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Another full week of activities

by Janet Carson May 31, 2021 at 10:50 p.m.

Facetime with friends continues a bit more each week! This week my Sunday School class met at one of our friends home to have a celebration of life for his sweet wife Pat who passed away during the pandemic (not of Covid).

But because of Covid, there were no group gatherings or large funerals. On this day, we met together, shared some food and drink,

and had a great time connecting, sharing stories, and celebrating a life well-lived.

I had more opportunities to be with friends this week, from a small dinner party

to an evening out at the Railyard in downtown Little Rock.

In addition to gardening at home, and doing a plant dig with a friend, I also housesat at my daughters new home while they poured a new patio.

It is amazing how nice a new layer of concrete can transform a yard. before:


Already they are enjoying it--and we got to as well. We had an outdoor barbeque tonight!


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