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These Arkansas dogs ate weird stuff, possibly even weirder than the stuff your dog has eaten

by Laura Lynn Brown Special to the Democrat-Gazette | August 8, 2022 at 1:57 a.m.
Jeanne Field-Miller of Texarkana, Texas, howls with her Doberman, Sami, during the 2019 Arkansas Kennel Club dog show at the Arkansas State Fair Grounds in Little Rock. The dog show returns to the Fair Grounds Aug. 12-14. Details are on Facebook, search for Arkansas Kennel Club. (Democrat-Gazette file photo/Thomas Metthe)

"Sick as a dog," we say when we're feeling poorly after eating something that's "off." But when dogs eat something weird, they're often unfazed.

And they'll try anything.

Ace Bury of North Little Rock, white curly-tailed companion of Jim and Judy Bury, once ate a frog.

Shadow of Conway, aka Shady Lady, stole two crab rangoons from mama Debra Hale-Shelton's carryout bag; granddog Ollie "ate a bag of red pepper spiced cracklins, followed by lots of water."

Former Arkansan Ginger Rush's friend's dog "ate a foam hair roller once, also a jar of Vaseline and a number of ChapSticks."

Sprite and Wonder of Kristin Netterstrom Higgins' household in Bryant ate house siding and little plastic soldiers. A dog from her childhood "ate my mom's dentures. And half our couch."

A dog owned by Linda Finley of Bryan ate almost the trio of a game: "Rocks. Paper towels. Foil."

Bow Saugey of North Little Rock ate "wild and poisonous mushrooms. Result: stomach pump after hallucinations and sickness," said owner Tom Saugey.

Larry Long's grandpuppy Buster swiped a cooling pumpkin pie from his Searcy kitchen counter one Thanksgiving. Like any doting grand, Long took the blame for not supervising better.

Angela Sanchez's registered Sheltie Calamity Jane ate "shampoo and soap. It did not go well." And Max ate the "jaunty kerchief" he wore home from the groomer. As with the many dogs who've eaten socks, it eventually reappeared.

Jet, Katherine Trauger's black Lab in Fountain Hill, ate a full diaper and an entire bush, and came home gnawing "a horn off a dead bull. That gave him death breath."

And Democrat-Gazette Food Editor Kelly Brant's dogs have had curious mouths. The weirdest noshes by Ludwig, Tess and Pip (German shepherds) and Aki (an enormous Alaskan Malamute): "Wheels off a lawnmower (3/4). The insulation wrapped around an air duct in our laundry room. [Tess and Pip] did that twice. Same duct." Plastic handles from scissors; unidentified rubber and plastic objects; many thin socks. Aki swiped countless sticks of unsupervised butter.

What weird things has your dog eaten?

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