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Must work together

When Kamala Harris jumped on Joe Biden in the Democratic debates last month for busing, it was much ado about nothing. The Supreme Court had ruled that schools should be integrated. Communities were left with the logistics of how to implement it. Busing seemed the logical solution.

I was waiting for him to tell her that, if elected, she would have to work with contentious senators if she wanted to get something done. He had been cautioned by his team not to get into any "food fights," and I suppose that is the reason his response to her was so kind, gentler than everyone would have liked.

People want to see fire and ashes! What is she going to do about those contentious senators who don't like her?


Bella Vista

Let's notch some wins

I'm wishing the Hog football team luck this year. On offense I think the Hogs have SEC-type running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. What Coach Chad Morris and Coach Dustin Fry need to make sure of is that the Hogs have a mobile, agile, hostile offensive line so that when players from Alabama, Texas A&M, Ole Miss and LSU see the Hogs on their schedule, in the back of their minds they see a big W.

Go Hogs.


Lake Village

Confusing situations

I'm at a conundrum: Keep War Memorial open or add a new or refurbished dog park? Send our most loyal and best-trained military people to do the jobs we wouldn't want to do, then put them on trial for doing it? Our politicians keep passing "ethics" agreements yet keep on violating them and cry "foul" when they get caught. Put a classified soldier on trial for leaking secret information, find her guilty and sentence her, but feel sorry less than halfway through the sentence and give a presidential pardon. A census-taker asks "Are you a U.S. citizen?": The answer is NOYB; just make sure my welfare money gets deposited on time. Tear down all the Civil War statues, change the state flag but promote the Civil War Battle of Helena?

I said/did something stupid, demeaning, not nice 65 years ago as a teenager. Raise your hand if you didn't ever do the same and I'll apologize.


Little Rock

Buffalo River debacle

All Arkansans owe columnist Mike Masterson a huge "thank you" for having kept up with and written about the various thrusts and parries resulting from the assault on the Buffalo River. Without his estimated 100 factual columns over the last six years, most of us would not have known how to help "save the river" again.

Assuming that the director of the Department of Environmental Quality really did not know about the permit granted to the owners of C&H Hog Farms, have those employees who allowed this debacle been fired? If not, why not?


Little Rock

Rein in your children

This is a message to all parents of every ethnicity. The dominant culture whose ideology is white supremacy and white privilege, this is your right as a citizen of the United States of America. An adult who is racist and a bigot and has the ideology of white supremacy and white privilege can hide sometimes how they feel about other co-cultures. But your children cannot hide their ideology of being racist and a bigot because this is what is taught to them.

Moreover, when the dominant culture's children start being disrespectful and bullying me, who happens to be blind and black/African American, I need to address the issue of people living in glass houses because, please, don't ever talk about the co-culture children when your children are worse and do as much rebelling as other children. Furthermore, your children are not my equal; they are just children and need to stay in a child's place. I am speaking mother to mother, woman to woman and adult to adult. May God bless the state of Arkansas.



Editorial on 07/09/2019

Print Headline: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wishing the Hog football team luck, Buffalo River debacle + more


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