POLICE BEAT: Police investigate knife chase | Store manager hit in head with gun

Police investigate knife chase

Little Rock police are investigating a knife chase that took place in a residential neighborhood early Sunday, according to a police report.

Officers responded to the call at 5:04 a.m. in the area of Fair Park Boulevard.

Upon arrival, the 29-year-old victim told police an unknown male jumped into the passenger seat of his Jeep and tried to hit him.

The suspect began chasing the victim down the yard with a knife and trying to stab him. The victim ran north down the street, banging on neighbors' doors until someone called the police for him.

Police arrived at the scene and escorted the victim back to his Jeep. Officers said there were no suspects on the scene when they arrived.

The victim told police that his Samsung Galaxy S22 and wallet were both missing from the Jeep. Officers helped the victim look for his belongings, but could not find the missing items.

Store manager hit in head with gun

Little Rock police are investigating an incident that happened late Saturday involving a Circle K manager and an unknown suspect.

The Circle K manager told police he was struck in the back of the head by an unknown male's gun while leaving work.

The victim said the man came into the Circle K asking to borrow a phone. The man then left the building and proceeded to wander in the parking lot as if he was looking for something.

The 38-year-old victim told police the man approached him later as he was headed to his car, saying "give me all you got."

He told the man to leave him alone, the report says. The suspect placed a firearm against the manager's back, leading him to fight back.

According to the report, that's when the victim was struck in the back of the head by the suspect's firearm.

The victim told police he was carrying his own firearm -- which he fired once into the air.

The suspect managed to get both firearms and ran into an unknown direction, the report says.

The victim was treated for his injuries at Baptist Hospital following the altercation. He appeared stable when officers left the hospital, the report says.