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I see all his miracles

I believe in miracles; "In the beginning, God created." But others who publish in Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Voices believe in what would be a much less probable miracle: In the beginning, nothing exploded into an orderly universe balanced to support life, and that with the accident of DNA, non-life evolved into many reproductive spices!

I believe in the miracle of God's word, without error in its original languages; unfortunately, the pope's, the pastor's, the translator's, and the denomination's interpretations are not always without error. However, God's word is truth.

I believe that God created mankind in his own triune image with a free will. I believe that God gave us his Ten Commandments and expanded them in the New Testament. Unfortunately, mankind always fails to fully obey God's commandments, and thus we are sinners under God's holy wrath.

But a greater miracle is that God loved mankind so much that he gave his one and only son (Jesus), so that everyone who believes (trust and obeys) him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his son into the world not to judge the world, but to save mankind through him. But anyone who does not believe in him has already been judged for not believing in God's one and only son.

I believe Jesus when he said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the father except through me." And, "Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on Earth, I will also acknowledge before my father in heaven. But everyone who denies me, I will also deny before my father in heaven."

I believe the greatest miracles are God himself, creation, Passover/redemption, and Resurrection Day.



Creator of all things

It's like magic when something happens people can't fathom and they are compelled to figure out just how a magician pulled it off. Probing the deepest mysteries of the universe and knowing its secrets is as much a part of everyone as our desire to surround ourselves with like-minded people to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Whether it is the human race, a nation, a community, political party, religion or a family, we have a need to belong and be accepted.

Phyllis Farish says there are many gods, and she's right. Today over 4,000 religions are practiced worldwide. They all have one thing in common. They all profess to be the one and keeper of the one true god. Ray Hanley posits that only the blind can assert, given all the glories of the universe, that a creator isn't responsible. His idea makes a lot of sense, too.

These views create a dilemma. It's a given that there must be a creator, otherwise nothing would exist. But with all the religions out there, whose god? What god? Which one? The answer to that is easy. None of them, and it's hardly worth arguing over with so many to choose from.

The creator gave all things a natural order and people free will. Free will is the magic men used to invent god and religions. The creator provided the canvas, and men created gods and religions, each being a unique work of art. Many will disagree, but does it really matter? Nope. Rick Riley summed it up nicely when he said for those who believe, no proof is necessary; for those who don't, no proof is enough.



Give wildlife a brake

As the weather warms, turtles, snakes and other wildlife are on the move looking for food and a mate. Vehicles are the leading factor in the box turtle decline.

Motorists should slow down and let wildlife safely cross. If it is safe, check for traffic and help move the turtles across the road in the direction they are traveling. Do not pick them up and carry them home. Relocation to an unfamiliar place will keep the turtles searching for their home and they will not stay in place. Taking turtles and other wildlife home can end in a slow death. Keep your eyes on the road, obey the speed limits and leave turtles in the wild.

It seems that some people have the warped idea that killing turtles, snakes and other wildlife crossing the highways is improving society, and that is not the case. These are protected by state laws and regulations. Some perverted drivers play games, thinking they will just run over the edge of the turtle shell and flip it off the road. Death is the result. We have 4.1 million miles of roads and 288 million registered vehicles in the United States. Indifferent and inconsiderate drivers are killing 1 million vertebrate animals per day, one every 11 seconds, and drivers are eliminating wildlife from millions of acres of habitat.

Give wildlife a brake; they need all the help they can get to survive.


Hot Springs

Put in more thought

I never cease to be amazed by people's unwillingness to actually believe what they see with their own eyes. I reply in reference to Robert Kittelson's letter. He seems to believe that the media is intent on ridiculing Trump's ideas, and suggests that the president is a manager who throws out ideas for his employees to "work out."

Words from the president of the United States carry more weight than words from the average Joe; therefore, they should have more thought put into them and should not just be "thrown out." I will not even begin to dignify Mr. Kittelson's assertion that chemotherapy is a disinfectant given intravenously.

Maya Angelou famously said, "When people show you who they are, believe them." Trump has shown us time and again who he is. I believe him. The emperor has no clothes!


Little Rock

Editorial on 05/02/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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