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October 4, 2020 at 1:58 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Aug. 31-Sept. 4:

KDMB University Properties, LLC to SEP Little Rock ASC, LLC, Lots A & B, Pleasant Hill Replat; L1, University Office Park, $3,275,000.

HK Value, LLC to Whiskeypapa, LLC, Pt. NE SE 2-1N-12W, $1,762,500.

Snipe Point Holdings, LLC to Dukan Holding, LLC, 1203 & 1205 S. University Ave., Little Rock, Ls1-7, 18 & 15 Blk. A, Oak Forest Gardens Annex; Pt. NW NW 7-1N-12W, $1,400,000.

Steven W. Quattlebaum to John Travis Baxter and The 18 Sunset Drive Trust, 18 Sunset Drive, Cammack Village, Lot C, Pinnacle Point Replat- Cammack Woods, $1,350,000.

Indian Villa Apartments, LP to Arban Investments Properties, LLC, 7700 Indian Trail, Little Rock, Ls13-16 B13, Bellevue, $1,300,000.

AM Ventures, LLC to SJK Ventures, LLC, 1429 Merrill Drive, Little Rock, L25 B-R, Charles Valley Replat, $1,200,000.

Yankboys, LLC to Arkansas State Highway Commission, Ls19-20 & 27-28 (a.k.a: Pt. Blks. 19-20 & 27-28), Worthen, $938,000.

Janet G. and Richard J. Murphy Jr., and The Murphy 4210 North State Line Irrevocable Trust to SCPG Propco Sherwood AR, LLC, 8730 Brockington Road, Sherwood, L4 B4, Longstreth, $925,000.

John M. and Catherine A. Lawlor and The Lawlor Joint Revocable Trust to Andrew and Jennifer Adkins, L14 B14, Pleasant Valley, $780,000.

Dennis W. and Melanie D. Hoover to Taylor M. Washburn and Kenneth W. Howell, L10 B8, The Villages Of Wellington, $755,000.

Chanda C. and Carlo E. Chacon to Angela Morgan and Kevin Edward Wimmer, 12 Glenleigh Drive, Little Rock, L24, Robinwood Valley Phase I, $755,000.

8701 Maumelle, LLC to Maumelle Property 8701, LLC, 8701 Maumelle Blvd., North Little Rock, L1-R, Thomas Commercial, $750,000.

Willie and Brenda Godwin and The Godwin Trust to D. Marc and Kandi K. Holmes, Ls41-42, Ferncrest Estates, $732,000.

Kevin Francis Forte/Kevin Frances Forte and Judith Stroope Forte/Judith Stoope Forte and The Forte Living Trust to Robert Wesley O'Neal and Elizabeth Amanda Homan, 72 Vigne Blvd., Little Rock, L48 B83, Chenal Valley, $710,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to ARG Housing, LLC, Ls54 & 67-71, Graham Woods Phase III, $709,100.

Lilac, LLC to Stonehill, LLC, Pt. SW SE 9-2N-11W, $650,000.

James Mattew and Miriam Andrea Gary to Blakely and Brandon Adams, 15 Ranch Valley Road, Little Rock, L29, Pine Manor, $615,000.

Robert W. and Renee F. Steele to BLS Acquisitions, LLC, 7 Mnden Lane, Little Rock, L6 B119, Chenal Valley, $612,500.

Francis Clark Trim and Henrik Thostrup to Oksana and Svyatoslav Redko, 3902 Foxcroft Road, Little Rock, L12, Foxboro, $595,000.

Gertrude P. Ryles, The Gertrude P. Ryles Revocable Trust and The John A. Ryles Revocable Trust to Jason A. Ryles and The Jason A. Ryles Living Trust, 10426 Plantation Lake Road, Scott, Tract 19, Steele Bend Estates, $552,500.

F&D Ranch, LLC to City Of Little Rock- Little Rock Port Authority, Pt. S/2 Section 11 & Pt. N/2 Section 14-2N-11W, $540,000.

Matthew Martin and Lacey Perrin Parker to Clay and Molly Parker, 1116 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ls26-27 B5, Midland Hills, $537,000.

Richard P. and Sandra G. Morrison to Stephen Tyler and Whitney K. Eoff, 102 Buckland Place, Little Rock, L285, Cypress Point West, $532,580.

Bluefin Development, LLC to MRPM Investments, LLC, 6420 S. University Ave., Little Rock, Pt. S/2 SW NE25-1N-13W; L2, University And 65th Street, $515,000.

David C. Laffoon to Richard Allen and Maureen Donovan Sokora, 141 Falata Circle, Little Rock, Lot D-5 B13, Chenal Valley, $500,000.

Todd C. and Stephanie J. Stewart to Sarah S. and Russell H. Brantley, L7 B9, Newton, $500,000.

Ganesh and Usha Nair to Stephanie Michelle Brown and Steven Danforth, 239 Buckland Circle, Little Rock, L304, Cypress Point West, $490,000.

Nancy G. Etling and Nancy H. Bickings to Wesley and Claire Fiser, 54 Marcella Drive, Little Rock, L55 B51, Chenal Valley, $480,000.

MGD, Inc. to Titan General Contractors, LLC, 300 Crestview Drive, Jacksonville, L2, ABVI, $475,000.

Gurdeep Singh Khullar and The Gurdeep Singh Khullar Revocable Trust to Neela Ramaswamy, 16 Hoggards Ridge, Little Rock, L7 B16, Woodlands Edge, $460,000.

Dennis W. and Jo Ann McMasters to Archie F. Beggs, L28 B16, Chenal Valley, $460,000.

Stephen G. Bryan to Geoff Ryan and Katelyn Rhianne Lomax, 242 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle, L37 B12, Maumelle Valley Estates, $456,000.

Kimberly Moseley to Joy and Geremy Cope, 19223 Hidden Hills Lane, Little Rock, Pt. NE NE 10-1N-14W, $445,000.

Jackie S. Hinsley to Mark and Jennifer York, 227 Maumelle Valley Drive, Maumelle, L120, Osage Terrace, $440,000.

Gregory and Christine Donaldson to Jeffrey Robert Heeter and The Redwing Revocable Trust, 47 Kings Arms Road, Little Rock, L7 B46, Pleasant Valley, $435,000.

Amanda C. and Grant E. Smith to Nicole Vlasis and William Scott Aclin Sr., 28 Iviers Drive, Little Rock, L12 B26, Chenal Valley, $435,000.

Noneck Enterprises, LLC to JRJ Building, LLC, 416 Libby Lane, North Little Rock, L5 B4, Bradford Place Phase VA; L104, Indianhead Lake Estates Section B Replat No.2; L9 B1, Country Club; L6 B2, Harpole; L7, Deerewood; L1, Frank Campbell; L21 B3, Edgewood Replat, $424,615.

Terry L. and Shelly R. Akin and The Terry L. Akins And Shelly R. Akin Revocable Trust to Ronnie V. and Carla Flowers, Lot E B2, Shady Valley, $420,000.

Melanie E. Matthews to Kenneth C. and April C. Null, 55 Bellegarde Drive, Little Rock, L8 B38, Chenal Valley, $398,000.

Renaissance Homes, Inc. to JaAnna and Jessika Taylor, 116 Natural Trail, Maumelle, L1732, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $385,900.

Keith W. and Gina Nell Shadell to Central Arkansas House Buyers, LLC, L34, Tradewinds; L19 B8, Fairfield; L323, Cloverdale; L36, Wakefield Village; L2, Gerald Jones; L238, Wakefield Village Tract B Replat; L20 B22, Fairfield Cove, $385,000.

Bryce and Lori B. Switzer to Carrie J. Culp, 118 Durance Drive, Little Rock, L20 B25, Chenal Valley, $375,000.

Allen M. and Holly Y. Pettit to Tiffany J. and Joshua M. Lyche, 14000 Windsor Road, Little Rock, L29, Burnttree Phase II, $372,500.

E-Co. Residential Builders, Inc. to MaDonna D. Henson, L1727, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $369,000.

Midsouth Property Management, LLC to Nadia M. Alqurini, 110 Willow Point Drive, Little Rock, L92 B2, Copper Run Phase I, $359,900.

Diane L. Cruseturner to Julie and Charles Daniel Hancock, 265 Valley Club Circle, Little Rock, L48 B9, Pleasant Valley, $358,000.

Philip F. and Phyllis M. Marks to Wafai Mahairi, 14700 Chambery Drive, Little Rock, L800, St. Charles, $348,800.

James B. and Angela J. Young to Felicia Caffey, L150, Miller's Crossing Phase 3, $346,800.

James L. Price to Rui Ziong and Yue Wu, 822 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L14 B8, Wildwood Place, $341,000.

John and Courtney Thornsberry to Latonieo Lawson, 106 Napa Valley Loop, Maumelle, L5 B17, Maumelle Valley Estates, $335,000.

Charles D. and Julie M. Hancock to Jason T. and Kimberley L. Williams, 110 Maumelle Valley Drive, Maumelle, L5 B4, Maumelle Valley Estates, $333,000.

Maybian Cooke Wardlaw and The Maybian Cooke Wardlaw Revocable Trust to Carolyn Celeste Allen, 2112 Hinson Road, Unit 16, Little Rock, Unit 16, Point Pleasant HPR, $330,000.

Gammon Enterprises, Inc. to The Clifton Family, LLLP, L9A, Strauss Acres, $325,000.

Stephen M. and Martha A. Wolfinger and The Wolfinger Family Revocable Trust to Don Bearden and Tamara Havner, 22 Stone Creek Court, Little Rock, L8, Stonecreek Village, $319,900.

DKS Custom Homes, LLC to Neal Poe and Jay Wilkerson, 814 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L18 B8, Wildwood Place, $315,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Tee Jay McKenzie, 206 Rosemary Way, Little Rock, L42 B2, Parkside At Wildwood, $310,500.

Commissioner In Circuit to Centennial Bank, L7 B8, Creekside Phase 4, $310,064.

James A. Hopson and Gary A. Blonsky to Wesley A. Petrus, 1706 Topf Road, North Little Rock, Ls13-14 B4, Lakewood, $310,000.

Charles Edwin Knight and The Ed And Doris Knight Revocable Trust to Amanda Carole Smith, 10 Essay Drive, Little Rock, L16 B30, Chenal Valley, $308,000.

John P. and Sheila F. Vancura and The John P. And Sheila F. Vancura Family Revocable Trust to Jennifer Parker, L12, Longleaf Cove, $297,000.

Lorax, LLC to Bradley McColey, 419 E. Charles Bussey Ave., Little Rock, L1 B405, Lincoln And Zimmerman, $295,755.

Winston Chad and Suzanne Pepper to Calista J. and Kirk H. Ross, 3 Commentry Drive, Little Rock, L2 B80, Chenal Valley, $291,000.

Michael W. and Kimberly A. Henderon and The Henderson Joint Revocable Trust to Kayla D. and Michael D. LaFarlett II., and Cameron M. Lames, 3501 Sevier Drive, North Little Rock, L37 B53, Lakewood, $288,000.

Kenneth C. and April C. Null to Molly Elizabeth Ingram and Cory D. Baker, 3006 Valley Park Drive, Little Rock, L80, Pebble Beach Park, $279,000.

Marilyn A. Cook and The Marilyn A. Cook Family Trust to Ronald W. Barnett, 1932 Miramonte Drive, Sherwood, L31, Millers Valley Phase 2, $275,000.

Laura Finch Gregorie and The Laura Lillian Finch Revocable Trust to Blake J. and Tonya Butler, 7 Fairway Drive, Maumelle, L4 B5, Maumelle Club Manor, $275,000.

Steven Carpenter to Wyatt R. Smith, 145 White Oak Lane, Little Rock, L24-R, Foxcroft Replat, $274,900.

Steven D. and Melissa H. Farrar to Grant and Kris Brower, 1300 White Road, Little Rock, Tract 5, Simpson, $270,000.

Patricia A. Rook/Patricia A. Jones to David A. and Meagan L. McCullough, 1740 Oakbrook Drive, Sherwood, L32R, Millers Crossing Phase I, $270,000.

David C. and Sevawn Holt to Andrea Ellis and Clemel Penn Jr., 3115 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, L16 B24, Pleasant Valley, $269,900.

Gregory and Pamela Ellis to Rachel Curtis Pipkin and Michael Keith Wolfe, 4604 Dawson Drive, North Little Rock, L13 B5, Lakewood Northeast, $269,900.

Dirk Gibson and The Estate Of Brooke Alle(dec'd) to Andrew Seth and Laney Lea Elizabeth Jones, 11218 Gila Valley Drive, Little Rock, L15 B36, Pleasant Valley, $269,812.

Michael J. and Diana M. Ramsey to Jacob Dale Finley, 1348 Skyline Drive, North Little Rock, Ls18-19 B130, Park Hill NLR, $269,000.

Gladys Webb to Vance Holdings, LLC, Ls1-4 B68 & Ls1-2 B67, Topf; Ls3-6 B67, Topf's- Choctaw, $265,000.

Mose and Willie Jean Randall to Sheila Elaine Thrower, 1732 Oakbrook Drive, Sherwood, L31, Millers Crossing Phase I, $264,900.

Jett Ricks and Robert Lyford and The Jett H. Ricks Living Trust to Mishmars, LLC, Pt. SW SW 13 & Pt. NW NW 24-2N-14W, $262,500.

David Giles Schrader to Heyday, LLC, Ls5-6 B1, Springdale, $259,000.

Joy L. Lovett to Karin L. and Ronald B. Bara, 38 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock, L14 B2, Taylor Park, $255,000.

Scott A. Shackleford and The James David Shackleford Family Trust to Kyle and Kira Bennett, 10 Franklin City, Little Rock, L179, Capitol Lakes Estates Phase 1B, $245,000.

Morris Ray Johnson/M. Ray Johnson to Jerry H. and Holly M. Fleenor, L3, West Cleland Acres; Pt. SW SE 14-4N-11W, $245,000.

Deborah A. Moody and The Deborah A. Moody Living Trust to Kelly Eagle Bryant, 7163 Gap Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L79 B1, Gap Creek, $243,900.

Donna M. Dawson to Andrew and Abby Carter, 43 Longlea Drive, Little Rock, L17, Longlea, $240,000.

T. & J. Real Estate Management, LLC to Eddie Nathan Rice and Linda Lou Hall-Rice, 11409 David O. Dodd Road, Little Rock, Pt. SW NE 28-1N-13W, $239,900.

Scott C. and Christy Murray Bray and The Bray Family Revocable Trust to James Franklin and Mollie Annette Shirrell and The Shirrell Revocable Trust, Ls32-34, Ferncrest Estates, $235,000.

Geoff Ryan and Katelyn Rhianne Lomax to Carla Jean and LaTrell Jamal Cunningham Sr., 7 Glacier Cove, Maumelle, L61, North Ridge, $235,000.

Chris Lacy and The Mavis J. Phillips Trust- Revocable Living Trust to Cory Nicholson, Ls4-5 B1, Sylvan Acres, $235,000.

Kirby Cochran to Latasha M. Phillips, 703 Spriggs Road, North Little Rock, Pt. NE NE 11-2N-12W, $232,500.

Jamie Temple/Jamie Bryant to Guillermo Guzman, 7925 Kanis Oaks Drive, Little Rock, L20R, Kanis Village Phase I Replat, $230,000.

Shawn D. and Kara H. Hagan to Teri and Charles Eddy Jr., 257 Pumice Drive, Sherwood, L26 B8, Stonehill Phases IV, $229,000.

Harold and Mirasol Alcaraz Pickens to Pacific Premier Trust and Susan Fosburgh IRA, L5, Governor's Manor PRD- Capitol Lakes Estates, $228,400.

Chuck Construct, Inc. to Jared Wayne and Erica Renee Clark, 1631 Erving Ridge Loop, Cabot, L18, Gladewood Heights Phase I, $225,000.

Billy C. and Linda Sue Morden and The Morden Revocable Trust to CBL 70, LLC, Pt. NE NW 15-3N-11W, $225,000.

Jim S. Mitchell to Douglas B. Smith and Jane Anne Smith, L433, Pleasant View Phase VII-B, $225,000.

Patsy Ruth and John Layton Rushing Jr., and The Rushing Family Trust Number One to Michael D. Rima, 404 N. Beverly, Sherwood, L36 B1, Country Club Park, $223,000.

Ray and Tammy Corbishley to Aaron Ramos and Teresa Bridges, Pt. SW NW 8-1N-14W, $220,000.

James R. and Susan S. Heard and The James And Susan Heard Revocable Trust to Dwayne L. Morgan, 7 Ridgewell Road, Sherwood, L4 B1, Oakbrooke, $219,500.

Andrew K. and Colby A. Morse to Jon Walther, 4 Cherry Leaf Cove, Little Rock, L23 B13, Cherry Creek, $219,500.

Michael D. Cannon to Justin B. Hensley and Sunny L. Bottoms, 1409 Louisiana St., Unit 8, Little Rock, Apt. 8, Abeles HPR, $218,000.

Susan D. and Gary Flake to Debra A. and Robert B. Lundy, 1204 Claycut Circle, North Little Rock, L8 B4, Summerwood, $217,900.

Brandy and Joseph R. Thornton II., to Andrew Owen and Whitney Marie Hearne, 7408 Geronimo Circle, North Little Rock, L11R B52, Indian Hills Phase XXII-B, $215,000.

C. T. and Harriett Upshaw to JPL Construction, LLC, L79, Queen Manor, $215,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Eric Lance and Caryn Michelle Cogdell, 5117 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L29, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $212,400.

Lisa Tallent to Larel Sims, 1509 Point West Drive, Little Rock, L232, Point West Second, $211,000.

Ralph W. Palmer to Kimberly Mason and Michael J. Dingler, 9 Barber Drive, Maumelle, L69, Riverrun, $210,000.

Jay Roger Wilkerson and H. Neal Poe to Michael McClanahan, 17 Cherryhill Cove, Little Rock, L45 B4, Cherry Creek, $208,000.

Kimberly and Charles Clyde Tipton to Charles Eddie Diffee, 4001 Mount Vernon Drive, North Little Rock, L1 B65, Lakewood, $200,000.

Tonya Courtney-Nichols to Constance Williams, 19220 Quail Run Drive, Little Rock, L215, Otter Creek Community Phase II, $198,000.

Armando and Desiree Torres to Jennifer Elizabeth Larkan, 902 Silver Creek Drive, Sherwood, L11, Silver Creek Phase I, $198,000.

Donna Dean and Corren Harvey Watson, The Donna Dean Watson Revocable Trust and The Corren Harvey Watson Revocable Trust to Vincent D. and Tina K. Cole, 5002 W. Cleland Road, Cabot, Pt. SE 15-4N-11W, $195,000.

Joel and Lauren Gordon to Jaclyn Goldman, 11 Echo Point, Little Rock, L54, Spring Valley Manor, $190,000.

Travis Andrew and Brittany Sims to Meredith Chase, 6609 Kavanaugh Place, Little Rock, L16, Kavanaugh Place, $189,500.

Haley Spradlin/Haley Knight to Ronnie and Mona Ross, 104 Sologne Forest Drive, Maumelle, L1176, Sologne- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XVII, $189,000.

Stain Painting, Inc. and Tim Stain Construction Company to Cynthia L. and Robert Blake Wilson, L13 B2, Northbrook, $188,000.

Jennifer L. Gernat and Laura J. Morrison to Mechelle A. Sanders, 5 Lemoncrest Place, Little Rock, L445, Otter Creek Community Phase III-B, $187,250.

Kyle and Lauren Billingsley to Janice A. Casey, 2701 Creekside Drive, Little Rock, L14, Sandpiper Creek, $187,000.

Murray Rudisill and Jelinda Scott to Kane Webb, 2423 Kavanaugh Blvd., Unit 2, Little Rock, Unit 2, 2423 Kavanaugh HPR, $185,500.

Jason Shivers to Angelyn Marie Stellaundine and Donovan Cecil Mays, 923 W. Charles Bussey Ave., Little Rock, Ls1-3 B22, Weldon E. Wright, $185,000.

Parker & Sons, Inc. to Scandalence Cordale Fritz and Jesselyn Dunn, 2005 Whitehaven Drive, Sherwood, L12 B4, Northbrook, $184,900.

Brett N. Bibel/Jennifer J. Bibel to William Hofrichter and Kimberlyne Sanchez-Martinez, 5608 Willow Way, North Little Rock, L615, Trammel Estates Phase IV, $184,625.

Joni A. and Michael Yarnell to Samantha Stadter and Matthew Daniel Carey, 3147 Fountain Ave., Little Rock, L8 B7, Young's Park, $184,000.

Jill D. Sorrows to Bruce Edward and Judith Ann Thompson, 7 Mockingbird Lane, Little Rock, L527, Kingwood Palce, $184,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Allahfoundation Gibbs, 5116 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L22, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $183,000.

Luann and John G. Wirges III., and The Wirges Living Revocable Trust to David J. and Kelley N. Sluder, 702 Grosvenor Drive, Sherwood, L61, Silver Creek Phase IV, $182,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Camron M. Dodson, 6680 White Oak Way, Sherwood, L620, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $180,275.

Allison Sherrod/Allison L. Johnson to Heidi Leann Breeding, 3425 N. Cypress St., North Little Rock, L20 B27, Park Hill NLR, $180,000.

Sergio Javier Ramirez and Angelixa to Ashleigh Antonette Branch, 1412 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L33, Westhampton, $180,000.

Mary Frances H. Bunch and The Mary Frances H. Bunch Living Trust to Charles Turner Coleman Jr., 900 Bryan St., Little Rock, Ls5-6 B13, Success, $179,000.

Jordan R. and Audrey M. Crow to Keith Cox, 14122 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L2 B3, Sandpiper West, $178,000.

Justin and Emily Hester to Katie E. Thoman, 26 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L28, Garden Oaks, $177,520.

Daniel Ballahan Kenney/Daniel C. Cooper and Bronwyn Kenney to Diana and Phillip W. Jones, 35121 Ark. 107, Cabot, Pt. NW 2-4N-11W, $174,900.

Stephen O. and Patricia A. Alison to Little Rock Port Authority Trust, Pt. SE SE 21-1N-11W, $170,000.

Teron G. Reed to Marsha Hamrick and Ashley Hull, 6612 Allwood Drive, North Little Rock, L2 B10, Green Hills, $169,900.

Dale E. and Janice A. James to Jayce Matthew and Betsy Brooke Hughes, 7 Yellowstone Cove, Maumelle, L25, Riverland, $169,900.

Katherine L. and Sam Adams Jr., to Darius and Hillary McCree, 1 Fox Run Drive, Little Rock, L330, Otter Creek Community Phase III-A, $165,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Henry Wakwe, 7148 Ridgemist Lane, North Little Rock, L715, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $164,065.

Kayla and Vivian A. Bryant-McBride to Kristen Allen, 3318 N. Poplar St., North Little Rock, Ls11-12 B34, Park Hill NLR, $160,000.

Mark Edward Blackwood and The Clyman E. Izard Irrevocable Trust to Diedra Levin, 19 Windsor Court, Condo 19, Little Rock, Unit 19 Bldg. G, Windsor Court Townhomes HPR Phase II, $160,000.

Madison M. Hoffmann to Lucas and Hannah Edwards, 10712 Misty Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L28 B3, Windridge, $159,000.

Stacey Hurst Moore and The Estate Of Larry F. Henslee(dec'd) to Emily Katherine Johnson, 105 Horseshoe Drive, Sherwood, L14 B2, Westlake, $159,000.

Dawn B. Fletcher/Dawn D. Bradley and Bill Fletcher to Colleen P. Procopio, 2200 Andover Court, Apt. 1204, Little Rock, Apt. 1204, Andover Square HPR Phase III, $153,900.

Frank Nguyen to Michael Williams/Michael Chaise Britain Williams, 300 Shadow Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L1, Shadow Ridge, $152,500.

Jody A. Baskett to Maranda Davis, 605 Dreher Cutoff Road, Little Rock, Pt. W/2 SW SW 11-1S-12W, $150,000.


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