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February 7, 2021 at 2:41 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Jan. 4-Jan. 8:

James Kenneth and Linda Sue Shollmier and The Ken And Linda Sue Shollmier Revocable Trust to Kaizen Properties, LLC, Pt. Section 18-2N-13W, $2,600,000.

Maumelle WMT, LLC to Maumelle Big Box, LLC, 117 Audubon Drive, Maumelle, Lots C-1A & C1B, Maumelle Town Center, $2,500,000.

Roach Limited Partnership No. 1 to Alapuchica, LLC, 5121 Warden Road, North Little Rock, L10 B3, Somers Commercial Park, $1,460,000.

William and John Sowers and The Helen P. Dortch Revocable Trust to John Zachary, Anna Louise, Joshua Paul and Lauren Dennis, 586 Acres In Section 9-1N-10W, $1,250,000.

Rose Hill Church Of The Nazarene to W. Place Properties, LLC, 11001-11103 Kanis Road, Little Rock, Pt. NE NE 9-1N-13W; Tracts 65-66, West Hghland, $1,100,000.

Bart Ferguson Enterprises, LLC to GMP-Benton, LLC, Pt. N/2 NW 18-1S-13W, $900,000.

The Millard Family Revocable Trust and Chad Austin and Glenda "GG" Gray Millard to John Erik Bailey, 4 Glenridge Road, Little Rock, L86, Robinwood, $899,000.

Kevin E. and Angela M. Wimmer to Paul Harvey and Lynne Christine Phillips, 2915 N. University Ave., Little Rock, L3 B12, Park View, $850,000.

Peter Nikolakakis to Walter and Carla Justice, 6 Brittney Drive, Maumelle, L6, River Crest Estates PRD Phase I, $797,000.

W. Charles and Nancy S. Culbertson to PBG Development, LLC, 2600 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B23, Park View, $795,000.

Dynamic Development, Inc. to COTrust Carm, LLC, 5900 S. University Ave., Little Rock, Pt. S/2 NE 25-1N-13W, $731,867.

Goodsell Family Limited Partnership to Harold Gwatney Chevrolet Co., 5900 Hawthorne Road, Cammack Village, Ls1-3, Goodsell Industrial; Pt. Section 25-3N-11W, $725,000.

St. Clair On Sixth, LLC to Chateaus At St. Clair, LLC, 500-505 E. Sixth St., Little Rock, Units 1-12, St. Clair HPR, $700,000.

Mark Baker Custom Homes, Inc. to Christian Dupree Simmons and Tracey Nicole Bradley-Simmons, 82 Falstone, Little Rock, L36 B135, Chenal Valley, $655,000.

ODS Enterprises, LLC to Michael Ray and Dominique Michelle Ford, 157 Manitou Drive, Maumelle, L82, Osage Terrace Phase 2A, $645,315.

Schlerth Family, LLC to Levy Camp Robinson Properties, LLC, Lot A-R, Taco Bell Replat, $630,000.

Carl C. and Elizabeth H. Eggers to Wye Mountain Farms, LLC, 20309 Ark. 113, Roland, Pt. SW 6-3N-12W, $599,500.

Carl and Elizabeth Eggers to Cindra and Blaine Burgess, 20309 Ark. 113, Roland, Pt. SW 6-3N-12W, $599,500.

HA Custom Homes, LLC to Aravindhan Veerapandiyan and Akilandeswari Velayutham Senthilnayagam, 98 Ranch Ridge Road, Little Rock, L173, The Ranch, $595,300.

Waterview Estates Phase III., LLC to Darrell W. and Andrea R. Chambliss, Ls18-19 B2, Waterview Estates, $590,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to Lakeland West Capital 38, LLC, 1020 W. Daisy L. Gatson Bates Drive, Little Rock, Ls4-8 B269, Original City Of Little Rock, $585,000.

James and Laura Keane to John Allen and Kaitlin Cockerell, 4304 Valley View Drive, Little Rock, L78, Longlea VIII-N, $500,000.

Ken W. and Tasha T. Shew to Andre L. and Shelley Kizmet Watson, 17 Bellegarde Drive, Little Rock, L17 B39, Chenal Valley, $487,500.

Maebelle Minick and The Minick Family Trust Number One to Cecil J. and Janet S. Hawley, Tract B, Horseshoe Lake Estates, $485,000.

Melissa Henshaw to Scott Alan Stratton, L36 B15, Woodlands Edge, $462,000.

Walter and Carla Justice to John and Carmen Vaprezsan, 108 Osage Drive, Maumelle, L106, Osage Falls, $455,000.

Bobby C. Loux to Jeffery Thomas and Kelly Hall, Pt. SE NE 8-3N-14W, $385,000.

D. Micah Hester and Kelly Sherman-Hester to Ronald B. and Hilary Claire DuBois, 64 Clervaux Drive, Little Rock, L7 B71, Chenal Valley, $384,500.

Matthew T. Lager to James A. and Rejena S. Grotjohn, L4 B125, Chenal Valley, $354,900.

Blakley Tile & Marble, LLC and Jeremiah Blakley Construction, LLC to Meagan and Daniel Johnson, 9844 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L36 B10, Creekside, $349,900.

Chambers Construction Co., Inc. to Melissa Jenshaw, 802 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L23 B8, Wildwood Place, $349,900.

Cynthia J. Collie, Allen Winn, Cynthia Jane Collie, and The Allen Winn And Cynthia Jane Living Trust to Daniele A. and Walter R. Cunningham Jr., 13912 Saddlewood Drive, North Little Rock, L105 & Lot M, Saddlewood Acres Unrecorded, $346,500.

Terry J. and Susan O. Sims to Tanner and Victoria Kilburn, 22222 Dixie Road, Little Rock, Pt. SW NW 21-2N-14W, $335,000.

Ronald R. and Diana R. Hopper to Angela and William C. Zarn Jr., 2 Fairway Drive, Maumelle, L8 B5, Maumelle Club Manor, $333,750.

Nathan Lee Angel to Anner Cunningham, 52 Epernay Circle, Little Rock, L19 B79, Chenal Valley, $330,500.

Mary Jo Lusk and The Mary Jo Lusk Living Trust to John A. and Jane M. Balgavy, 6 Eagle Glen Cove, Little Rock, L259, Leawood Heights Third, $325,000.

David R. and Nancy L. Priest and The D. & N. Priest Family Revocable Trust to William C. and Gay R. Dodson, 2720 Calico Creek Drive, North Little Rock, L12 B39, Overbrook, $319,900.

Kenneth and Laura Womack to Jeffry Larson, 5604 Ranch Court, Jacksonville, L9, Oak Ridge Ranch, $310,000.

John P. and Shell W. Cameron to Gods Glory Investments, LLC, L17, Willow Beach Estates Phase II, $299,900.

David P. Crews to Melissa and Maurice Jackson, 11 Chalamont Way, Little Rock, L37 B73, Chenal Valley, $299,000.

Erin Nicole Mosley to Bunny Brown and Emily K. Lee, 414 Parliament St., Little Rock, L14 B4, The Villages Of Wellington, $295,000.

Gary V. and Sara C. Eggers to Susan A. Kelso, 143 Sancerre Drive, Maumelle, L923, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XIV-B, $289,900.

Jason A. and Laurie A. Branham to Sheoby R. Mohs and Brandon L. Smith, 6119 W. Patridge Lane, North Little Rock, Pt. NW 30-3N-12W, $285,000.

Larry Walden, LLC to Thurston R. and Loretta Mitchell, 9701 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L11, Millers Glen Phase 3, $276,000.

Argenta Limited Partnership I to Hendershott House, LLC, 220 W. Seventh St., North Little Rock, L7RA B8, Clendennin, $275,000.

Roderick Romilly and Shirley Romilly/Shirley Anderson to Brittney E. Bass/Britteny E. Bass, 5 Crown Mountain Court, Maumelle, L5, St. Thomas, $274,900.

Geneti Nemera and Fantu H. Shelemew to Paul Rankin and Lisa Vanlandingham, 4233 Community Cove, Sherwood, L15, Community, $265,000.

Danny Rodriguez to Brad and Sherry Massey, 111 Cabanel Drive, Maumelle, L1235, The Quarters- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 20, $265,000.

Billy Stain Construction, LLC to Veronica Giles, 2756 Chert Cove, Sherwood, L69R B5, Stonehill Phase V, $261,500.

Shadow Wood Gardens, LLC to Lanphia Tarawally and Fatmata Koroma, 18 Perdido Circle, Little Rock, L140, St. Charles, $259,000.

James Keith and Linda Elaine Smith to Christina L. Miller, 6 Carrollton Court, Little Rock, L6, Carrollton, $249,900.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Jared Justin and Amy Seale, 3700 Cantrell Road, No. 603, Little Rock, Unit 603, Riviera HPR, $247,500.

Palarm Land Co., LLC to Kevin and Annice Dillon, Pt. N/2 NW & Pt. NE NE 5-3N-13W, $245,494.

Kristopher Lanier and Courtney Collins to Jason Burk and Lanell Tweddle, L48, Garrett Glen Phase II, $245,000.

Jennifer Meyers to Tyler Carroll, 133 Nantucket Loop, Maumelle, L17 B1, Villages At New Bedford Phase 2, $243,000.

Donovan C. and Stephanie N. Gandolph to Stephen A. and Susan M. Bergman, 2412 Crown Court, North Little Rock, L18 B6, Windsor Valley, $242,000.

Doyle B. and Karen McJunkin and The McJunkin Living Trust to Bailey V. Snellgrove, 1711 Davis Lane, Little Rock, Pt. NW SE 10-1N-14W, $242,000.

David M. and Cassandra M. Straessle to Lexis Nicole Atkinson and Marshall Kirkpatrick McDaniel, 3120 Imperial Valley Drive, Little Rock, L8 B29, Pleasant Valley, $235,000.

Michael Varner to Heriberto Silva Marquez, 13319 Fourth Street, Alexander, Pt. SW SE 18-1S-13W, $235,000.

Jurel D. Guffey to Courtney Deshawn Cooksey, 1425 Cornflower Lane, Sherwood, L6 B13, East Meadow, $235,000.

Dawn Blumberg to Zeke Tanner, 1718 N. Taylor St., Little Rock, L2 B21, Mountain Park, $232,500.

Richard W. Hinson to Wendy F. Saer and The WFS Revocable Trust, L9 B414, DuVall's (DuVal's), $229,000.

Richard Bryce and Lindsey Leigh Green and The Richard And Lindsey Green Living Trust to Allison Gail and Nicholas A. Doyle, L728, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $228,100.

Rachel Bennett to Tequila Givens, 6 Regal Court, Little Rock, L371, Pleasantree First, $225,000.

Vuong and Jennifer Do to Randall Hardin, 106 Nantucket Loop, Maumelle, L17 B2, The Village Of New Bedford, $225,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Veronica R. Romes, 5112 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L23, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $224,500.

Gaines Street Redevelopment Co., LLC and Gaines Street Redevelopment Corp. to Jennifer Joy Mitchem, 2318 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, Ls8-9 B3, Clark, $215,000.

Gracie and Michael Stafford to Faberge Jones, 720 N. Shackleford Road, Little Rock, L240, Walnut Valley Second, $210,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Sarah E. Hardison and Rachael E. Rickford, 14 Ninth Fairway Loop, Maumelle, L7, Ninth Fairway, $209,900.

Dana Durst Lawrence and The Elizabeth Plowman Trust to Jerry P. Armstrong Sr., 62 Cimarron Valley Drive, Little Rock, L4 B33, Pleasant Valley, $205,000.

Jacqueline P. Brandford to Dipak and Kakali Banerjee, 8 Queenspark Road, Little Rock, L45, Colony West First, $200,000.

Dustin J. Vickers and Eva Garrison Trust to James M. Kestle Jr., 2815 Pratt Road, Little Rock, Pt. NE SE 20-1S-12W, $200,000.

Jeffrey T. Holden to Hakeem L. and Daneisha Edwards-Roberts, 2225 Bearskin Drive, Sherwood, L22, Austin Lakes, $195,000.

Lance McAlister to Christopher M. and Laci Hahn, 206 Congressional Circle, Little Rock, L160, Kenwood Estates Phase 3, $195,000.

Justin Wayne and Lindsay Harper to John F. and Shelby E. Matros, 13606 Woodbrook Drive, Little Rock, L20 B3, Cedar Ridge, $190,000.

Daniel M. and Avery R. Bingham to JVRC, LLC, Ls4-5 B29, Pulaski Heights, $186,000.

Neil A. Tracy to Cassandra Marie Straessle, 908 Cedar Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L8 B6, Cedar Ridge, $186,000.

REI Nation, LLC to William H. Bockwoldt, 21 Weatherwood Lane, Maumelle, L6, Weatherwood- Crystal Hill Village, $185,000.

Benjamin Sigel to Lauren Wayman, 1901 Jennifer Drive, Little Rock, L106, Marlowe Manor Phase I, $185,000.

Donnell and Adrinne Sanserverino to Quinton Thomas and Kendra Downs-Thomas, 1720 Pilot Court, Jacksonville, L14, Base Meadow Phase I-A, $185,000.

Amanda and Ryan Hodge to Rachel Zimmerman, 18 Indian Trail, Little Rock, L617, Kingwood Place, $185,000.

Kari A. Weiss to Mallory Eggleton and Lucian Michael Allred, 50 Bradford Drive, Little Rock, L87, Lindenwood, $185,000.

Stephanie Miller/Stephanie Rancifer to Daniel and Eloise Lee, 16010 Quail Run Drive, Little Rock, L107, Otter Creek Community Phase I, $185,000.

Faye M. and Freddie L. Scott Sr., to Harry K. and Vanessa J. Whitworth, 3 Marble Court, Little Rock, L166, Pleasant View Section A Phase IV, $176,000.

Mebylene D. Carter to Debra K. Geer, 21 Silver Meadow Cove, North Little Rock, L51, Silver Ridge Phase II, $175,000.

Riviera Partners, LLC to David and Cynthia Ragan, Unit 303, Riviera HPR, $170,500.

Andrew Bybe Chism Jr., to Tammi L. Logan, 8806 Wilhite Lane, Sherwood, L15, Oakhaven Annex, $170,000.

Chris J. Ruboyianes to ShaRhonda Hamilton, 1305 Mesquite Trail, Jacksonville, L15, Jaxon Terrace Phase 8, $170,000.

Richard T. Plant Jr., and The Richard T. Plant Jr., Trust to Justin Duff, 707 Cedar Ridge Drive, Little Rock, L33 B5, Cedar Ridge, $170,000.

Jonathan K. and Robyn M. Brown to Brennan L. Wells, 14166 Shady Lane, North Little Rock, L16, Shady Lane, $169,900.

Stanley Paul Schulte to M&S Apartments, LLC, 7905 Foxchase Road, Little Rock, Ls2-3 B22, Bellevue, $168,500.

Pamela Cook to Ronnie and Evelyn J. Stubbs, 67 Stoneledge Drive, Maumelle, L41, Stoneledge Phase II, $166,400.

MLR Properties, LLC to Carlos Fuentes and Ana Marie Martinez, 11 Sandbridge Drive, Little Rock, L175, Springtree Village Phase 4, $166,000.

Jeffery and Lou Ann Hawks to Susan and Jackie Hall, 10 Hickory Place, Maumelle, L65, Brookshire, $165,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Gina P. Occhipinti, 121 Ricky Raccoon Drive, Jacksonville, L123, Northlake Phase II, $165,000.

Susan Diane and Alonzo Williams to Aralea Seachris, 800 North St., Apt. 61, Little Rock, Unit 61 Bldg. 800, The Cliffs HPR, $165,000.

Jodi L. Jester to Abigail and Tammy Hale, 2 Lawrence Drive, Little Rock, L58, Sante Fe, $164,000.

Hai Dao to Courtney Nguyen Hoang and Le H Chou, 10 Waters Edge Drive, Little Rock, L5, Waters Edge Phase I, $160,000.

J. M. Crites Builder, Inc. to Kendall L. Campbell, 1214 West 52nd St., North Little Rock, L6, Grandview Place, $160,000.

Ervin Leval Edwards to Leonard Roberson, 118 Springwood Drive, Little Rock, L136, Birchwood, $160,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Gina P. Occhipinti, 8024 Standish Road, Little Rock, L19, Woodlawn Heights, $155,000.

Sarah Jade and Kevin L. Simpson to Steve and Ibra Leonard, 1 Raccoon Court, Jacksonville, L115, Northlake Phase II, $153,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to John and Madelene Marcon, 6640 Trammel Estates Lane, Sherwood, L239, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $150,850.

Jerry K. Fulwider to Graywalt Properties, LLC, 10128 Roland Road, Cabot, Pt. S/2 NE SW 20-4N-10W, $150,000.


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