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CNN is to be commended for its sponsorship of the tax debate Thursday night between Sens. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. It was a serious, informative discussion about an important issue in Washington. Imagine that.

During the debate, Cruz did himself--and the Republican Party--a lot of good. He maintained a friendly, informative and nimble presence, effectively outlining the case that GOP tax reform is part of an overall economic plan, whereas Sanders' call for tax increases for the rich appeared to be knee-jerk and punitive rather than part of a serious economic policy. And even though the mainstream media would never admit it, if there were ever a contest to determine who is the thinking person's candidate, Cruz would beat Sanders by a mile.

I was surprised at how Sanders stuck to the same basic liberal platitudes of more taxes and more spending and the socialist call for free college. The debate showed just how limited Sanders' range is as a politician. He has a few new socialist slogans but no real plans.

Sanders is the Democrats' face and de facto leader. And Cruz effectively showed just how limiting that may be for the Democratic Party.

Cruz is a talented champion of conservative principles. He did a good job of highlighting the differences between the Sanders-style socialist model and the GOP's pro-growth, pro-jobs policies. The dichotomy between low taxes and growth vs. high taxes and socialism could not have been made any clearer. The difference between the two is exactly what the next elections should be about if Trump's antics don't hijack the discussion and make 2018 and 2020 referendums on his character and behavior.

Editorial on 10/22/2017

Print Headline: Ted Cruz's win

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  • WGT
    October 22, 2017 at 8:04 a.m.

    Mr. Rogers, are you for real? Ted Cruz is a Republican. Republicans, all of them, are on the wrong side of history. Stop this nonsense. Wake up, grow up. Until Republicans are out of office and normal adults start re-implementing the tools of government to help all people, the downward spiral of greed and arrogance will choke the life out of what’s left of this country.