In the news

In the news

• Mark Bassett and his colleagues at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum in Ely are mourning the death of 15-year-old Dirt, short for Dirtbag, the resident cat that became an internet sensation and gave rise to merchandise including a coffee blend, but Dirt Jr. is still on the scene.

• Mostafa Waziri of the Supreme Council of Antiquities hailed an Egyptian-British mission's unearthing of a royal tomb along the Nile River in Luxor, thought linked to the 18th Dynasty of Pharaonic Egypt that spanned from 1550 B.C. to 1292 B.C.

• Adam Pustelnik, deputy mayor of Lodz, Poland, said silver-plated menorahs and tableware uncovered during a house renovation near a former Jewish ghetto are a testament to history, recalling the Holocaust victims who buried the items "most likely thinking that they would one day return for them."

• Chris Brandolino of New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research said "it's hard to see us breaking from the trend" as the country recorded its hottest year on record in 2022, beating the mark set in 2021.

• Karina Bernlow, a mother of four in a Norwegian archipelago near the North Pole, said "what we can do," amid rising heat and melting ice, "is teach our children to take care of the planet," as she and her husband run Green Dog, which has 300 canine students learning to dogsled.

• Burrel "Chip" Davis, police chief of La Vergne, Tenn., called it "a difficult situation" but said "the actions of a few do not represent this department as a whole" as five officers were fired and three suspended amid a sex scandal.

• Kim Phuong Taylor, the wife of an Iowa county supervisor, was charged with 52 counts of voter fraud after authorities say she filled out and cast absentee ballots in her husband's unsuccessful congressional race.

• Joanne Musick, a former prosecutor, said it's "too close to call" as grand jurors ponder whether a Houston restaurant customer should face charges for shooting and killing a man wearing a ski mask and gloves who brandished a plastic gun and took everyone's money.

• Jesse Huy of Strafford, Mo., was sentenced to three life terms plus nine years for shooting his wife and her parents in the head because he was upset his in-laws wouldn't go away, saying, according to court documents, "I've been waiting for a week for them to leave; I've had enough."

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