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Not made, can't break

My New Year's resolutions are not to make any in order to keep them from being broken. Who knows? Maybe I will start just doing something on a regular basis that will be beneficial to my health, like core-strengthening exercises.

Happy New Year to y'all. May 2021 have a little well-needed fun.



Importance of stories

The need for storytelling is more relevant than ever due to the covid-19 pandemic. Simply sharing a story is a way to build connections and remind each other of a shared humanity. Listening to experiences, however mundane, has overwhelming benefits for the listener and the storyteller. Stories help people find reasonable solutions to conflict caused by a difference of opinion and also help to find one's voice.

So I challenge you to share stories with your neighbors, friends, and family--whether two or 2,000 miles away.


Little Rock

Let's reverse the roles

I have a question for all of my Trump-loathing, left-leaning brethren. What if your candidate of choice embraced all the policies that were important to you: environmental regulations to counteract global warming, women's reproductive rights, serious gun control, the end of gerrymandering, the abolition of Citizens United, universal health care for all Americans, a Supreme Court that believes the Constitution was meant as a breathing, malleable document, prison reform, LBGTQ rights, all that--but he was also a lying, corrupt, narcissistic chunk of human excrement?

And instead of going after immigrants, the free press, science, and non-white minorities, he chose to belittle and defame intolerant evangelicals, working-class white men, uneducated rural folks and rich conservatives in the same mean and divisive way that You Know Who has behaved for the last four years?

On top of all that, imagine that his opponent was diametrically opposed to all of your political beliefs but acted in a courteous and civilized manner while extolling those beliefs. Would your politically aligned candidate have had your vote? Your unwavering support?

Unrealistic, you say? Perhaps, but worth a ponder ...


Little Rock

Easily kept resolution

My resolution every day of every year is to be kind, to others as well as to myself. This serves as a foundation for all other resolutions, is easily achievable and improves both physical and mental health.


Little Rock


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