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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Reason for backlogs | Keep open for solar | Transgender athletes

April 1, 2021 at 3:06 a.m.

Reason for backlogs

I watched a news story last week about the current shortage of everything from appliances to cars and furniture. Order a couch or new fridge, and it might be months before it's delivered. New cars are harder to get and more expensive because of parts shortages.

There are several weeks' worth of massive container ships parked off the Los Angeles Port to be unloaded with furniture, appliances and almost everything else, and many needed parts were delayed when the Suez Canal was shut down. I kept waiting for someone to say the obvious: "If we still made stuff in the U.S., there would not be these backlogs." But nothing was said.

If President Biden is really interested in building back the middle class, he will reward companies who manufacture in the U.S. and penalize those who do so in places like China, where even much of our prescription drugs are made; do this instead of just expanding welfare programs.


Little Rock

Keep open for solar

The last few days, we have enjoyed temperatures into the 70s and blue-sky days. With all of this sunshine shining down on our states, it's important to notice all that the sun has done for Arkansas and Arkansans.

Arkansas is currently 11th in the nation for solar energy potential. With this potential growing since the passage of the Solar Access Act in 2019, Arkansas business and school districts have been able to reap these benefits.

However, currently there is a new bill in the Legislature, House Bill 1787, that could quite possibly completely overturn the benefits from the Solar Access Act. This bill would lack assurance of a 1-to-1 net metering rate for solar investors and users. It would also overturn any economic incentive to invest in solar, which could potentially harm Arkansas wildlife and habitats.

With this, I urge policymakers to vote in opposition of HB1787. To quote Asa Hutchinson himself, we must keep Arkansas "open for solar business."


Bella Vista

Transgender athletes

I was amused by syndicated columnist Paul Newberry, who criticized Mississippi and Arkansas for passing laws prohibiting transgender athletes from competing in female athletic competitions, and for calling on all "Fortune 500 companies and other major businesses to get on board by withdrawing their financial might" from states who pass this legislation.

Hello? Does he know where Walmart is headquartered? Pretty sure he does not.




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