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OPINION | DRIVETIME MAHATMA: Frequently underwater, Faulkner Lake Road is no peach

by Frank Fellone | August 21, 2021 at 3:09 a.m.

Dear Mahatma: When will something be done about Faulkner Lake Road? It's been closed for what seems like forever. -- Disgruntled

Dear Madam: Is gruntled the opposite? Apparently so, according to the dictionary. Pleased, satisfied, contented -- originating in the 1930s, gruntled is a humorous back formation from disgruntled.

As for Faulkner Lake Road, getting to the peach orchard out that way means taking a roundabout route on Arkansas 391, which is high and dry.

A plan is around the corner, according to Chris Wilbourn, city engineer of North Little Rock.

He said the road gets underwater when Faulkner Lake rises, which has been the case for quite some time this year. He also mentioned beavers.

The road is partially in the city and partially in Pulaski County. A plan is in the works to raise the road bed. Coordination is in progress with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, funding is not yet set in stone, and a solution will be announced in September, Wilbourn said.

Dear Mahatma: When are they going to repave 65th Street on the east end? It has potholes a Volkswagan can get lost in. What about Arch Street? -- Beetle

Dear Beetle: Jon Honeywell, director of Public Works for Little Rock, said Arch Street from Roosevelt Road to 21st Street is included in this year's resurfacing contract.

On the other hand, he regretted, 65th Street isn't in the current street overlay program. But crews will travel that section and fix the potholes.

Dear Mahatma: We live in Riverdale and travel curvy Cantrell Hill to the Heights and back many times a day. Cantrell Hill is known for accidents, especially when wet. While there are working street lights at the top and bottom of the hill, the middle portion is pitch black at night. There are a few non-functioning street lights in this area which have been reported and never repaired. Do you have any idea why there would be no illumination on this portion of a main thoroughfare in Little Rock? -- Lee

Dear Lee: We routed this matter to William Henry, P.E., traffic engineering manager for the City of Little Rock Public Works Department. He is also known as "Bill."

He said: "Thanks for the heads up on the streetlights on Cantrell Hill. I have surveyed the issue and have sent a work order to Entergy to reinstall missing streetlights as well as to make sure lights that are on the poles in this area are burning."

Dear Mahatma: My vanity plate is OM REB. -- Dave in Benton

Dear Dave: Vanity plates are all over. We saw one the other day on a beautiful newish Chevy Impala -- HADA64. We think the color is called Pepperdust Metallic.

This got us to thinking, because we had a 1963 Impala in a somewhat similar color. We acquired the '63 in 1973, when we acquired The Girl.

The car is long gone; The Girl abides.

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