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Hill has worked hard

What's good for Arkansas is to support Arkansans. It's not good that out-of-state money is pouring in from other states to support a candidate who doesn't have Arkansas values. French Hill voted to cut taxes on everyone. How do I know? I sign the checks for three employees in my small building company, and they all received a tax cut. He voted against Obamacare, or the Affordable Health Care Act, because, guess what ... it didn't make health care affordable; health care is higher than ever.

Don't be fooled by rhetoric, just look at the record. French has worked every day for Arkansas, making lives better for everyone. He understands what we need is a thriving economy and has helped small business time and time again, supporting veterans, seniors, and all people of every color. In the last four years my small business has thrived, and I'm thankful that French is there to help get rid of the over-regulating our government is famous for. Don't fall for socialism, Arkansas, it has failed everywhere. Hard work always pays off, and French has worked hard for us.


Little Rock

Unfit to be president

I just finished reading the article regarding Bob Woodward's multiple taped conversations with Donald Trump.

You are not a "cheerleader" as you state, Trump; you are a traitor to the American people. Early on you totally knew the horrible dangers of the coronavirus and willfully kept this secret and downplayed dangers for your political advantage. In addition to your total mismanagement of this deadly virus, and in your quest to gain love and admiration from foreign dictators and autocrats, and all who wish to do harm to this country, you also said that you have a new nuclear weapons system that no one knows about--they do now. Or is this another lie?

You intentionally lied to the American people about the severity of this pandemic because you did not want anything to harm your paper economy, which was already tanking, and you wished to use your economy as platform for re-election.

You have wasted our money giving tax breaks to the wealthiest and corporations while poor people are struggling to survive. You have corrupted your leadership people, intelligence community, our entire legal system, government departments, Justice Department, and even the postal system. Anyone not corruptible you have fired or they have quit.

You are a delusional autocrat and fearmonger who plays games with people's lives.

When going to the polls in November, Republicans, evangelicals and all other Americans need to think about what you have done and said, and the shell of an inhumane person you are. You are not mentally fit nor qualified to be president of the USA.

Nov. 3 is not just an election for president; equally important, it is an election to save our democracy which is at stake. Do not vote for Trump!


Hot Springs Village

Insulted the military

You've finally done it, Donnie.

I thought your pretending to be the law-and-order president was nuts when you yourself have made such a mockery of "the rule of law," having apparently broken at least three major laws in the past few weeks (emoluments; Hatch act; encouraging your base to vote twice, etc.). But there is really no hope for you now.

You have denigrated my Navy husband (Cuban missile crisis); my highly decorated Marine favorite uncle (Pacific theater; deceased); my first boyfriend (West Point, Vietnam); our best man (Korea; deceased); my lieutenant colonel cousin (Vietnam) and scores of others. And the ladies who were nurses, encryptionists, clerks, and military training pilots (our own Louise Thaden); not to mention the legendary Tuskegee airmen, Navaho code talkers and an endless list of "losers and suckers." Really, Donnie???

You pretend to sing their praises when the cameras are on, but now we have big-time proof of your hypocrisy as "commander-in-chief." You praise the police, too, but are you aware that most police departments search for job candidates among the retired military? And how many of your loyal base made the same sacrifices and served with honor and distinction as well? I hope they're not still supporting you after your vile insults.

If I were you, I wouldn't go near a military parade-ground, a cemetery, a military base, a funeral home, a military hospital or a VA installation. Those "losers and suckers" paid for all of them, plus the public housing you're inhabiting right now. But don't worry; we'll all help you pack.


Bella Vista

Retain drug benefit

Governor Hutchinson, I am sure you are aware of recent activities by the Arkansas Employee Benefits Division's State and Public School Life and Health Insurance Board regarding elimination of prescription drug coverage for state retirees. In 2019, we were informed by the board that, if a 5 percent increase in our premiums were implemented, there would be no change in our insurance and prescription drug coverage. Now it seems the board has done an about-face and stated that it will remove retirees' prescription coverage effective Jan. 1, 2021. With this proposed change, we will continue to pay the current premium, which includes prescription drug coverage even though it has been eliminated. I was recently contacted by a fellow retiree who was very upset because the drug she is taking for cancer treatment will not be covered by any Medicare Part D plan. She stated she will not be able to purchase this lifesaving drug because of its cost. I am sure she is not alone. As retirees, we cannot afford to have our prescription drug coverage removed from our health plan.

We need your help in delaying implementation of this policy change until such time that all parties can come to a mutually agreeable solution. It is our recommendation that the Arkansas State Employees Association be instrumental in working with the State and Public School Health and Life Insurance Board to reach such a solution.




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