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May 19, 2019: The dog barks loudly

From now until November, this newspaper is celebrating the Arkansas Gazette's 200th anniversary with articles and events. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is reprinting a historic page each day for 200 days. The celebration will culminate with a dinner on Thursday, Nov. 21, in the Wally Allen Ballroom of Little Rock's Statehouse Convention Center.


May 15, 2019: The business manager

When writing about the colorful history of the Arkansas Gazette, it's natural to focus on the publishers--men such as founder William E. Woodruff, J.N. Heiskell and Hugh Patterson. But a newspaper is a business concern, and any history of the Gazette would be sadly lacking if it didn't include the story of the newspaper's longtime business manager, a fascinating character named Fred Allsopp.


May 12, 2019: Ned Heiskell's Gazette

It's impossible to discuss the history of the Arkansas Gazette without talking about John Netherland Heiskell, who led the newspaper for almost 70 years. Outside of Gazette founder William E. Woodruff, Heiskell was the most influential figure in the history of a newspaper that published its first issue on Nov. 20, 1819, at Arkansas Post and its final issue on Oct. 18, 1991, at Little Rock.


Dec. 26, 2018: The printer's house

Next year will mark the 200th anniversary of William Woodruff's arrival in Arkansas and his founding of the Arkansas Gazette.