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What's New

Our new app not only provides the replica edition of the newspaper, it now will feature live news updated throughout the day.

As we update our company-owned devices, you should notice the the familiar blue-and-gold Arkansas Online icon on your tablet change to our new Arkansas Democrat-Gazette black-and-white icon.

Immediately when you open the app, you'll notice several differences from the previous version. You can swipe left and right through the recent replica editions available. You can also scroll up to see a feed of the latest news articles.

Here's a few of our favorite features:

1. Home Button - click here anytime to be returned to the very top of the latest news.

2. My Library Button - click here to see your saved articles.

3. Calendar Button - click here to easily pick the digital replica edition you want to view, up to 60 days back.

4. Sections Button - click here to jump immediately to the news of a particular section, such as Sports or Business.

When you click on a headline you'll see impressive new features in the articles themselves:

1. Share Button - click here to share any article with someone else through one of a variety of options.

2. Bookmark Button - click here to save an article to My Library for easy revisiting later.

3. Listen Button - click here to have any story read aloud to you.

You can look forward to these and other features in the new Arkansas Democrat-Gazette replica edition app, which will become available over the next few weeks for both Apple and Android devices!

Latest News Sections - Use the Latest News drop down option located below the newspaper thumbnails on the Home screen to quickly navigate to Arkansas, Business, Crime, Obituaries, Sports and other sections.

Text resizing - Use the text resizing tool to make the article text larger or smaller. You can also change the brightness of the screen from this menu.

App Features

Below are some videos explaining just some of the features available in the new Arkansas Democrat-Gazette digital replica edition available for the iPad and other smart devices. We invite you to explore what the app has to offer or refresh your memory on how to use these added benefits of our digital edition.

App User Settings


Native iOS text-to-speech - Uses built in speech engine- Recommended on.

Speech Rate - Sets the speed at which the article is spoken.

Disable full screen - Removed the section navigation from the bottom of the screen - Default is set to on.

Show Highlights in Full Screen - Turns article highlighting on and allows for reading stories in text view - Default is set to on.

Accessing Settings menu:

Click More then Settings

Options for Download over WiFi - Should be set to On.

Remove issues - Defaults to keep 7 back issues. This can be updated to keep as many as 60 back issues. However, keep in mind you may exceed the storage capacity of your device if this number is set too high.

Delete editions - by clicking the Home button then touch and hold thumbnail of newspaper edition until pop up message reading “Remove from Device” appears. Click on message to remove edition from the iPad.


Here's what some of our subscribers think about the digital edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Benefits of the Digital Edition

  • Digital Edition is available to download by 5 a.m. (sometimes earlier)
  • All photos in the Digital Edition are in color
  • Expanded coverage of the stock market reports
  • Some articles will include additional content online that is accessible by simply clicking on the link within the article
  • You can enlarge the text, making the paper easier to read
  • You can access the Digital Edition anywhere with a wi-fi connection
  • You will receive all our specialty publications included in the Digital Edition

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us at 501-378-3865 or you can email us at