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Win-win alternative

The Senate passed the $4.5 billion bill for the southwest border (HR3401). A more novel approach: Those agreeing to support the illegal immigrants' migration to the United States, let the government know you want to help. Money can be taken from any check you receive. You can state a dollar amount or percentage. Those who do not support the issue, money will not be taken. That's a win-win.

Another approach: Agree to take in one or more of the immigrants for one month. They would be your guest. Food, clothes, medical care, nothing fancy unless you want it to be. Per the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on Sunday, there is a backlog of 800,000 immigration cases, many involving asylum-seekers. So, your one-month agreement may be a wee bit longer.

Since you are a bona fide legal citizen of the USA, your kids are probably vaccinated so you don't have to worry about any health issues for you or your children living in close quarters with your temporary guests.

The hungry kids in Arkansas should be able to hold out until school starts.


Little Rock

No run for governor

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the president’s propaganda chief, recently resigned, and the most discussed possible reason in the public arena has been her potential run for the Arkansas governor’s office.

If Ms. Huckabee Sanders runs for the office of governor on the Republican ticket, I believe it will be a disgrace to Arkansas and the Republican Party.

First, what is her contribution to Arkansas? Nothing! There are many deserving Republican lawmakers and party workers who could be good potential candidates. Why Ms. Huckabee Sanders? Only because she is the daughter of a former Arkansas governor? Or is it because she made multiple false statements to the American public many times when she took the podium as Trump’s press secretary?

In my opinion, the amount of lies she has spoken are unheard of from any former press secretary, Republican or Democrat. My personal belief is this: “There was Joseph Goebbels and then there was Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders should never become governor of Arkansas.



People in dire need

Around the world, nearly 1 billion people are hungry, and one child dies every 3.6 seconds from poverty, lack of clean water, hunger, and preventable diseases.

After moving to the U.S. from Ghana, I went to Fayetteville High School and had the greatest opportunities opened to me. I was fortunate, but not everyone is.

The Borgen Project is an innovative national campaign working to give a voice to the voiceless. The Borgen Project believes that the most powerful country in the world should be doing more to help those who are in dire need, and that the best way to do this is to directly influence our state leaders.

Making sure every man, woman and child around the world has access to food, clean water and protection from preventable diseases is not just our moral obligation as a human race but it has also been shown to improve national security by educating those who are most vulnerable to violence, cut back on our spending by making it more powerful and evident, bring business and jobs to American campaigns by providing them with consumers and opportunities for work, and help with increasing concerns about overpopulation and the environment.

As an average citizen you can help by calling your senators or representatives and asking them to support increasing funding for the International Affairs Budget, email them through The Borgen Project website, volunteer with The Borgen Project, or even join our amazing network of interns.



Greed for tuition cash

Politicians are turning a “blind eye” toward the greed of universities. In the last few weeks, the paper ran articles on universities and colleges asking their boards for yet another tuition raise (every year) and again getting it.

To quote a letter to the editor written by Jim Lewis from Lincoln, “The cost of higher education is out of control … .”

If these schools cannot be run with all the state monies (my taxes) and tuition, then something is terribly wrong. Why do the boards approve these raises every year? There is overspending and too much waste at the college level. Another tuition increase penalizes our students who are trying to get an education.

Where are our politicians? Governor Hutchinson, you have got to stop this.

Last week, the headline in the local paper read, “2020 Dems take aim at student debt.” According to federal statistics, that debt is over $1.447 trillion … yes, $1.447 trillion! This debt is owed by over 22 million people. The Democrats want to erase this debt. Why? To earn votes.

Republicans, you better wake up and stop the greed.



Editorial on 07/02/2019

Print Headline: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Win-win alternative for immigration, Sanders shouldn't run for governor + more


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