, L41, Valley Falls Estates Phase I, $850,000.

Karen James Custom Built Homes, Inc. to Elizabeth Berry, L19 B136, Chenal Valley- Falstone Court, $669,000.

B & D Homes, Inc. to Amanda L. Harcrow and Dewey Hopkins III., 78 Falstone Drive, Little Rock, L34 B135, Chenal Valley, $596,780.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Kenneth A. and Stephanie A. Gunderman, Unit 1101, Riviera HPR, $570,000.

Tonya M. Martin-Dunlap and Vincent K. Dunlap to Heartsill Ragon III., Sydney Ann Ragon Clifford and The Rockwood Family Revocable Trust, 7112 Rockwood Road, Little Rock, Ls284 & M, Kingwood Place, $540,000.

Reddy Innovative Builders, LLC to Renjith Davis Eluvathingal Paily and Resmi Jose, 2 Catlett Lane, Little Rock, L65 B23, The Villages Of Wellington, $535,000.

Paul R. and Lacy L. Brown to Rahul Kumar and Shabana Jiwani, 126 Wellington Plantation Lane, Little Rock, L67 B15. The Villages Of Wellington, $520,000.

Michael S. and Brooke F. Miller to Paul Benjamin and Laura Shafer Sanders, 44 Fontenay Circle, Little Rock, L10 B5, Chenal Valley, $495,000.

Bruce E. Schratz Jr., and Cynthia A. Bluth to Mark and Kim Dunavan, 17300 Lamarche Blvd., Little Rock, L1 B41, Chenal Valley, $480,000.

Kelly J. Loy to Charles and Kathleen Simpson, L2 B13, Woodlands Edge, $469,000.

Lori and John Zachary DeYmaz/Zach DeYmaz to Deanna and Colton Stanton, 19218 Sumemrshade Drive, Little Rock, L13 B3, Wildwood Ridge Phase II, $448,500.

Mike and Marianne Poore to Joel D. and Kristen Murphy, 129 Cove Creek Court, Little Rock, L20 B19, Woodlands Edge, $447,000.

William Fletcher to Evan Grisham, 115 Normandy Road, Little Rock, L113R, Normandy, $440,000.

Mike Kuhn Construction, Inc. to Byron Glenn and Wendy Vivian Taylor, 204 Clervaux Drive, Little Rock, L27 B71, Chenal Valley, $434,500.

Ananth Ranganathan and Amber Smith to Taylor Collins and John Harrison Warden, 5920 S. Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L77, Forest Heights Place, $425,000.

Joshua H. Miller to Lorrie Trogden, 315 Rock St., Apt. 1001, Little Rock, Unit 1001, River Market Tower HPR, $419,000.

Allen B. and Marybeth Curtis to Jeff and Kellie Milburn, 22901 Lawson Road, Little Rock, Pt SE SW 17-1N-14W, $400,000.

Lee Maris, Casey Ingram and John Boschetti to Chris Maris Custom Homes & Remodeling, LLC, 5010 Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L11 B13, Newton, $385,000.

BDP Holdings, LLC to Derrick and Lora Gibson, 89 Golden Eagle Drive, Paron. L32R, Eagle Ridge Estates, $350,000.

Roy L. Dellinger Construction, Inc. to Johnny C. and Hong R. Victory, 1642 Vista Creek Drive, Sherwood, L3 B15, Creekside, $345,000.

Keith D. and Connie S. Stillwell to Cliford B. and Kelly J. Causey, 108 Marseille Drive, Maumelle, L397, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $315,000.

E. Ward Construction, Inc. to Kelly Sue Johnson Loy, 908 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L24 B3, Wildwood Place, $315,000.

Philip and Jacqueline Bibbs to Curtis Gatewood Jr., 12 Crystal Mountain Drive, Maumelle, L48, Palisades Heights Single-Family Detached, $312,000.

John and Barbara McHargue to Lee Meadows, 9316 Seasons Cove, Sherwood, L117, Miller’s Crossing Phase 3, $309,900.

John Wright Construction Co., Inc. to Diane Umerah-Holmes, 1509 Milligan Drive, Maumelle, L1717, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $305,000.

James Chin and The Estate Of Larissa Kim Chin(dec’d) to Rita Looney, 317 Wildcreek Blvd., Little Rock, L2 B6, Wildwood Place, $300,000.

Kyle and Rachel Kirkland to David L. and Annie H. Covington, 12716 Saint Charles Blvd., Little Rock, L12, St. Charles, $299,000.

Shane E. Simonson and Kristin R. Beverly to Gregory Sloane Coffin and Lauren Elize Breaux, 18 Lefever Lane, Little Rock, L569, Kingwood Place, $298,000.

Edwin E. and Tina M. Etheridge to Janee L. and Kevin Sweeney, 30 Arles Drive, Little Rock, L42 B48, Chenal Valley, $295,000.

Stephen Hill to Riconda and Ricky Johnson Jr., 15 Mountain Ridge Cove, Maumelle, L57 B1, Maumelle Valley Estates, $292,500.

D. A. Phillips Homes, LLC to James and Iris Lehner, 9532 Meadow Oak Drive, Sherwood, L57, Millers Glen Phase 3, $292,500.

Drew Hester Construction, Inc. to Christopher H. and Carissa Rae Casey, 3 Edgestone Road, Little Rock, L201, Leawood Heights 3rd, $292,000.

Fiver Properties, LLC to Kevin Horton Properties, LLC, L1R, Wright Industrial, $285,000.

Central Arkansas Water to Hines Homes, LLC, 90 Lake Pointe Place, Maumelle, L7B, Cook Mountain Village Center, $280,000.

Patricia A. Ashworth to Linda Kay Ashworth, L24 B1, Wildwood Place, $280,000.

Larry and Joscelyn Jenkins to John Coleman, 24 Winona Drive, Maumelle, L69, Edgewater Phase I, $275,000.

Janet G. Gattis and The Janet G. Gattis Living Trust to William B. and Lynn B. Brooks, L43, Pleasant Valley Manor, $270,000.

Lynette M. and Gerald Hannahs Jr., to Whitney M. and Justin R. Wolff, 3517 Marsh Road, Little Rock, Pt NE SW 14-1N-14W, $270,000.

DG Homes, LLC to Aaron D. and Bethany J. Craton, 208 Forest Oak Drive, Jacksonville, L1, Forest Oaks Phase I, $269,000.

Sue H. Flowers to Christopher Evan and Erica Blake, 3303 Seminole Trail, Sherwood, L16 B30, Overbrook, $264,900.

James Sewell and Janette McGaugh to Wanda Lee and Richard Leo VanDyke Jr., 31 Briar Patch Court, Little Rock, L15, Brodie Creek Community, $262,500.

Sean and Donna J. McKean and The McKean Living Trust to Tara Lynne and Terrell Wesley Meacham Jr., 5611 Mandan Road, Little Rock, Ls3-4 B1, Suburbanette Estates, $262,000.

Andrew L. and Sarah A. Brown to Marissa Ann and Patrick Corkrean Bonasso II., 3223 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock, L12, Fawnwood, $260,000.

Jimmy and Reba Jennings to Ledly Jennings, 2019 N. Arthur St., Little Rock, L20 B2, Altheimer, $255,000.

Deborah R. Reynolds to Latasha Latrease Camp, 803 Indian Bay Drive, Sherwood, L1, Forrest Lakes, $244,999.

Duane S. and Jennifer M. Abbott to Marty L. Page, 114 Mountain Valley Drive, Maumelle, L2 B8, Maumelle Valley Estates, $244,000.

Michael and Christie delCastillo-Hegyi to Dustin R. Caputo, 13901 Napoloeon Road, Little Rock, L81R, Carriage Creek Phase I, $244,000.

Mark W. and Julie A. Talley and The Mark W. Talley & Julie Talley Revocable Trust to Christopher Tilmon and Donna Elaine Hill, 7157 E. Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L67 B1, Gap Creek, $240,000.

Ryan and Kara Matthews to Matthew Albert Jolie and Jessica Ann Oakley, 115 Hibiscus Drive, Maumelle, L32, Waterside Replat, $238,000.

Dustin and Lauren Green to Capital City Property Holdings, LLC, Ls8-9, Roland West; Pt S/2 NW 17-3N-14W, $235,000.

Bryan A. and LueCrecy M. Ragan to Eric V. and Sarah Hopkins, 9321 Williams Road, Sherwood, L21, Pine Valley Estates, $235,000.

Chantal M. and Aaron Roberts to Samuel P. and Michelle Winegar, 2305 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, Ls2-3 B4, Clark, $235,000.

Marshall Equity Investments, LLC to Katrina Ann Bryant, 1708 Kanis Village Drive, Little Rock, L83R, Kanis Village Replat Phase I, $234,900.

Nicholas M. and Brittany Lord to Michael Drake, 201 Englewood Road, Cammack Village. L200, Cammack Woods, $230,000.

Revitalize Home Design, LLC to Jace Duhon and Katie Moreaux, 30 Buttermilk Road, Little Rock, L192, Sturbridge Phase III, $218,000.

Charles W. Gunn, Keith Wesley Woods and Diana Lynn McMillan to Richard C. and Deborah J. McCormack, 25 Spring Drive, Maumelle, L161, Edgewater Phase II, $218,000.

John C. Ekenseair to Travis Price, 11828 Saint Charles, Little Rock, L41, Turtle Creek, $212,000.

Adam Davies to Jason Peter Smith and Leigh Ann Golden-Smith and The Jason Smith And Leigh Ann Golden-Smith Living Trust, 41 Blue Mountain Drive, Maumelle, L225, Edgewater Phase II, $206,000.

Tara L. and Terrell W. Meacham Jr., to Vanessa L. Harris and James D. Waugh, 14307 Pride Valley Drive, Little Rock, L28 B9, Parkway Place, $205,000.

Charles Seifert to Cole Herget, 5615 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock, Ls10-12 B5, Hollenberg, $204,500.

Donna F. Dycus to Gregory C. and Rachel E. Downs, 11720 Willow Beach Road, North Little Rock, L16, Willow Beach Estates, $200,000.

Shirley A. Brooks and The Shirley A. Brooks Living Trust to Kim and Richard Pritchett, 2816 E. Cleland Road, Cabot, Pt SW SE 21 & Pt NW NE 28-4N-10W (Tract 5, Lacy Acres Estates Unrecorded), $194,900.

Donald C. Gay Jr., to Ron and Rosemary Bruton, 36 Ninth Fairway Loop, Maumelle, L18, Ninth Fairway, $192,000.

Harold T. and Thelma Hean Hunter to William H. Glenn, 17211 Crystal Valley Road, Little Rock, Pt NE SE 25-1N-14W, $192,000.

Angela Darlene Terry and The Estate Of Kathryn Darlene Fooks(dec’d) to C1CWS, LLC, 11 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock, L6 B3, Taylor Park, $191,500.

Elizon Master Participation Trust I/ US Bank, NA to Alika Smith, 1105 Stepple Chase Cove, Jacksonville, L500, Foxwood Phase X, $191,000.

I 430-365, LLC to Chad and Cortney Golden, Pt SW SE 25-3N-12W, $190,000.

Judy A. Cook to Hedley W. and Helena Davies, 3 Bishop Court, Maumelle, L148, Kingspark Tract A Replat, $188,500.

Cynthia Leigh Whitfield to La’Portia Jackson, 3078 Woodruff Creek Drive, Sherwood, L122 B1, Woodruff Creek, $187,000.

Kara Kellerman to Zac White, 9 Coachlight Drive, Little Rock, L154, Sturbridge Phase III, $185,000.

Paul Sammons to Caleb Reid Surley, 6612 Granada Drive, Little Rock, L70, Plaza Heights, $185,000.

Felecia Dickey to Joshua B, Acebo 46 Crystalwood Drive, Little Rock, L29, Crystalwood, $183,000.

Parker & Sons, Inc. to Annavee S. and Gene W. Carleton Jr., 1812 Whitehaven Drive, North Little Rock, L10 B2, Northbrook, $180,455.

Martha Katherine Derden to Sean Scott and Laura Lee Beasley, 206 W. G Ave., North Little Rock, Ls28-30 B25, Park Hill NLR, $176,000.

Terry Isbell to Juan M. Salazar Padron, 1912 Ponderosa Court, North Little Rock, L19 B24, Indian Hills, $175,000.

Martha May Moore and Terry D. O’Brian to Darbie Kuykendall, 8123 Alvin Lane, Little Rock, L199, Sheraton Park Section D, $173,000.

Stephen A. and Ashley N. Sites to Sarah Ashley Littleton, 6104 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock, L6, Muench Replat- Pleasant Hill, $173,000.

Claire H. Schafer to Sydney Lambert, 19 Flourite Court, Little Rock, L215, Pleasant View Phase V, $168,000.

Benjamin and Kristi Keating to Robert Lawrence and Laura Christine Stanley, 611 S. Maple St., Little Rock, L10 B12, Kimball And Bodeman, $167,000.

Lee A. and Cynthia Forestiere to Andrew David Fowler, 208 N. Cedar St., Little Rock, L5 B3, Riffel & Rhoton’s Ridgeland, $167,000.

Cynthia D. Pettis Scott to Ronnie Watson, 1500 Northwick Court, Little Rock, L39, North Gate Section B, $165,200.

Jeanne Erwin and James D. King to JWJ Investments, LLC, Ls1-2 B31, Park Hill NLR, $165,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Justin Morello, 23 Wedgewood Creek Drive, Little Rock, L14, Wedgewood Creek Phase I, $163,000.

Bradley C. Owen to Tyler S. Pitchford, 1153 Meadows Edge Drive, Alexander, L120, Meadows Edge Phase I, $162,500.

Linda McInturff and The Edith M. Roberson Revocable Trust, to Sam Eugene and Elizabeth Yvonne McDonald, 719 N. Van Buren St., Little Rock, L2 B40, Pulaski Heights, $159,000.

Keith Simmons to Haley V. and Austin R. Berry, 3 Meadow Oaks Court, North Little Rock, L5, Meadow Oaks, $155,900.

Daniel and Jennifer Sims/Jennifer Callaway to Calli Alexis Pickle Turner, 4531 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L32 B207, Park Hill NLR, $153,000.

Christopher H. and Ko Lowery to Kayla Suanny, 14129 Shady Lane, North Little Rock, L38, Shady Lane, $152,000.

Time Farms, LLC to Clayton and Bethann Kauppila, L160, Woodglen Park, $150,000.



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