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Lots to be thankful for in a difficult 2020

by Wally Hall | November 26, 2020 at 2:42 a.m.

This has been the craziest year, and in my opinion, 2020 can't be gone soon enough.

The awful coronavirus has affected everything from our economy to sports to politics. It is an awful virus that has taken too many lives and hurt too many people all over the world.

Still, there is a lot to be thankful for.

Family and friends, of course.

Our family's Thanksgiving feast (as grandson Fisher Mcaninch has learned to call it) will be maxed out at eight, and there is no Hall-Hatfield get together tonight for the first time in many years, but it will still be a day of thanks.

Thankful to get to spend some time with my daughter Whitney Hall today. We both have been so careful during this pandemic that we've only seen each other twice, and anyone that knows us knows that's not right.

So thankful that vaccinations for the virus are on the way, although it is still too soon to make jokes like we found out what everyone's real hair color was in those first eight weeks.

The last eight months has been like living that movie starring Bill Murray, "Groundhog Day." Got a note from the office this week that only two days of vacation had been used this year, which is correct because there's nowhere I'm willing to travel either by air or car.

Thankful, too, that those who pretended the virus wasn't real, until they got it, won't have to wait until last to be vaccinated.

Very thankful for this football season, even if it ended this Sunday.

Getting games in for the Arkansas Razorbacks, Arkansas State Red Wolves, Central Arkansas Bears and all the high schools was a real long shot last summer.

Basketball started last night, and that's something else to be thankful for. Hopefully, there will be at least three Arkansas teams traveling to Indianapolis for the NCAA Tournament.

The chances of Arkansas-Little Rock and ASU making it are almost none because they are both in the Sun Belt Conference.

In March of this year, the chances of Arkansas and UALR making March Madness looked great, until it was canceled.

Thankful that the UA hired the right basketball coach. Eric Musselman has breathed new life into a program that struggled for too many years.

Thankful that the UA hired Sam Pittman to coach football. There isn't a better fit in America. He may not have been the first choice, but he was the right one.

Thankful UALR finally hired difference-maker Darrell Walker.

Thankful for them because they make my job easier and more fun.

Thankful for the great sports staff I get to work with, although all of us have been working from home since March which has made it really tough on assistant sports editor Jason Yates and Frankie Frisco.

Especially thankful to work for a family-owned newspaper that has a dedication to objective journalism and vision. It took me one day to transition to reading the paper on an iPad.

Thankful for my church, Pinnacle Church of Christ, and the leadership of the elders and ministers Chuck Monan and John Phillips.

Thankful to live in a country where we are all free to worship.

Thankful for our founding fathers and freedom of speech.

Thankful to live in the greatest state in America and the greatest country in the world.

Arkansas is the Natural State and offers everything from hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, horse and dog racing and gambling. We have farm lands that grow into mountains. We have just about everything but a beach.

Thankful for everyone who reads this column and newspaper.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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