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In the news

August 7, 2022 at 4:06 a.m.

• Valeria Yezhova, an 11-year-old Ukrainian and a world checkers champion, is raising money for her country's soldiers with each double jump and every piece that gets kinged as she plays on the streets of Kyiv in exchange for donations.

• Frank Mugisha of Sexual Minorities Uganda lamented authorities' suspension of his group's work in a country where homosexuality is illegal, saying, "We can't protect and support vulnerable LGBT people. The background, of course, is homophobia and transphobia."

• Lucien Spee de Castillo Ruiz of pandemic-interrupted Amsterdam Pride heralded "a special edition where 'being who you are and loving who you want' is the norm and the struggle for equal rights is the message" as hundreds of thousands of people lined the city's historic canals to celebrate Canal Parade.

• Ben Caldwell, sheriff of Alcorn County, Miss., welcomed the recapture of four men who escaped from jail by cutting a hole in the roof, with three caught at a gas station in Baton Rouge and the fourth nabbed near the Tennessee state line.

• Alicia White, one of the six Baltimore police officers who faced charges in the deadly arrest of Freddie Gray but saw the charges dropped, was promoted to captain, overseeing the Performance Standards Section.

• Timothy Ray Vasquez, former police chief of San Angelo, Texas, was sentenced to 15½ years in prison for helping a radio-system vendor land a $6 million city contract in exchange for $175,000, a San Antonio condo and luxury suites at sporting events and a rock concert.

• Shaun Harrison, known as "Rev" when he was dean of a Boston high school, was ordered to pay $10 million in damages to a former student who he was convicted of trying to kill in a dispute over drug sales, which sent Harrison to prison for up to 26 years.

• Elias Renteria Segoviano of Orange County, Calif., was charged with multiple felonies after investigators alleged he impersonated a doctor and performed unlicensed cosmetic procedures, targeting Spanish-speaking women for such procedures as Botox and lip and face fillers.

• Tracy Reiman of PETA took the opportunity to urge people "to stay away from any park that imprisons these animals" as SeaWorld San Diego mourned the death of Nakai, a 20-year-old killer whale, after aggressive efforts to treat an infection.

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