COLUMNIST: NBC’s cancel culture

Ronna McDaniel is the latest victim of liberal media cancel culture, demonized and denounced because of her association with Donald Trump.

Democrats and Joe Biden and the media carrying their water are once again trying to silence a voice they don't agree with by bouncing the former Republican National Committee chair from TV.

The network in this case is NBC, which is taking heat for hiring McDaniel for nearly $300,000 a year as an analyst. Is she such a big threat to Democrats that they have to silence her? Is that what the network stands for?

What about former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile? There was no such outcry when she was hired as an analyst by CNN.

Yet on the dying talk show "Meet the Press" last weekend, host Kristen Welker interrogated McDaniel like she was a Russian spy, calling her an election denier and insisting repeatedly that she agree Biden won the 2020 election "fair and square." McDaniel, who obviously learned flip-flopping from Uncle Mitt, caved to Welker.

Then former "Meet the Press" host and pseudo-journalist Chuck Todd--who is no Tim Russert--came on the show to condemn NBC for hiring McDaniel in what seemed like a pre--arranged attack.

Todd is one of the big reasons the once formidable "Meet the Press" has declined to the point of almost irrelevancy. It takes a lot of courage for him to go after the network that canned him.

If that's the kind of "Meet the Press" Welker is presiding over, then the show will tank even more.

If that weren't enough, MSNBC's liberal blabber Joe Scarborough predictably came out to denounce NBC, once again towing the line for Biden and Democrats.

Even NBC"s powerless Guild union joined in the act, accusing the network of laying off a dozen employees before hiring McDaniel to her lucrative contract.

"Ronna encouraged a lie that many of our own journalists have spent countless hours debunking," the Guild wrote on social media. "Our journalism is tarnished by NBC News execs elevating a liar over the workers who have spent years delivering the kind of reporting that our newsrooms are typically known for."

You mean biased journalism? Hard to believe NBC could be even more tarnished than it already is.

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