Kennedy discusses Arkansas Guard

Telephone recordings and transcripts of President John F. Kennedy talking about the Arkansas Air National Guard and the Bay of Pigs can be found at:

Specific recordings from March 6, 1963, include:

• Kennedy talking with Special Assistant McGeorge Bundy regarding wire service reports that Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus said Arkansas National Guard personnel were involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion:

• Richard M. Helms, deputy director of the CIA, telling Kennedy 124 National Guard personnel helped train the Cuban refugees for the Bay of Pigs invasion. That number included 24 National Guard personnel from Arkansas who helped with training in Guatemala:

• Kennedy telling Larry O'Brien, an aide, to tell Gov. Orval Faubus that no Arkansas airmen flew in the Bay of Pigs invasion. "Why don't you just tell him that what we want to do is just put the godd* thing to rest?" Kennedy said. "So whatever they can do down there to just shut it all up, is fine with us."