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Updated 12:00 a.m., Sun March 17, 2019

Couple ‘share’ household chores

My husband and I were talking about our least favorite household chores the other day. We’ve always shared house-cleaning duties, just like everything else in life these past 31 years of marriage. We were taking a walk the other day, and the subject of cleaning came up somehow. “I don’t like to dust,” he said. I knew that, so it falls to me. But I don’t like it, either, so it’s not something I do every week, I admit. When I do, I’m good at it. I dust the baseboards and the never-ending stupid wooden blinds. “I don’t like to mop the floors,” I said. Pause. “But I don’t think... READ MORE

Teaching by giving tips of the trade By TAMMY KEITH

I’ve never wanted to be a teacher.