COLUMNIST: It's time to invest in vegan

Why did the Charging Bull cross Wall Street? To celebrate the world's first vegan investment fund!

VEGN starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange this month, and will be the first completely cruelty-free fund. With a tidal wave of people embracing a humane lifestyle, vegan investing makes good ethical and financial sense.

Demand for vegan food is so high that when KFC tested its vegan Beyond Fried Chicken last month in Smyrna, Ga., the line of customers clamoring to try KFC sans cruelty stretched around the store, and people waited 40 minutes just to park.

After the trial was announced, Beyond Meat shares increased 4 percent, and shares in Yum! Brands, which owns KFC, jumped 1.3 percent.

It's not just vegan food that's booming. Sales of vegan clothing, accessories and footwear increased 54 percent at U.S. retail stores in the first half of 2019.

No matter how much agribusiness rails against vegan commerce, the demand for cruelty-free products and vegan investment opportunities just keeps growing. The market is delivering vegan foods, clothing, beauty products, travel options and investment opportunities in abundance, and sales reflect a sea change in the public's spending habits--away from abusive industries and toward businesses that are kind to animals and the Earth.

It's time to make a sensible decision with our dollars and cents--it's time to invest vegan.


Jessica Bellamy writes for the PETA Foundation.

Editorial on 09/10/2019