TOOLS & TOYS: TiCK MiTT and Pocket Tripod Universal Kit

TiCK MiTT and Pocket Tripod Universal Kit
TiCK MiTT and Pocket Tripod Universal Kit


What's to love: A chemical-free way to remove ticks from clothing, skin and pets before they attach.

What does it do: The TiCK MiTT was created by a father and daughter who enjoy the outdoors, but were bitten by ticks and were diagnosed with Lyme disease. According to the company's website, they collaborated with a tick expert and product engineer to create a fabric that ticks naturally stick to. To use, rub the mitt over skin, clothing or over a pet to remove crawling ticks. The mitt, however, will not remove embedded ticks. The mitt comes with a dryer bag. When done with the mitt, place it in the bag and put it in the dryer on high for 10 minutes to kill the collected ticks. The mitts sell for $19.99. Visit tickmitt.com for more information.

Pocket Tripod Universal Kit

What's to love: A carbon fiber phone tripod that collapses into the shape and size of a credit card making it easy to carry anywhere.

What does it do: The tripod kit comes with 9 adapters to ensure it will fit a wide variety of phone models. Once unfolded the tripod can be used to hold the phone vertically or horizontally, to take selfies, group photos and time-lapse or other videos. It can also hold a phone for watching videos. They are available in five colors and sell for $35. Visit pocket-tripod.com for more information.

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