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OPINION | A WORD: Little game seeks to brighten readers’ day with an easy win

by Celia Storey | May 16, 2022 at 7:15 a.m.
Democrat-Gazette photo illustration/Celia Storey

Welcome to Obfuscation, the little game that invites us to think twice about common words.

Last week's answer was "nose" — yes, even though the word "nose" appeared in one of the clues. Yessss.

A verb or noun, this week's (too easy) word is not "nose" even though it also has four letters.

? ... ? ... ? ... ?

Got it already? No? Then I will give you more clues. The word means ...

 ◼️ Oats, water, unflavored soy protein, unflavored whey protein and powdered vitamins and minerals.


 ◼️ A type of pool.

How about ...

 ◼️ Unappetizing semi-liquid food.

Huh. Thought that would do it. Try this:

 ◼️ Waste water from a chamber pot.

Or this.

 ◼️ Sappy, sentimental words or music.

Here's a good one:

 ◼️ To gush.

This will clinch it:

 ◼️ To spill messily.

No? How about ...

 ◼️ To feed hoofed, stout farm animals with short tails, blunt snouts and complex personalities.

One last clue:

 ◼️ The product of a sloppy effort.

I'll print the answer May 16, but email if you'd like someone to praise you and thank you for playing.


Print Headline: A WORD


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