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Dear Knower of Knowledge: I've noticed a trend on semi trucks over the last few years. It seems as though they are preparing for a Mad Max future They have these incredibly long, pointy lug nuts that look like they belong in a dystopian movie -- not on our highways. Are there any laws regarding such bizarre and dangerous behavior? -- Kinda Scared

Dear Kinda: Yeah, and how about those humongous trucks with the big teeth painted on the front? Looking in the rearview mirror, it seems like the Tasmanian Devil himself is about to take a bite out of our tailgate.

Seriously, dude, there are laws for everything, including bizarre and dangerous behavior.

We asked the state's leading expert on bizarre and dangerous truck driving. That would be Chief Jay Thompson of the Arkansas Highway Police. The Highway Police spends most of its time monitoring and regulating the trucking industry.

Thompson tells us that the long, pointy lug nuts are legal, assuming they don't increase the width of the commercial motor vehicle past 8 feet, 6 inches. Strictly decorative, he said.

What he didn't say, but we will, Kinda, is that your use of the word dystopian shows that you are extremely smart. But use sparingly, lest draconian measures become necessary.

One with Concrete Answers: What's up with limiting driving in the passing lane to passing other vehicles? Why should we subject the other lane to 90% of traffic load which results in much more rapid deterioration of road material? Was there not a rule in place earlier which allowed one to drive in the passing lane but which required moving over if another driver came up behind wanting to pass? -- Lee

Regarding this matter of left lane-right lane, here's the complete skinny:

It's legal to drive in the left lane of a four-lane highway. That is, two lanes in each direction. The requirement is that if someone behind you is traveling faster, yield the lane.

On a six-lane or wider highway, three or more lanes in each direction, it's okay to drive in the left lane. Other drivers are allowed to pass on the right.

Riddle Me This, Batman: Why does the Central Revenue Office near the Capitol have only three people to handle nearly 30 customers during the lunch hour? This happened to me twice. One day, the numbers called went from 17 to 23 in 50 minutes. I was number 46. -- Sufferin' Succotash

Dear Sufferin': Scott Hardin of the Department of Finance & Administration feels your pain.

He said wait times at that office are constantly monitored, and employees are rotated in and out as needed, even unto bringing in workers from other revenue offices around town. Hardin extends an apology for this misfortune, and that wait times of such magnitude are rare.

He also notes that the busiest time in any day is between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Vanity plate seen in North Little Rock: DOGTOWN

Metro on 05/23/2020

Print Headline: Fear not: Pointy lugs quite legal


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