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Dear Mahatma: I often exit the Interstate 430 south exit to Cantrell Road after dark and am always terrified that I have turned off too late because the lane-dividing markers between I-430 and the exit are hard to see. A new coat of reflective white paint by the Arkansas Department of Transportation would be a small price to pay to save a life. -- Ralph

Dear Ralph: Mark Headley is chief engineer for ArDot's District 6, which includes Pulaski County.

He said one of the agency's statewide paint crews is now working on lane markings on the interstate system in the Little Rock area. He doesn't have an exact schedule of what will be repainted when, but this particular problem will be repainted this fall.

In addition, district maintenance workers are geared up to replace the raised reflectors during or shortly after the painting.

The whole process, Headley said, will likely take several weeks.

Dear Mahatma: About speeders in the construction zone on Interstate 630 -- I'm doing 50 and getting swarmed. What can I do? -- Bryan

Do what we did -- ask the Arkansas State Police about this matter, in the form of spokesman Cpl. Liz Chapman.

We asked if state police were doing speed enforcement here, and if a citizen believed there should be more, then who should be called.

The state police provide speed enforcement as possible in construction zones. Many times, Chapman said, there is no good place to put a trooper and often no shoulder to make a safe stop. Drivers may see troopers pull over a speeder outside a construction zone, which looks as if the actual construction zone isn't being worked.

To make a request for more enforcement in this particular construction zone, call Troop A of the state police at (501) 618-8100.

Dear Mahatma: Daily I see drivers run red lights in droves at the intersection of University Avenue and Asher/Col. Glen Glenn Roads. For such a busy intersection, it surprises me that the Little Rock Police Department rarely seems to take the opportunity to provide enforcement. -- Waiting for My Lane to Clear

Dear Waiting: If we had a nickel for every red-light runner we personally saw this week, we could go to Sam's Club for one of those humongous frozen yogurts that we are sure is 100 percent good for us. Yogurt, right?

When driving in the right lane of a multi-lane city street, we know when some chump will run the light because we hear his engine roar on the left.

Traffic enforcement is complaint-driven. When people complain about a street where people speed, or an intersection where chumps run the red light, police agencies will respond with enforcement. We have done this ourselves and -- bam! -- next day enforcement.

But the the law can't be everywhere all the time.

Call the LRPD at (501) 371-4605 and ask for enforcement. Meanwhile, keep your eyes wide open.

Metro on 09/22/2018

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  • Jfish
    September 22, 2018 at 3:27 p.m.

    My question is why is traffic enforcement complaint driven? If the Little Rock Police Department knows that a particular intersection is especially dangerous, why don't they take the initiative to make it safer? Capitol and Broadway is one that comes to mind.

    September 22, 2018 at 3:39 p.m.

    Driving back in the downpour to west LR from Park Hill last night via 40 and 430 was terrifying. I have great headlights on my car, but the stripes on the interstate were next to invisible.

  • wowy
    September 22, 2018 at 4:50 p.m.

    I agree, especially coming from the NLR way.