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Dedicated to helping

As a health-care worker with face-to-face patient contact on a daily basis, I can say that what I do or anything any other health-care worker does is not predicated on the expectation of praise. Praise from patients, family of patients, or our co-workers. We do what we do borne from an internal desire to aid our patients. To do what we can to help and, if not help, not hurt. This is not worthy of greater praise than the folks who carry away our garbage, those who fix our clogged plumbing or paint our houses. It is nothing more than an aspiration to do what we can to make things better for those whom we serve. Just like the garbage collectors, plumbers and painters. We want to do our best.

Our current situation with covid-19 has certainly highlighted our contributions even to the point of Blue Angel flyovers in recognition of our efforts. While the recognition is appreciated, we have been here the entire time; before covid, caring for patients with HIV, hepatitis, SARS, influenza and any number of communicable diseases. We are always here, ready and willing to serve all. We can't tell by looking at you if you are rich, poor, homeless or anything else. We choose to serve all.

The flyover by the Blue Angels, the contributions of meals, popcorn or anything else is appreciated, but we will be here to serve nonetheless. It is what we have chosen. It doesn't make us special at all. Just dedicated to our philosophy of helping.


Little Rock

Must work together

I had to go to the mall Walmart recently to get items that can't be ordered for pickup. I had not been inside any Walmart store since March 11. I knew that I had read that all Walmart employees are "required" to wear masks. I also remember when the governor allowed businesses to reopen, a requirement was that employees as well as people going to restaurants and hair salons, pedicurists, etc., would be "required" to wear masks.

I wore my mask, which, yes, is uncomfortable and inconvenient and not chic. Small price to pay to keep safe. Much to my surprise, I couldn't believe how many people were in the Walmart store without a mask. Out of respect for the employees, they should wear a mask. Or maybe out of respect for themselves and their families. Why aren't they wearing a mask?

We all have to work together to get through this virus threat. Please wear a mask.



All that negativity ...

Usually when I get to the Voices and editorial pages all I have to do is read the first paragraph and know it's a negative Trump column or letter and I can just skip it. Thursday there were actually five letters/columns that were positive. I'm still in shock!

Also, you pay John Brummett to write negative columns. Why not a counter opinion at least once a week?


North Little Rock

A dream comes true

I'm just wondering where Trump's Presidential Library will be located. Disneyland?



Freedom of the press

In the news we frequently hear attacks on journalists, or hear someone say, "The press is the enemy of the American people." Such statements and attitudes conflict with the genius of our nation's founders and the U.S. Constitution that includes the freedom of the press in the First Amendment. The founders of our nation envisioned that a healthy tension between the ideas of political leaders and the free media would lead to better government. This tension, which some say encourages public division, is actually a defense against tyrants, military dictators, or even presidents who crave more power than our Constitution allows in our three equal branches of government.

Founder and later President James Madison is hailed as the "Father of the Constitution" for his pivotal role in drafting and promoting the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. In the creation of the Constitution, Madison and others debated our nation's need of the separation of powers and a free press; the objective was to prevent the tyranny of former kings and dictators of the European nations from which they had descended. Thankfully, they created a document that prevents absolute power and allows the free press to inform the public of the actions of those that would abuse their power. Their rationale was that without the free press and frequent elections, tyranny would soon prevail in the new nation.

The founders saw press and speech freedom so important that it is in the very first amendment of the Constitution. So hopefully, our generation will always see this same importance and vigorously work to preserve the freedom of the press.



Seeing the worst in us

I forwarded an ACLU-generated letter to our congressmen to allow for voting by mail this November. My answer from all our Republicans holding office was the standardized one, alluding to the increased likelihood of widespread voter fraud. They all sound like divorce lawyers whose practice requires seeing the worst in good people. Of course, if such a claim were to prove true, and no credible evidence of such exists, why wouldn't Republicans act just as fraudulently in this current political climate?

No, Republicans would rather see the worst in Americans and are downright giddy at the prospect of a disproportionate number of black and brown folks, having greater reason to fear contracting the virus while standing in line to vote, staying at home instead.

So ... I replied to Mr. Cotton's form letter with the following suggestion: Why not make the wearing of masks and the practice of 6-foot social distancing mandatory at every poll in the country--period! No mask, no vote. I'd be OK with that. His president's own virus response team strongly suggests it. Cotton hasn't responded. But if he does, I fully expect another form letter touting individual rights or some such inapplicable nonsense.


Little Rock

Editorial on 05/17/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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