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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Feb. 24-Feb. 28:

Bella Vista Apartments, LLC to Southwest Equity Investments, LLC, Ls1-2, McConnell's 1st, $7,500,000.

SVCN 2, LLC and Spirit Master Funding II, LLC to Spirit Master Funding X, LLC, L2 B2, Somers Commercial Park, $3,583,485.

Mahadev, LLC to Shivshakti Hospitality, LLC, 7533 Warden Road, Sherwood, Pt SW SW 4 & Pt NW NW 9-2N-11W, $3,525,000.

SVCN 5, LLC and Spirit Master Funding VIII, LLC to Spirit Master Funding X, LLC, L6B, Hopper-Bond, $2,792,304.

Giant Scale Enterprises, LLC to EAL Properties, LLC, 204 Executive Court, Little Rock, L2R, Executive Park Replat, $1,700,000.

Pine Plaza Investments, LLC to Renegade Properties, LLC, 3801 Baseline Road, Little Rock, Ls1 & 22-23, Rinke Garden Acres, $1,425,000.

Michael Charles Schaufele and The Louis John Schaufele Jr., Family Trust to Stephen Reece and Blanche Lambert Lincoln, 2115 Canal Pointe, Little Rock, L18, $1,050,000.

Dora Jane Flesher to Nate and Lauren Steel, 5117 Edgewood Road, Little Rock, Plots 58-59, Prospect Terrace, $950,000.

PWS Real Estate, LLC to Michael P. and Abigail N. Considine and The Michael And Abby Considine Living Trust, 7 Vigne Blvd., Little Rock, L4 B83, Chenal Valley, $939,000.

Betts Real Estate Enterprises, Inc. to MBM Capital Line, LLC, 1813 Sanford Drive, Little Rock, Ls28-29 & 24-25, Sanford Phase 1 & 2, $812,500.

West 68th Street, LLC to Waste Management Of Arkansas, Inc., Tracts 60 & 67, Little Rock Industrial District, $798,250.

Richard A. and Karen Dellinger to Holly D. Maples and Hazel K. Liverett, 102 Ferncrest Drive, Little Rock, L37, Ferncrest Estates, $530,000.

Kingdom Properties, LLC to Cooper Property Management LLC, 909 Shall Court, Jacksonville, L7, Lessel Estates; Ls31-32, Briarfield Section IV; L7 B7, Ferrell; L28, Stagecoach Village Phase IV; L17, Hickman & McConnell; Ls48-49, West Jacksonville No.1, $432,500.

Tracie J. and David Kelley to Andrew J. and Traci G. Powell, 3008 New Kingston Court, Sherwood, L17 B2, Millers Cove, $408,000.

Rudy L. and Linda L. Ealy and The Rudy L. Ealy And Linda L. Ealy Joint Revocable Trust Declaration to Jeff and Delana Keeling, Pt NE SE 25-3N-12W; Pt SW NW & Pt NW SE 30-3N-11W, $400,000.

Vinh Dien Ha and Cuc Thi Bui to Juan Rene Zarate, L11A B4, Massie-West Replat, $370,000.

Anne Church and The Anne Church Revocable Trust to Matilda Kaye Schratz, L52, Montagne Court Phase III, $350,000.

Castro and Shweta Bali to Lee Otis and Conna Maria McFadden, 601 Epernay Place, Little Rock, L2 B78, Chenal Valley, $342,500.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Susan Anderson, 3700 Cantrell Road, Unit 508, Little Rock, Unit 508, Riviera HPR, $340,000.

Jeffrey D. and Jan J. Fairman to Marty and Sharon Donovan, 3 Chelsea Road, Little Rock, L71, Hillsborough Phase II, $335,000.

Gary J. Maroun and Sondra McMellon-Maroun to Jason A. and Kerry A. Dare, L2 B5, Creekside, $329,900.

Joshua Mannis to OWS Real Estate, LLC, L8 B8, Wildwood Place, $315,000.

Darrel Sumner to Michael Allen Perkins, 2125 Oakbrook Drive, Sherwood, L234, Miller's Crossing, $308,500.

Cuong T. Ha and Phuong M. Nguyen to Superior Real Estate Solutions, LLC, L30 B7, Bradford Place Phase VIII; L8 B5, Bradford Place; L2 B1, Delwood; Ls125 & 148, Belwood; L2 B1, Park Terrace; Pt SE NW 22-2N-12W, $299,900.

Benjamin L. and Angela L. Chandler to Valeria King, 2 Winterfern Cove, Little Rock, L4 B20, Woodlands Edge, $287,000.

Brandon W. and Rebekka L. Price to Zhengyang Liu and Yan Zhang, 123 Lucia Lane, North Little Rock, L1628, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $282,000.

Judith D. Conley to Wanda Lair, 8 Spyglass Drive, Little Rock, L20, Carmel Valley Phase I, $279,900.

James and Marian Willis to Superior Real Estate Solutions, LLC, Ls6-8, Labette Manor, $276,000.

Gary R. and Lisa R. Dickens to Matthew Jay Rounds, 9541 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L30, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $275,000.

Lauren and Collin Jones to Walter S. Peck and Amber D. Rust, 8317 Sapphire Cove, Sherwood, L18 B12, Stonehill Phase V, $275,000.

Lisa Lowe to Letha A. and Ralph Vinson Jr., 9625 Mercury Drive, Sherwood, L319, Miller's Crossing Phase 5, $274,500.

Regions Bank and Regions Mortgage to Federal National Mortgage Association, 214 Trelon Circle, Little Rock, L103 B48, Chenal Valley, $268,065.

Josue and Sarah Loredo to Tanya Cox, 9425 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L3, Millers Glen Phase 2, $263,500.

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC and Mr.Cooper to Federal National Mortgage Association, 5719 S. Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L102, Forest Heights Place, $262,053.

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, 2809 Highline Drive, Sherwood, L75 B5, Creekside, $259,852.

Patsy Eubanks, Robert D. Ferfuson Jr., James Felton O'Kelley Revocable Trust, Bobbye C. O'Kelley Revocable Trust and O'Kelly Family Limited Partnership, LLLP to Nadeem and Zamarud Siddique, 68 Isbell Lane, Little Rock, Tract 8, Two Rivers Harbor, $250,000.

Gary A. and Ruth Ann Barnes to Reid Allen Mallory, 24 Bradbury Drive, Little Rock, L4 B4, Hickory Ridge Phase II, $247,500.

Eddie Mac and Laura L. Burns Golden to Michael L. Weed, 18 Lenon Drive, Little Rock, L38, South Normandy, $246,000.

Terry Good, Ginger Mary Margaret Doss and Mary Good to Jennifer D. and Charles M. Allen Jr., 17 Westpointe Drive, Jacksonville, L10, Pennpointe Estates Phase II Replat, $240,000.

Elizabeth A. McGee and The Elizabeth A. McGee Revocable Trust to Andrew and Sophie Myers, 304 Pine Valley Road, Little Rock, L36, Westover Hills, $239,000.

Brian K. Harrell, Rachael Power, Rachael L. S. Jarrell and Glenn A. Power to Matthew Ellis and Mandolyn G. Dacus, 9733 Acorn Cove, Sherwood, L37, Overcup Ridge, $237,000.

Beverly Chadick to Hugh Conley Benfer and Lauren Nicole Lovelady, 4519 N. Lookout Road, Little Rock, L5 B10, Hillcrest, $236,500.

Martin's Bait Hauling, Inc. to Byron Keith and Dana Sue Mitchusson, 4504 Pennpoinnte Place, Jacksonville, L3, Pennpointe Phase I, $235,000.

Earl J. and Wanda L. Morris to Ronald H. and Lynda S. Jack, L39D, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $235,000.

Mariella Barlow to Cheyenne Wood, 5 Grant Cove, Maumelle, L246, West Pointe, $235,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Tommy S. Page, The Tommy S. Page Revocable Trust, Donna A. Page and The Donna A. Page Revocable Trust, 24 Saffron Circle, Little Rock, L23 B3, Parkside At Wildwood, $228,500.

Dickey D. Smith to Brenda and Danial Vaughn Bennett, 6034 Silver Oak Drive, Sherwood, L19 B1, Silverwood Phase I, $228,150.

Shannon and Alexander McLoughlin to Diana Camarillo, 4816 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ls86-87, Cliffewood, $225,000.

Garlen L. and Janet L. Davis to Lisa L. Lowe, 8204 Brighton Drive, North Little Rock, L58 B3, Windsor Valley, $225,000.

Parker & Sons, Inc. to Jennifer E. Shelton, 5412 Aviator Drive, Jacksonville, L88, Base Meadows Phase V-A, $225,000.

Jose Quintanilla to Jessica Arguello and Oscar Santoyo, 7 Jack Nicklaus Cove, Little Rock, L904, Fairway Woods Phase III- Otter Creek Community, $220,000.

Raynelle C. Watkins and The Raynelle C. Watkins Inter Vivos Revocable Trust to Rebecca Lynn Nations, 4104 Forest Dale Drive, Little Rock, L21, Charleston Heights Phase I, $217,500.

Ally Jade Investments, Inc. to Vivien N. Hoang, 36 Greenview Circle, Sherwood, L13 B7, Country Club Park, $217,000.

Carrie Hibbs to Qiaoyan Wenbe Chen and Georges Wembe Nganou, 21 Bangor Court, Little Rock, L210, Capitol Lakes Estates Phase 1B, $216,000.

Lisa Jones, Jeremy Murphy, and The 7205 Trust/Jeremy Murphy 7205 Drive Trust to Hiro D. Sasaki, 7205 Amanda Drive, Sherwood, Pt E/2 SW 21-3N-11W, $212,500.

Carrie Jackson to Dillon Vick, 313 Alanbrook Ave., Sherwood, L23 B11, Country Club Park, $210,000.

VI Investments, LLC to Everett J. and Pamela B. McDougal, 8206 Lowell Lane, Little Rock, L213, Sheraton Park Section D, $210,000.

Penelope Rose Sharp and The Virginia L. Penton Share No.2 Trust/Virginia L. Penton Trust to Colette Gardner, Unit 34, Timber Creek Townhomes HPR IV, $209,500.

Jimmy Charles Alls to 4700 Ridge Road Duplexes, LLC, 4717/4721 Ridge Road, North Little Rock, Ls6-7 B2, Neely- Massie West, $200,000.

Katie J. Sorge to Collin W. Michael, 2521 Hickorynut Court, Little Rock, L8 B2, Sandpiper West, $199,500.

Victor T. and Monitia J. Turner to Yacine Ide, 201 Congressional Circle, Little Rock, L145, Kenwood Estates Phase 1B, $198,000.

KP Properties Of Arkansas, LLC to Burkwin Jameel Parker, 901 Foxwood Drive, Jacksonville, L154, Foxwood Phase VI-B, $194,975.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Leneea Toyisha Warner, 6797 White Oak Way, North Little Rock, L259, Trammel Estates Phase VI-A, $190,400.

Homes By Hesley, Inc. to Kolton Lane and Erin Childress, 11723 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L5, Pleasant Forest Park, $190,000.

Rob M. and Janet C. Fisher to Jill L. Fiser, 1925 Osage Drive, North Little Rock, L27 B19, Indian Hills, $190,000.

William Douglas Scarborough and The Betty H. Scarborough Revocable Living Trust to Kathruyn D. Fooks, 11 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock, L6 B3, Taylor Park, $189,000.

Ann Marie LeBlanc and John W. Crow to Montgomery A. and Shelby L. Fisher, 143 Plainview Circle, North Little Rock, Ls17-18 B1, Park Hill NLR, $185,000.

Jon David and Amanda Brooke Knowles to The Raynelle C. Watkins Inter Vivos Revocable Trust and Raynelle C. Watkins, L72, Hidden Creek, $185,000.

Charice Hudspeth to WSS Real Estate Holdings, LLC and The Conners Family Revocable Trust, 5431 Chauvin Drive, North Little Rock, L84, Nelridge, $185,000.

Kimberly Ann and Daniel Dewitt Carman to Best Real Estate Investments, LLC, L51 B48, Lakewood, $185,000.

Terry L. and Dorothy L. Johnson and The Terry And Dorothy Johnson Living Trust to Sonja Turner Daily and Johnny Glenn Turner, 1410 Stonehenge Place, Little Rock, L119, Marlowe Manor Phase II, $184,900.

James Robert and Sarah Nicole Kashak to John Burt and Paige Russell, 16 Cobble Hill Road, Little Rock, L133, Walnut Valley, $184,000.

Baseline Christian Church, Inc. to Eagle Saints Outreach Ministry International and Eagle Saints Church, 3405 Baseline Road, Little Rock, Pt NE 5-1S-12W; Ls1-2, Breedlove, $175,000.

Stacy and Nicholas Purdy to Sarah Bouma, 35 Shoshoni Drive, Sherwood, L179, Indianhead Lake Estates Section B Replat No.2, $172,900.

Sharon and Marty Donovan to Forrest Neal Abbott, 10821 W. David O. Dodd Road, Little Rock, Pt E/2 NE SE 28-1N-13W, $172,400.

Joel Bowman to Rose Mary McNeil, Pt NW SW 21-1S-12W, $170,000.

Katie E. Hook to Cole M. Wise, 11541 Ridgetop Drive, Sherwood, L49 B1, Woodruff Creek, $168,614.

Janice M. and Hill Hairston to Daniel N. Games, 12409 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L3, Pleasant View Phase I, $163,500.

Grace Heritage, LLC to Eugenia Camille White and Mycroft Albin Roe, 14 Brookridge Drive, Little Rock, L68, Brookfield Section 3, $162,900.

Michael and Angela McGehee to Jody Eric Mullins and Emily Schroeder, L11, Lydia A. Dice, $162,440.

Tyce D. James to Gabrielle Josephine Daniels, 1 Oneida St., Sherwood, L443, Indianhead Lake Estates Section C, $160,000.

Tashon Y. Velez, Tashon Y. Taylor and Shewanna R. Keyes to Michael and Tiffany Potter, 1720 Troop Court, Jacksonville, L61, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $160,000.

Carey and David Billig to Brailyn Anderson, 6033 Flight Court, Jacksonville, L26, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $160,000.

Gilmore Holdings, LLC to Roy Louis Bearden, 104 W. Scenic Drive, North Little Rock, L3 B4, Broadview, $159,000.

Ronald C. and Ronald C. Oakley Revocable Trust to Breanna Gabrielle Tidwell, 38 Kingsbridge Way, Little Rock, Apt. 38, Kingsbridge Townhomes HPR 4, $159,000.

Sharon L. Huffman to Cynthia Denise Stuart, 1800 Viburnum St., North Little Rock, L320, Faulkner Crossing Phase 6, $156,000.

Tom G. Lorenzo and The Thelma M. Lorenzo Revocable Trust to Joan V. Moniot, 3 Queens Court, Little Rock, L500, Pleasantree 1st, $155,000.

James C. Rambo to Steven Anthony and Ellen Denise Mahurin, 3802 Bluebird Drive, Little Rock, L19, Cardinal Heights Section A, $152,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC and Rausch Coleman Arkansas Developers, LLC to Isammar Santiago-Toledo, 1400 Yarrow Drive, North Little Rock, L461, Faulkner Crossing Phase 9, $151,185.

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