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June 6, 2021 at 1:55 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded May 10-May 14:

Big Rock Development, LLC to LR Stanford, LLC, LR Avenues, LLC, LR Dunwood, LLC, LR Audobon, LLC and Little Rock S JR, LLC, Ls9-11 & Tract G B1, Ls1-2 & Tract H B8, Village At The Gateway Phase I, $20,375,000.

Bradford Estates, LLC to Colonel Glenn Realty Holdings, LLC, 6310 Colonell Glenn Road, Little Rock, L5, AGA Replat- Requa's Suburban Park, $9,200,000.

JES Properties, LLC to Jacksonville MHC, LP, Pt. NW SE 4-3N-10W, $3,693,661.

L. & J. Catering, Inc. to T. And M. Real Estate Investments, LLC, 7200/ 7210 Colonel Glenn Road, Little Rock, All Blk. 1 & Pt. Blk. 2, Oak Park; Pt. NW SW 13-1N-13W; Blk. 4 Replat- Oak Park; Ls2-3 B4, Oak Park, $1,700,000.

Mary Frances and Alvah Nelson to Jennifer R. Pierce and The Isle Royale Trust, 12105 Fairway Drive, Little Rock, L5 B14, Pleasant Valley, $1,030,000.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Brent D. and Kristin M. Cameron, 107 Hallen Court, Little Rock, L82 B96, Chenal Valley, $976,800.

Hwy. 300 Land Holdings, LLC to Dr. Thurston Bauer and Hannah Bauer, Pt. NW 20-3N-14W, $975,000.

5728 Stonewall Land Holdings, LLC to Steven Frederick and Kevan Elizabeth Meadors, 5728 Stonewall Road, Little Rock, L127R, Forest Heights Place Replat, $945,000.

Amanda Patterson to John Xachary Deymaz, 75 Sologne Circle, Little Rock, L36 B92, Chenal Valley, $900,000.

Megan Saer and Justin Edwin Garrison Jr., to Ashley D. Jensen and The Trust Me Revocable Trust, L19 B102, Chenal Valley, $755,000.

Phillip H. Johnson to Catherine Bellingrath Weiss, 3220 Edgerstoune Lane, Little Rock, L1, Edgerstoune Lane, $725,000.

Drew B. and Sudney E. Smith to Patrick William and Cayce Jo Hennings, 406 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock, L2 B102, Chenal Valley, $719,000.

Doug L. and Bobbie A. Beard to Cynthia Gail Wilcox and The Cynthia Gail Wilcox Revocable Trust, L5, Hickory Pointe, $662,500.

Eugene F. and Linda C. McGrath and The McGrath Living Trust to Parke W. and Diane Adamson, 301 Riverland Drive, Maumelle, Tract 5, Maumelle Heights Large Tracts, $655,000.

BSTW Properties, LLC to Tim J. and Julee R. Stoesz, 1009 E. Republican Road, Jacksonville, Pt. W/2 NE 32-4N-10W; Pt. SW SE 29-4N-10W, $575,000.

Zeiler Real Estate to Ginny & Ayra Property, LLC, 8200 Landers Road, North Little Rock, Pt. NW SE & Pt. SE SE 4-2N-11W, $575,000.

Brandon and Elizabeth Finch to Michael P. and Mary Nell McBryde, 5513 S. Grandview St., Little Rock, L46, Grandview, $570,000.

Mark D. and Lindsay D. Young to Kenneth Myers and Jessica Johnston-Myers, 9 Highfield Cove, Little Rock, L8 B13, Woodlands Edge, $540,000.

Jay A. and Merri J. Smithson to Joshua and Lauren Daily, 211 Buckland Circle, Little Rock, L279, Cypress Point West, $508,555.

Debra Henry Fiser, Connie Henry Linehan and The Patsy Seveyrac Henry Revocable Trust to Michael Winston Harvey, 25 Avignon Court, Little Rock, L4 B17, Chenal Valley, $499,000.

Jeremy S. and Tara E. Higgins to Melake T. and Michelle A. Whyte, 267 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle, L19 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $487,900.

Kendall Don and Cynthia Renee Shaw Harris and The Kendall And Cynthia Harris Joint Revocable Trust to Stephen Howard Long and Tina Suzette Chandler, L6 B15, The Villages Of Wellington, $485,000.

Steven K. and Deborah S. Nelson and The Nelson Family Revocable Trust to L9 B56, Chenal Valley, L9 B56, Chenal Valley, $480,000.

David Curtis and Jamie West Shipley to Staging By Anne, LLC, Ls3-4 B7, Hillcrest, $460,000.

Hunter W. and Katelyn A. Johnson to 5119 E. Crestwood, LLC, L3, Prospect Terrace, $457,500.

Kristina Rose Diaz and The Kristina Diaz Raley Living Trust to Wael Tuqan, 5108 Stonewall Road, Little Rock, L12 B17, Newton, $455,000.

Scott Landers, Ruth Landers and The Scott And Ruth Landers Family Trust to Scott A. and Catherine A. Frederick, 1217 Cache River Road, North Little Rock, L1 B36, Overbrook, $450,000.

Everette L. and Melinda Martin to Kristina D. Raley, 1 River Valley Road, Little Rock, L30, River Ridge Manor, $437,500.

Regions Bank,3 John L. O'Marra Share 2 Exemption Trust/John L. O'Marra Revocable Trust; and The Marie R. O'Marra Revocable Trust to Holly Renee and Richard Wallace DeWese Jr., 124 El Dorado Drive, Little Rock, L221, Longlea, $425,000.

Robert L. Clark and The Clark Living Trust to Dahlia D. Distin, 14305 Longtree Drive, Little Rock, L118, Longlea Manor, $411,500.

Dillon Homes & Real Estate, Inc. to Sameer Jain, 5519 G St., Little Rock, Ls3R & 4R B14, Lincoln Park, $408,000.

Dianna and Neeman Esmaeilpour to Adam C. Epperson and Timothy West, 2210 S. Izard St., Little Rock, Ls9-10 B20, Weldon E. Wright, $408,000.

Russell J. and Deborah W. Byrne to Aaron C. and Kristin S. Appler, 11 Shawbridge Lane, Little Rock, L37 B11, Pleasant Valley, $405,000.

John Bradley Hyman to Wissam Ahmed Zalat and Kristie Dawn Sjirkavand, 223 N. Elm St, Little Rock, L26 B3, Riffel & Rhoton's Ridgeland, $405,000.

Dillon Homes & Real Estate, Inc. to John Scott and Sukhmani Sidhu, 5517 G St., Little Rock, L2R B14, Lincoln Park, $400,500.

Aaron Charles and Kristin Sangalli Appler to Gary Kyle and Andrea Dawn Kilpatrick, 13700 Fox Field Lane, Little Rock, L24 B11, Woodlands Edge, $400,000.

John and Kay Ely to Laurence W. and Deborah L.P. Casey, L36 B8, Wildwood Place, $399,900.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Kaysey Barcelona and Christian Pittman, 106 Copper Circle, Little Rock, L20 B1, Copper Run Phase 2, $399,000.

Thomas J. and Brianna L. Bell to Stephen K. Dunn, 15 Wellington Colony Drive, Little Rock, L7 B13, The Villages Of Wellington, $399,000.

Daniel Keith Deacon and The Daniel Keith Deacon Revocable Trust to Kasey and Lauren Evans, 78 Tournay Circle, Little Rock, L42 B68, Chenal Valley, $395,000.

Kenneth R. and Elizabeth J. Phillips to Kyle and Katelyn Deckelbaum, 2222 N. University Ave., Little Rock, L6 B8, Altheimer, $395,000.

AM Vimy Ridge, LLC to Vimy Ridge, LLC, 12321/ 12325 Alexander Road, Alexander, Pt. NW NW 16-1S-13W, $380,000.

John Erik and Shannon Bailey to Michael Cody Garner, 29 Bayonne Drive, Little Rock, L1 B33, Chenal Valley, $375,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Christal Laureen Isom, 22 Piper Lane, Little Rock, L12, Piper Lane, $353,875.

Linda Fuller Brown to Connie E. Lowe, 3200 Falling Water Road, Sherwood, L45 B3, Creekside, $349,000.

Joel G. and Julie Stone to Raymond Floyd, 126 Sierra Valley Loop, Maumelle, L15 B20, Maumelle Valley Estates, $341,900.

Benjamin D. Thomas to Jennifer S. Rinehart, 8 Piper Lane, Little Rock, L5, Piper Lane, $334,900.

Damon and Carolyn Rhinehart to Bohu Pan and Yi Yin, 27 Highlander Drive, Little Rock, L28, Stonecreek Village, $333,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Donna Lynn Collier, 22 Short Leaf Lane, Little Rock, L24 B3, Copper Run Phase II, $330,825.

Paulo A. and Jennifer A. Jacuzzi to Jose Diego and Lorieny Angelica Caceres, 1511 Dorado Beach Drive, Little Rock, L18, Pebble Beach Woods, $330,000.

Deere Construction, LLC to Beverly A. Thomas, 9733 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L12, Millers Glen Phase 4, $320,740.

John Jacob and Mary G. Lively to Andriana Jaksic, L3 B2, Wildwood Place, $319,500.

Lucy Diane Upchurch to Janet Elizabeth Berry/Janet E. Sturdivant and The Sturdivant Living Trust, 10 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L39 B1, Wildwood Place, $317,000.

DSR Homes, LLC to Stuart Serbousek and Heather Glasgow, L15 B18, Stonehill Phase 7, $316,834.

Zeljko Dvanajscak to Jonathan Michael Erstine, 109 Corondelet Lane, Maumelle, L1293, The Quarters- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 20, $314,000.

Gregory Ryan and Carolyn E. Mehaffey to Christopher and Kelly Foor, 2000 Glenn Arbor Court, Sherwood, L31 B1, Glenn Hills, $312,000.

Tina M. Jones to Doug and Amy Falls, Ls7-8 B46, Park Hill NLR, $308,000.

Edward Martin Parker to Nicholas G. and Cori Gladden, 13706 Saint Charles Blvd., Little Rock, L184, St. Charles, $305,000.

Sue D. and Jurt W. Bender Jr., to David R. and Nancy L. Priest and The D. & N. Priest Family Revocable Trust, Ls2-3, Crest View, $302,000.

Donna Lynn Collier to David A. Temme and Lundon A. Pinneo, 323 Parker St., North Little Rock, L9, The Porches At Rockwater Village, $290,000.

Billy B. Eaton to Opal LR AR 72209, LLC, 5010 Opal Lane, Little Rock, Pt. NW SE 31-1N-12W, $289,750.

Sidney L. and Shantail R. Miller to George and Malalory L. Gibbs, 5110 Nancy Court, Little Rock, L21, Westlawn No. 2, $285,000.

Michael W. Harvey to John Thomas Bridges, 3812 Glenmere Road, North Little Rock, L3 B2, Lakewood, $281,000.

Angelica Tolson to MAT Investments, LLC, L3, Fillmore Replat- Hillside Village, $280,000.

Daniel K. and Annie N. Games and The Daniel K. Games And Annie N. Games Joint Revocable Trust to Megan and Brad Weatherford, 13 Pine Tree Loop, North Little Rock, L27 B2, Lakewood, $279,000.

Hilary and Nathan Chaney to Shannon Paige Ponder and Brian Hunter Speed, 1 Secluded Hills Court, Little Rock, L43, Secluded Hills Phase I, $276,000.

Jeffrey Dean Weatherly and The Jeffrey Dean Weatherly Revocable Trust to Bobby and Laurie Whitfield, L82, Valley Falls Estates Phase I, $275,000.

Fitzhugh Construction, Inc. to Aaron Q. and Marcia A. Moore, 109 Sanibel Circle, Little Rock, L130, Kenwood Estates Phase 5, $274,300.

Dahlia D. Distin to Joel Graddy and Feather Nicole Linn and The Joel And Feather Linn Family Trust, 118 Waterside Drive, Maumelle, L150, Waterside Replat, $273,500.

Adam C. Epperson to Anna Bailey Britt, 321 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L18 B3, Elmhurst, $267,900.

Charles W. Wells to John Clayton Abbott Jr., Unit 75, Windsor Court HPR Phase III, $267,500.

Division Nine Construction, Inc. to Mark Danxy and Valerie Danzy, 6 Round Hill Road, North Little Rock, L13 B64, Park Hill NLR, $260,000.

Mark and Susan Daniel to Jeremy M. Mullins and Florencia A. Bruzatori, 8004 Beechfield Drive, North Little Rock, L25 B5, Windsor Valley, $260,000.

Athanasios Stoyioglou to Joseph E. Hunt, 442 Maple St., North Little Rock, L20 B1, City Grove Townhomes, $258,000.

Marilyn Rene Nauman and The RAL Revocable Trust to Kimberly Larae and Ralph Waldo Emerson III., 1824 Rainwood Cove Drive, Little Rock, L45, Rainwood Cove, $257,500.

Marcus A. and Margery A. Nixon to David and Emily Jackson, 800 Gillette Drive, Little Rock, L31, Wingfield No. 2, $255,000.

James L. and Linda L. Jester and The Jester Family Revocable Trust to Patricia Ross, L18 B5, Windsor Valley, $250,000.

Andrea Sajak to James Cary and Thandi T. Brown, 1512 S. Spring St., Little Rock, L9 B201, Original City Of Little Rock, $249,900.

Jeffrey R. Heeter and The Redwing Revocable Trust to No Bass, LLC, Unit 603, Arkansas Capital Commerce Center HPR, $249,000.

B. And K. Enterprise Group, Inc. to 4401 LR AR 72117, LLC, 4401 E. Broadway St., North Little Rock, L1 B48, John L. Atkins School, $248,750.

Blanca I. Swift to Kristin Raye and Gerald David Lynch Jr., 2720 Ozark Drive, North Little Rock, L1 B61, Indian Hills, $245,000.

Arkansas Property Development And Associates, LP to Affka Rusheia Edmondson and Alexis R. Coleman, 1300 E. Twin Lakes Drive, Little Rock, L67, Twin Lakes Section D, $245,000.

Kristen Leigh Mannear to Michael Garrett Osterbur, 7015 Shamrock Drive, Little Rock, L95, Shannon Hills East, $244,000.

Howard Devone and Margaret Payne to Maureen F. Harness, 2416 Blackwood Road, Little Rock, L90, Kingwood Place, $235,000.

Sabrina Prause/Sabrina King to Cory and Lillian Anderson Copeland, 5404 N. Vine St., North Little Rock, L19 B7, Pike View, $235,000.

Samuel A. and Holly L. Sellers to Alison Carrillo, 1509 N. Hughes St., Little Rock, L18, Hall Cove, $233,000.

Rod J. Sweetgum and Kathryn Hazelett to Hannah E. Mitchell, 1016 N. Tyler St., Little Rock, L2 B10, Hollenberg, $232,000.

Mary Anne Garnett and Randal John Hunhoff to James Jonathan Mainard O'Connell and Kathryn Marie Mainard-O'Connell, 2100 Sanford Drive, Little Rock, L378, Ludington Heights, $231,500.

Martha Bowen Hargis to Amanda Dickson and Cody Allen, L218, St. Charles, $230,000.

Kelly M. Foor/Kelly M. Sherman and Christopher Foor to Thomas and Laura S. Long, 3025 Shady Side Drive, Sherwood, L96 B1, Woodruff Creek, $226,500.

Kenneth I. Couldry to Deborah Dahlager, L118 B1, Woodruff Creek, $226,500.

Greg Heslep to Michael W. and Denise M. Hall, 3000 Miracle Heights Cove, Sherwood, L6, Miracle Heights Phase I, $218,900.

Randall C. and Tammy D. Foshee to Madeleine Scott, 5 Turtle Creek Court, Little Rock, L24, Turtle Creek, $218,000.

Rebecca Dalton to Ronald Steven Roberson, 419 E. 10th St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B58, Original City Of Little Rock, $216,000.

Central Arkansas Water to Summerwood, Inc., Pt, NW 5-2N-13W, $210,000.

Cassandra M. Fletcher to Amelia and Robert Dailey Bethell III., 11657 Rocky Point Court, Sherwood, L25 B1, Woodruff Creek, $205,000.

Jonathan W. and Kodi Avera to Sean and Mallory McGowan, 8221 Nora Lane, Sherwood, L25, Hidden Lake Estates, $205,000.

Tammy Batchelor, Rodney Todd Batchelor(dec'd), Larry Lovett and Sharon Lovett to Dinesh Vorugnati and Sushma Dugyala, 12101 Cherry Laurel Drive, Little Rock, L2 B4, Cherry Creek, $205,000.

Ashlynn Elize Propes and Michael Alonso to Deborah Marie Diener, 1717 Martha Drive, Little Rock, L240, Marlowe Manor Phase III, $202,000.

Katheryne Hughes and Cynthia McCormick to Meredith Kaitlin Verret and William Dalton Street, 13010 Arthur Lane, Little Rock, L9 B6, Gibralter Heights, $201,000.

Richard L. Mays Sr., and The Richard L. Mays Sr., Revocable Trust to Sharon Fitts, L33, Windsor Court HPR Phase II, $200,000.

William H. and Lorie Akins to Derek William Thompson, 15009 Alexander Road, Scott, Pt. NE 20-1N-10W, $200,000.

Dustin Hopper and Morgan Hopper/Morgan Smyser to Brayden Wells and Peyton E. Glenn, 10 Holly Brook Cove, Maumelle, L88, Meadow Ridge, $196,000.

Lonoke Properties, LLC to Strzelecki Enterprises, LLC, 7503 John Harden Drive, Cabot, Pt. W/2 NE 33-4N-10W, $195,000.

VBird, LLC to Lu Anne Vogel, L102, Westover Hills, $195,000.

John and Ann Hibbard to Ana Gabriela Rosado and Arturo Emmanuel Rosado Salas, 2 Marlene Court, Little Rock, L2R, Marline Replat, $195,000.

Jason Wyatt to Thomas Michael Lee Jr., Sunshine Lee and John Lee, 622 N. Tyler St., Little Rock, Ls18-19 B18, Lincoln Park, $190,000.

Holly Hunter to Graham D. and Kelly A. Reeve and The Reeve Living Trust, L22D B203, Park Hill NLR, $190,000.

Seth Caleb Newton to Fort Sumner Properties, LLC, 3831 Idlewild Ave., North Little Rock, L14 B60, Park Hill NLR, $186,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Brian and Dana Wade, L64, Chenal Downs Phase II, $183,900.

Linda Pounders and The Turley Living Trust to Vernetta Alzeda Reid, 11 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L52, Garden Oaks, $182,500.

Ashley Marie Sims to Jiaan Yuan, 43 Walnut Valley Drive, Little Rock, L79, Walnut Valley, $180,000.

Roger L. and Terry L. Davis to Rebekah Lee, 18101 Burlingame Road, Little Rock, Pt. NW NW 4-1N-14W; Pt. NE NE 5-1N-14W, $180,000.

Wafai and Angela K. Mahairi to Toni Jean Morton, 10 Cherry Valley Drive, Little Rock, L62, Walnut Valley, $179,000.

Jeremy M. Mullins and Florencia A. Bruzatort to Jonathon McBain, 301 N. Devon Ave., Sherwood, L10 B3, Country Club Park, $179,000.

Rebecca Brockman to Shane Valentine, 203 W. Scenic Drive, North Little Rock, L1, Oates, $179,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Samuel and Vera Y. Readus, 1824 Sebastian St., Sherwood, L6 B5, Bear Paw Phase III, $178,815.

Rouse Properties, LLC to Arthur L. and Paula S. Halvorson, L23 B5, Kellogg, $178,500.

Hickory Hill Properties, LLC to Monica Abraham-Adams, 3 Round Hill Road, North Little Rock, L14 B64, Park Hill NLR, $175,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Christopher Williams and Shelby Thomas, 21 Avant Garde Drive, Little Rock, L69, Wisteria, $175,000.

Barbara D. Dupriest to KKL Properties, LCL, 3902 Sam Peck Road, Little Rock, L449, Pleasant View Phase VII-A, $174,200.

George Douglas Virden to Joseph Casey Thomas, L144, Sturbridge Phase III, $174,124.

Dawn C. Hall to Jennifer H. and Keith D. Brown, 2611 Whispering Pine Road, Little Rock, Pt. SW SE 6-1N-14W; Pt. NW NE 7-1N-14W, $170,000.

Jason Michael Reeves to Samantha B. Sanders and Trent Phillips, 10 Russwood Drive, Little Rock, L19, Rainwood II, $170,000.

Keith A. Holliman to Alexander P. Troutte, 109 Raywood Drive, Sherwood, L5 B1, Autumnbook Annex, $169,000.

Nina J. Westmoreland to Gunnar Kealii and Carolina Bell Ah Leong, 8405 Oak Ridge Road, Sherwood, L13, Indian Ridge Phase III, $168,500.

The Jo Nell And William Moore Joint Trust, Stephen Lockwood Moore and William Kimbro Moore to Mark L. Biviano, 17 Fairway Woods Circle, Maumelle, L17, Fairway Woods (formerly: Unit 17, Fairway Woods Condominiums HPR), $165,000.

Kendall D. Harper to Todd C. Stevens, 1201 Matehuala Blvd., North Little Rock, L7 B5, Villages Of San Luis, $165,000.

Scott B. Musgrave to Bryce Burkheart, 404 Autumnbrook Circle, Sherwood, L15, Autumnbrook, $165,000.

John B. Turner to Charlie P. and Veronica H. Chea, 900 Yarrow Drive, North Little Rock, L71, Faulkner Crossing Phase I, $163,000.

David W. and Doris A. Jacks to CCP Properties, LLC, L1, Jacks, $160,000.

Edward Don and Joy L. Cameron to Michael Larry Moore and Amanda Wesley, 2205 E. Maryland Ave., Sherwood, L4 B4, Autumnbrook Annex, $160,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Asiah L. Sccribner, 106 Giselle Drive, Little Rock, L63, Wisteria, $160,000.

Osborne Leasing, Inc. to Robert B. and Laurie A. Johnson, 321 Oneida St., Jacksonville, L6, Northlake Phase I, $160,000.

Paige Moira Edgin and Ashley Paige Breech to Deborah J. Yates, L17 B25, Park Hill NLR, $160,000.

Cory D. and Lillian Brianna Copeland to Brittani Nicole Mitchell, 209 W. G Ave., North Little Rock, L13 B26, Park Hill NLR, $159,000.

Sykes Investment Properties, LLC to Russell Kole Tidwell, 9809 Vinson Court, Little Rock, L88, Treasure Hill Section 2, $157,000.

Nadine Jarmon to Tyler Anderson Davis and Sommer Dawn Throgmorton, 201 E. I Ave., North Little Rock, L4 B62, Park Hill NLR, $155,000.

James W. Graf and The Graf Living Trust to Dorothy C. Woodruff, L30 B2, Chevaux Court Phase III, $155,000.

Louise Elizabeth Tausch, Estate Of Ruth M. Tausch(dec'd), Deborah Anne Pridmore, Donna Ruth Jackson, Dianna Lynne Robinson and William H. "Chip" Tausch III., to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, 5425 Randolph St., North Little Rock, L6 B4, Overbrook, $153,800.

Marjorie Carol Tipton and The Tipton-Adams Revocable Trust Agreement to TJ McLain, LLC, L172, Walnut Valley, $150,000.


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